20 Powerful Lucid Dreaming Affirmations

Since dreams are created by our subconscious mind, the lucid dreaming affirmations that I will be discussing in this post can help you to become conscious in your dreams as well as to get better at having prolonged lucid dreams with greater control.

Honestly speaking, I have never been a big fan of affirmations despite knowing that it is a great tool for implanting suggestions in our inner mind, I often find it a tedious task, so I have always preferred the other ways of altering the limiting beliefs present in my subconscious mind.

So I promote usage of the methods I use for clearing my subconscious mind blocks when it comes to achieving goals and personal growth. However, when I was using dream sculpting program, I found a few ways to get better at lucid dreaming with the use of affirmations and it actually worked.

I believe that the affirmations that I am going to share with you here will not only help you to get better at inducing lucid dreams but also to hone this skill because it worked that way in my case.

Before we get there I want to explain a few things that make affirmations so powerful for the purpose of lucid dreaming.

3 Ways Affirmations Can Help You with Lucid Dreaming

Basically, there are three things that affirmations do when we are using them for lucid dreaming.

The first is just for entering into a dream with awareness when you go to sleep every night, in other words, it is meant for inducing lucid dreams. On the other hand, the other two are about improving your abilities as a conscious dreamer.

Since the first one is all about inducing a lucid dream, it is a process to just keep you mentally awake while falling asleep, however, the latter ones are all about passing suggestions to your powerful subconscious mind so that you could master this skill in the long run.

1 – Immediate Lucid Dreams

Has it ever happened to you that your last dominant thought got into your dreams when you fell asleep for a short duration? Has it ever happened that you were listening to a song while taking a short nap and you continued to hear it while you were dreaming? Or something that was happening in your surrounding when you were sleeping and it somehow became a part of your dream?

Based on the fact that we can carry certain repeated thoughts and intentions into our dreams by contemplating over it before sleeping, there is a method used by people called WILD (wake induced lucid dreams).

WILD is simply a method where you take your conscious thoughts with you in your dreams in order to induce a lucid dream using various techniques and one such technique is affirmations.

What happens is when you repeatedly say some affirmations while falling asleep during the time when your mind goes to REM (rapid eye moment) cycle, you carry those words into your dreams and it will make you aware that you are dreaming.

I will give a few affirmations for this purpose later in this post, but in order to use them, you will have to do it during REM sleep which usually happens during early morning hours. All you have to do is to wake yourself up an hour before your normal time and say those affirmations.

It can be effective during daytime naps as well and sometimes also in your usual bedtime.

2 – Better Dream Recall

We all dream, all of us. Still, if you will ask some people they would say that they rarely dream or don’t dream at all, this is not an exception, but a poor dream recall.

If people are not much interested in their dream world, chances are that they will only recall rare dreams which leave a strong impression that continues after waking up and that is why they live under the illusion that they don’t dream.

We all forget most of our dreams from the time we wake up to the point where our mind gets completely engaged in the thoughts of our waking lives, with practice this time period increases. But if you have a poor dream recall, then you will forget that you had a lucid dream within a few seconds after waking up, so quick that you will never even get to know it.

What is the point of being able to have lucid dreams if you are totally unaware of it? I have written a post on the alternatives for keeping a dream journal, but writing down your dreams on paper is always best.

Affirmations, however, can improve your conscious mind’s ability to retain your dream memories since “memories” whether that is about dreams or real life is simply a process where information gets transferred from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

Thus, if you will keep repeating a few positive suggestions, you will see a significant change in your ability to recall your dreams.

3 – Overall Lucid Dreaming Skill

It is not at all of any good use if you just become conscious in your dreams without being able to do what you have desired.

As a beginner lucid dreamer, it will be hard for you to maintain your awareness of the dream, control it or stop it from ending. It is a common thing, that a dream collapses as soon as a person gets aware of it.

So if you want to actually explore your dream world, you need to get that message to your subconscious mind, and as I have mentioned before, affirmations can help you with that.

Choosing Your Affirmations

I am not going to give you some secret “magical” affirmations here that will make you an elite level lucid dreamer overnight, no I am not going to do that because there are no magical affirmations.

See, affirmations are just tools for doing this and that is why you can always formulate your own affirmations.

In this post I have provided a few selected ones for you that offer the least resistance to our system, which means it reaches our subconscious mind effectively when used repeatedly, however, if you want to make your own affirmations that work as good as these, then just keep in mind to choose one that: –

1 – Evokes Strong Feelings in You

Like, “I am a lucid dreamer” is obviously not a powerful affirmation in comparison to “Every time I dream, I know that I am dreaming”.  Can you see the difference here?

The first one is simply about the label “lucid dreamer”, the second one, however briefly explains and demonstrates what you want, whereas it is not just a surface level thought.

2 – Has No Negation in It

Always keep in mind our subconscious mind cannot hear “No”, so if you will use any kind of negation in your affirmations, it will work in the opposite way.

So “I don’t lose my awareness when I dream” is an example of an affirmation that will sound to your subconscious mind as “I lose my awareness when I dream” since it cannot hear the word “no”.

A right affirmation in the above case would be “I am fully aware whenever I am dreaming”.

I am going to provide some very good affirmations for all the purposes we have discussed above, make sure you choose the ones that “feels right” to you.

Positive Affirmations for Conscious Dreaming

For WILD: – (Use when you are trying to enter a lucid dream from the waking state)

  • I am aware and conscious right now.
  • This is a dream and I can control it.
  • I am creating this dream consciously.
  • In this dream, I will be fully conscious.
  • I am dreaming and I know it.

For Dream Recall: –

  • I naturally recall all my dreams in complete detail.
  • My dream memory is very strong.
  • My dream memories are important to me.
  • I remember all my dreams when I wake up.
  • My ability to recall my dreams is getting better every day.

For Lucid Dreaming Skill: –

  • Whenever I dream I become aware of it.
  • I always become conscious in my dreams.
  • Every time I become conscious in my dreams, I remember my intentions.
  • I am very good at controlling my dreams.
  • My conscious dreams are long and real-like.
  • I love it that I can control my dreams.
  • Whenever I sleep, my mind is highly aware.
  • I am getting better at becoming aware in my dreams every day.
  • My conscious dreams are clear, vivid and memorable.
  • I am good at maintaining my dream awareness.


Those were some affirmations you can use to become a good lucid dreamer. You might have noticed that I have used the words “awareness” and “conscious dreaming” in the place of “lucidity or lucid dreams”, that’s because our inner mind is more familiar to those words. However, there is no huge difference if you want to use “lucid dreaming” because the intention and feeling associated with it will remain same.


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