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Wealth Trigger 2.0 Reloaded Review – Does Wealth Trigger Work?

After the success of his wealth trigger program, he introduced “Wealth Trigger 2.0 Reloaded”, which not only includes all the contents of the previous program but it also has a lot new enhanced stuff for generating more wealth.

Dr. Joe Vitale needs no introduction as he was among the lead casts of the very popular movie “The Secret”.

Here, we will look what’s inside the package and whether wealth trigger work to bring financial success to people as it promises. Continue reading

Working With the Law of Attraction- Key to Speed It Up

These words from Raymond Holliwell’s “Working with the Law” is filled with so much truth because our “expectation” is the factor that works to speed up either the process our bringing our dreams to reality or vice-versa.because our “expectation” is the factor that works to speed up either the process our bringing our dreams to reality or vice-versa.working with the law

In a chapter of Raymond Holliwell’s this book, he has emphasized the “expectation” part specially and he has made it clear that we hardly reach any goal that we don’t expect.

So, anyone who desires working with the law of attraction for creating the desired life must be aware of this key part in this process. Continue reading

The 333 Story- Technique To Come up With Good Ideas

If you have ever read the very famous book “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, there is a very inspiring story in it which gives us an awesome technique to come up with good ideas by focusing only on positive possibilities.

Now, if you come to read “You Have Born Rich” by Bob Proctor then you will get to know that this story was actually told to Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Haunsen by Bob for their book.

The story behind the writing of this book is very interesting because the authors actually went to provide the readers something that they accumulated from other people’s experiences- the huge idea of these two great authors is something that brought them so much success, however as progressive beings are always fascinated by success stories- I would like to bring here a great real story from this book. Continue reading

Difference between Unconditional Love and Attachment

We have always known and heard of unconditional love but we rarely realize that we are naturally unconditional lovers and it is only our ego that causes the illusion that we are not.

All of us have loved ones in our life, but if we closely analyze those relationships we will find that we don’t love them unconditionally, as the intimacy of all that relationship is continuously varying according to the synchronicity between our thinking and theirs.

So, it becomes necessary to understand the difference between unconditional love and attachment.

What Is Unconditional Love?

Continue reading

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation in Daily Life

“What Is This Life If, Full Of Care,We Have No Time To Stand And Stare”….these famous words of a poet always echoes in the minds of the modern man, whether he may be an executive, college student, industrialist or businessman, every modern man requires a solution from his hectic daily schedule.

How can he calm his mind? The only solution lies in practicing mindfulness meditation in daily life. Continue reading

Easy Law of Attraction Methods-Ideas of Abraham Hicks

I love to watch and read the materials that come from Abraham Hicks and here I am going to discuss with you some easy law of attraction methods that are given in the book “Ask and it is Given” by written by them.

The book actually consists of some 22 games based on the ideas of Abraham Hicks, these games are fun as well as very important for creating a better life.

It does not matter if you believe in metaphysics or not, these games can improve your emotional state.

Who Is Abraham Hicks?

Well, this something bizarre for a lot of people because Abraham Hicks is source energy that speaks through the body of Esther Hicks.

People have always questioned this but I believe that a wise person will focus on the message rather than the messenger. Continue reading

What Is Khechari Mudra? – A Strange Old Yogic Practice

In this post we will discuss this very unique ancient yogic method called Khechari Mudra which makes you to apply pressure on a point in the the upper inside area of your mouth by stretching your tongue.

There are many things that we can learn from animals, even-though we are much developed and superior, still there are countless qualities that we can adopt from them to get better in life, this is why ancient yogis often used to formulate their spiritual practices based on what they learned from other species.

Khechari mudra is one such practice which is said to be derived from snakes by ancient  masters, some yogis claim that few animals like snake performs kechari mudra when they go into the hibernation state.

It makes you to stretch your tongue like the snakes do so that it could become more stretchable and long with time in order to fulfill the main purpose that I mentioned earlier.

Mudra means seal or gesture, and it is considered that there are about one hundred eight types of mudras that enables one to stimulate more than 72 thousand important nerves, the points where the pressure is applied using these mudras are known as the meridian points. Continue reading

Can We Understand the Language of Animals?

Have you ever thought, what is the difference between the ways we humans communicate with each other from animals?

Apart from the common answer that we can talk but they can’t, if we can give a little more thought to it, we will come to realize that in an inner level all beings are communicating in the same manner.

Feelings! – We express our feelings when we communicate. Any response is always vibrational in nature because feelings are vibrations.

A vibration based thought (energy) comes in our mind and our brain converts it to a corresponding image and then further we make sound vibrations though our mouth which is received by the other person who’s brain can decode that information(through the knowledge of language) and his brain flashes an equivalent image in his mind! (All this happens within fraction of seconds) Continue reading

Law of Orderly Thinking-Effects of Random Thoughts

The universal law of thinking is a very fundamental law which decides the direction of our lives based on the dominant thoughts present in our minds.

While talking about the mind power, people put so much emphasis on the subconscious mind’s workings, however, what we fail to understand is that it is the ideas that we hold in our conscious mind that’s going to reach the inner mind.

Thoughts are powerful just by reminding yourself that over and over again you will be more cautious before next time you let your mind drift.

Organizing the thoughts by understanding the bad effects of random negative thinking is very important for a man who is interested in progress and development.

Mental blindness is the cause of failures and disappointments.Physical vision is an illusion; the actual act of seeing is done by the mind..Yes, we see what we believe so a person who believes “this world as an evil place” by the law of thinking that’s what will be shown to him by the universe.

This is why disciplining your thoughts is so important,as your life depends on it. Continue reading

Is It Good to Share Spiritual Experiences?

Every person who goes deeper into spiritual practices and soul searching comes across mystical experiences. We all have a logic based mind which keeps on interpreting everything on the basis of the old beliefs and pre-existing ideas.

So, whenever a person experiences something that is not in the alignment with his belief system, he starts to find logical reasons for what he has experienced and the next question arises in his mind that “is it good to share spiritual experiences?”. Well, I have an answer here for that…

Ineffable Spiritual Experiences

Like the way you cannot explain anyone how you feel about them in the most appropriate manner or in other words you cannot make them to feel the same way, likewise spiritual experiences are often hard to describe.

“Ineffable” means something that words cannot define and spiritual experiences fall into that category.

The problem in describing the mystical experiences is that you are not only unable to explain it but you yourself start to doubt it because you felt it(it was an emotional experience) and now you are logically trying to interpret it.

No matter how much experience or knowledge you have gained in your journey of spiritual growth, you will never be able to describe the strange incidents that you might have came across. Continue reading

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