7 Ways the Law of Attraction Changed My Life

Since the day I first saw the movie “the secret” I have been on a very interesting journey which has taken me through various different phases of life and caused frequent changes of mindset.

I have been a super enthusiastic believer of the law of attraction, I have been to the skeptic side and I have also reached the place where I got into the state of flow manifesting things quickly, but none of those states lasted for long. However, I learned so many lessons which have helped me to understand that to alter your current reality you need to do some serious inner work.

Today, I don’t see this concept as a magical or unearthly thing which wasn’t familiar to us earlier, we have always obeyed the universal laws it’s just that we were not aware of what we were doing exactly.

Trust me, there is nothing so surprising about this concept. To me, all this seems somewhat like the day when we first came to know about the gravity and then we learned how we can follow the laws of physics to use it in our favor, but the fact is that we used to fall down even when we didn’t know that it was happening due to gravity.

The same way I am now able to make more sense of what I attract in my life. It is not about a few successes and failures in the manifestation of some specific desires, but it is more about the change I have to bring in my inner world in order to make the desired changes in life.

So, now I am going to share a few major changes that have occurred in my life from the juncture where I began to use the essential LOA principles in order to take more control of my world.

1 Daily Rituals for an Abundant Life

Your struggle in any area of your life is always caused by how your mind was programmed in your childhood.

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The programming I am talking about here is the ideas that became our truth because our subconscious mind that was wide open to receive suggestions when we were kids accepted those beliefs that were passed down to us by others.

Nature of our energy depends on what we learned from our society and family during our childhood, this is why it is essential for you to reprogram your mind if you are willing to improve.

You will have to use the subconscious mind power techniques to achieve your goals, so to get rich you will have to clear your limiting beliefs about money and to lose weight you will have to clear your limiting beliefs about weight loss, and like this, one can get better in whatever way they want.

Purpose of all the law of attraction techniques is to install new positive beliefs in your inner mind by replacing the old negative ones that were stopping you from getting what you want.

The process of creating the life of your desire is like a marathon because these dense layers of beliefs need to be removed with consistent efforts.

This is why now my everyday schedule consists of some activities for doing the required inner work that will gradually enable me to accomplish my goals, those tasks have become my habits now.

Big day in one’s life is resulted from small good days, so one should focus on making everyday special rather than wasting their time thinking about some future event.

2 My Relationship with People

Earlier, when I used to see people’s behavior changing towards me, I would blame that on my luck. The repeating patterns in my relationships had been just a matter of fate to me till I came to know how the law of attraction and relationships work according to one’s mindset.

You might not be aware of it on the conscious level, but the law of attraction affects your relationships in many ways. Your thoughts, fears, interests, attitude, faith, beliefs, psychological needs, etc. decides what kind of people will become a part of your life and your previous relationships are also subjected to these factors.

Now I don’t waste my energy in trying to save a relationship or to change a particular someone, although sometimes I do forget this lesson, but most of the time I try my best to look at the scenario from a different angle or I leave the whole thing as it is, believing that things will get better on their own if it is supposed to.

Focusing on new relationships has worked very well for me. People usually only strive to bring old relationships into the place where it was in the past and it is a very difficult task. So if you will focus on building new positive relationships, life will get much easier.

3 Making Money a Good Friend

One of the most evident things that strengthened my faith in my creative power is the sudden flow of money in my life that occurred after I worked on my attitude towards financial matters.

I identified the deep rooted beliefs I had about money with an honest introspection and by observing my emotions whenever I had to deal with money, then I worked on replacing those beliefs, and side by side I also used some advanced law of attraction exercises to manifest wealth.

Using the law of attraction for money issues is a very tricky thing because our emotional states varies depending on our circumstances, so one must use appropriate methods according to their current situation otherwise the efforts will get reversed. For example, there are times when you should not use the law of attraction affirmations, unless you understand how to modify them based on your situation.

I too used to impatiently apply certain techniques for attracting money, but luckily I got aware of what I was actually doing to myself at the right time.

As back then my financial situation was very weak, all the methods I was using were emanating the vibrations of “lack”, I was fooling myself by trying to feel abundant when I knew that I was actually broke.

Hence, I started by increasing my prosperity consciousness using some simple and crazy exercises that actually worked like the piggy bank exercise which I created on my own, having a financial freedom account also helped me a lot with this purpose.

I can’t say that I have become very proficient in making money, I have a long way to go, however my relationship with money has obviously improved a lot than before.

4 Key to a Successful Business

Talking about money brings me to a very important selling rule I have come across that has helped me to use the law of attraction in business successfully – Have faith in what you do!

My online business took a successful turn when I began to believe in what I am offering to people, I had to develop a strong faith in what I was doing by gaining a deep knowledge about the products I was trying to sell through my website.

I realized that on an intuitive level people often know if your words are true or not, if you are someone who uses an honest and direct approach in business, then it is very essential that you must have a complete understanding of the products you sell.

If you are in any kind of business, then I would strongly suggest you to trust your work and believe that you are worthy of making money doing that, then only things will work in your favor.

5 Fun Filled Creative Visualization Sessions

There is a big difference between daydreaming and creative visualization, like most people, I too got confused and it took time for me to actually use my ability to visualize properly.

I really have found creative visualization as a process to bring myself into a better emotional state whenever I want.

As it is well known for its role in LOA, I would like to share that I have seen the manifestations of some of my visualized goals and it became possible due the works of some great personal development gurus that I explored. One such person is Neville Goddard, who introduced a very effective method to enhance the visualization process, it is called “Nevillizing”.

Our feelings matter the most and what feels good – works! So choose your practices by experimenting with them and check if it is fun or not, and the same is the working criteria to make vision boards that work.

6 Attitude Change

Obviously, after exploring so many self help books and programs, change in the attitude was a natural thing, but in several ways this wisdom shifted the way I used to look at my life and I want to share it here with you.

Facing the Fear – There are two major types of fear which stops us from becoming successful, they are the “fear of change” and the “fear of failure”. These two fears are like the shackles that make us immovable and due to this we act like a kid hiding under the bed fearing boogeyman. But once we courageously decide to take action, it stops being such a big deal in our lives.

I am not saying that fears will go away forever once you dare to take the actions, it will always be there in one form or another.

In fact, some successful people don’t get a confirmation that their efforts are going to pay off until they start feeling the fear. This means that you make it something that assures your success.

Accepting and feeling the fear is very important if you are willing to be a winner, the other way is to stay hidden under the bed for a lifetime terrified by the illusory ghost.

Some of the effects of these fears present in your mind becomes the reason of procrastination in your behavior; I am telling you, don’t wait for the right time to make a decision.

I know some LOA books will tell you to wait for an inspiration, but there is nothing wrong in taking steps that feels appropriate to you and sometimes you need to experiment with your ideas to get better at recognizing your true inspirations.

It took time for me to learn a few things about my creative power that I didn’t knew earlier, like to make things happen, you must set a deadline for every goal and it should repeatedly come to your attention. Be careful to not make it a worry by fretting that the deadline is approaching. This time limit factor is for your subconscious mind, so don’t get too serious about it.

Yeah, it is true that personal development experts say that you just have to dream and don’t care about how things are going to happen, however my experience says that having a plan boosts up the LOA process. I am not saying that things will happen as you plan, most of the time the path to success makes sense only in hindsight, but if you make a plan and give your best always without caring about how small is that particular step, you will get convinced that your goal is quite achievable.

One more very important lesson I learned that shifted my approach toward my goals was that you should not be a fighter like your society trains you to be, by fighting with negativity you give away your power because whatever you resist will persist. The law of reversed effort says that your thoughts start working against you when you try to get rid of the negativity forcefully.

One must understand that good and bad are two sides of the same coin so you should be dealing with the negativity with total acceptance, if you will learn to peacefully accept such thoughts and gently shift your attention, you will definitely be able to succeed.

7 My Spiritual Growth

This is the part of this whole article that I wanted the most to share with you because the biggest gift that my interest in personal growth has given to me is the inner peace that wasn’t there before.

Your ability to manifest what you want mainly depends on your emotional state. The rule is simple – What you value in life and how you feel about it decides what you are going to attract.

To focus on the good in life you will first have to feel good about yourself and it is impossible to feel good about yourself if you have not developed enough self-love. A lot of myths about self-love present in our society makes us to see it as selfishness, but one who is spiritually advanced knows that self-love is essential if you want to be happy and also to make others happy.


Like many people, my interest in the universal laws was born from my materialistic needs or you can say that it was my ego needs that made to me to explore some of the greatest self help materials, but gradually I realized that my inner state is what matters the most, because when you have that thing handled everything else naturally starts working in your favor.

Once you have done enough inner and external work to attract your desires, the next thing you should do is to remove what’s standing between you and your dreams and that is “You”. Yes, after a person does everything from visualizations to affirmations they have to “let go” which is the most important and difficult part in the manifestation process, for doing that you will have to increase your present moment awareness using some good spiritual techniques.

Hence, before ending this post I would suggest you to work towards your spiritual growth with the help of practices like meditation or mindfulness exercises because that’s the best change that has occurred in my life due to my personal development journey so far.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What are the best lessons you have learned in your life till now? What has ever caused a major positive change in you? What changes have you seen in your life after you learned about the law of attraction? I would love to hear your view on this so please do leave your comments below before you leave.

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