Stephanie Mulac’s Chakra Activation System Review

If you understand that your life is very much related to what happens in your inner world, then I think you must be already aware of the 7 chakras.activate all chakras

We have an energy body present all around our physical body; it won’t be incorrect to say that our physical body exists inside this energy body.

This is also often referred as the aura which can be even seen with practice, many yogis and psychics are able to clearly see one’s energy body.

This energy body has seven centers situated around various body areas and it is said that our mind states and what gets manifested in our lives depends on the flow energy through these centers.

Chakra activation system is a personal development product created by Stephanie Mulac that claims to teach you the methods to successfully activate your chakras.

When the life force flows freely through these 7 energy centers, you could attain the state of flow where you are in complete harmony with the universe. This means that you will become good at every aspect of your life, this enables easy manifestations of your desires, better health, more love and joy.

What Is the Chakra Activation System?

The 7 spinning wheels in our energy body which is located at various places along our spine are associated with certain qualities of our life. Energy flow in each chakra has a corresponding effect on what happens to us.

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Some people are rich, but affected by incurable diseases, some people are healthy but, poor, whereas some are both rich and healthy, but they are depressed due to toxic relationships.

In this program Stephanie shows you the techniques using which you can learn to balance energy flow in the respective chakras that might be causing problems in your life, according to her you will be able to use the life force to achieve whatever you want by learning these methods.

More important than accomplishing one’s materialistic goals is to have the inner peace, that’s what I like the most about this course since it will enable you to make some great spiritual progress.

Specific Benefits of Healing the 7 Chakras: –

1 Root Chakra – A balanced root chakra provides a sense of security and allows one to feel his connection with everything. Root chakra imbalance brings a feeling of loneliness and a person with unbalanced root chakra is driven by fear.

2 Sacral Chakra – Proper flow of energy through this chakra will make you confident, attractive and zealous.

3 Solar Plexus Chakra – Healthy 3rd chakra makes a person shine like sun, an individual has a very good self-esteem and firm understanding of his true potential if his solar plexus chakra is active.

4 Heart Chakra – A person with a healthy heart chakra is able to experience the true love and joy, he becomes a lovable person as he emanates pure love which others can sense.

5 Throat Chakra – By balancing this energy center you will be able to express yourself with total ease, it gives you the power to influence and connect with people with the power of your words.

6 Third Eye Chakra – Spiritually advanced people have an opened third eye chakra and that is what makes them so intuitive and connected to their higher self.

7 Crown Chakra – A balanced crown chakra signifies a deep connection of a person with his spiritual world, this is the perfect spiritual state which helps a person to be in total harmony with “all that is”.

Bonus Materials

Along with the main package, here are few things that Stephanie is providing as additional materials right now: –

The Chakra Rainbow Meditation – This is an audio meditation material that you can use to begin your day by fine tuning your energy system, it refreshes your mind and prepares it for the rest of the day.

7 Yoga Positions That Heal and Tune Your Chakras – As the name suggests this is a book that will introduce you to few yogic postures for healing your energy body. Yoga indeed is one of the greatest methods to take care of your spiritual health so, this is a very good addition to the program, but it is a small book containing limited information.

Chakra Money Meditation –  This additional guided meditation track will help you to feel positive about your financial situation and it will fill your mind with positive ideas about money that will help you to attract more wealth in your life.

These bonus materials may change with time, check out their product website to know what they are offering right now.

Final Advice

Being a spiritually inclined person, I have always explored these types of materials and from what I have learned we can definitely improve our lives by becoming aware of our energy body and the functioning of the chakras.

This is a very good product for learning different methods using which you can balance the flow of energy in your chakra system, but it takes practice, deeper understanding, and persistent efforts.

So, if you think that you can heal your energy body by just going through the program once then I will not recommend it to you, but if you are willing to learn about your chakras and do what it takes to balance them then I think this course would be very appropriate for your purpose.

With the program being very informative and available at such a low price, I would surely recommend this to you.

For more information, you can visit the product website.


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