Simple Visualization Meditation Script for Manifestation

If you are looking for an easy law of attraction based visualization meditation script for manifesting your desired life then you have landed at the right place because in this post I will be sharing with you a method that you can use daily for achieving your goals.

Meditation is not about controlling your thoughts neither it is about stopping the thoughts, it is simply an act of being aware of your thoughts and emotions. If you are looking for a meditation method for your spiritual development then I will suggest you try mindfulness meditation exercises, what I am going to show you here is something different from that, this method is for using the power of conscious thinking to manifest your desires.

Creative visualization is one of the best methods to communicate with the universe about your intentions but many people fail to use it properly due to their false beliefs that they cannot use their imagination. We all can use our imagination, in fact, we do it on a regular basis without knowing. When I say “bird” you get a picture of a bird in your mind, that’s imagination.

The mistake that beginners make while using their ability to visualize is that they decide what to imagine beforehand and when they sit to visualize they get distracted soon, this happens because such methods require practice but when you use something like the free flow visualization the whole process becomes easier because there you allow your mind to be unrestrained.

Using the procedure I am going to share with you in this post, you can easily bring yourself into the higher vibrational state that is essential for creating the reality that you want, this means that it will help you to feel the emotions that will magnetize your imagined scenarios.

Planning Your Visualization

If you are not good at imagining then I will suggest you to first work on making your creative visualization process effective, if the posts that I have suggested don’t work for you then I recommend that you fortify your ability to visualize using any good program like the empowered mind videos.

Once you are able to bring to your mind any image that you want, you can then proceed with this process. Before doing this meditation I want you to write down your exact purpose for which you are doing this exercise.

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For example, if you want to lose weight then write it down. Next, bring to your mind a picture of yourself where you are fit. Imagine every detail of how you will look, what you will wear and what things you will be able to do when you have lost weight, be as creative as possible and also imagine people appreciating you for your new looks.

Write down all the points that you can use to fill your imagination with your desired scenario. If you can’t find many points then shoot me an email and I will try my best to help you with this.

The points you have written down is the blueprint for your visualization movie that we will use in this process later on.

Visual Meditation Script

Now, I believe you have the blueprint for your visualization, what you will be doing next will be according to these step by step points that are as follows:-

1 – Sit down in a calm place with no distractions and close your eyes.

2 – Take a few deep breaths, as you inhale and exhale say to yourself “I am relaxed”.

3 – Continue with the above process for a few minutes and then imagine a crystal ball radiating with yellow light.

4 – This light emitting from the crystal has the power to relax your body and mind.

5 – Now bring this ball filled with light near your head and take it through each of your body parts, while feeling that the light is absorbing all the tensions from each body part it comes close to.

6 – Relax your whole body from head to toe with the help of this crystal ball.

7 – Show gratitude to this ball and let it vanish, taking all your stress away.

8 – Now imagine a big white screen in front of you, this is the screen of manifestation.

9 – Project the movie that you have created the blueprint for in this screen, see yourself in a life where your desires have become the reality.

10 – Feel the emotions as if that movie has become your reality.

11 – Once you are done with your “visualized reality”, send that white screen into the universe while saying “thank you”.

12 – Feel grateful and express your gratitude to the universe wholeheartedly for making your wishes come true.

You can now open your eyes.

Keep These Things in Mind

Some days you will be able to imagine perfectly and some days you may struggle to visualize, don’t get demotivated and don’t blame yourself for it. Our mind is not always cooperative, sometimes we are too involved in other thoughts that it becomes really hard to focus, don’t be tough on yourself during such times. Also, more than the visuals, your feelings are important, even if you can’t see your success but you can feel it then your work is done.

Gratitude is the most important part of this whole process, being able to thank the universe for something that has not happened yet is what faith is all about. If you have a strong faith in the power of the universe and your abilities then you will definitely be able to achieve whatever you wish for.

If you are not able to feel the emotions then you are aiming for something that you don’t believe in so, in that case, my advice to you will be to set a goal that does not seem too unreachable.

Your emotions are the indicators that show what beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind that stops you from achieving your dreams. When you are able to alter these beliefs using these types of methods, then only you can change your reality.

My most preferred method for clearing the old beliefs is energy clearing that I have learned from Christie’s Unlimited abundance program, based on what I have learned from that program I have created a 3 part method for clearing energy blocks that may not be as effective as Christie’s energy clearing statements but still can be very useful for someone who performs those exercises with dedication.

Here’s guided visualization meditation from Christie that can help you to awaken your heart center, doing this fills your energy with love and bringing yourself into such states regularly can change your life, you can also use this meditation before performing the method I have shown to you in this post to maximize your exercise’s benefits:-


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