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Creating a Good Atmosphere for Meditation

If you want to get some good ideas for making a meditation room in your home or for creating a meditation space, then you have reached the right place.

I will share with you some tips here on how to make a particular area conducive to a deep and effective meditation

The biggest challenge to meditation practitioners is to maintain the present moment awareness so that they could frequently be able to stop the continuous thought current in order to reach the higher levels of meditation. If the place that you have chosen for your practice is not appropriate then you might find it very difficult to stay focused, this is why creating a good atmosphere for meditation is very essential.

There are many direct and indirect factors that decide whether a place is favorable for you to be able to detach yourself from the noises inside your head or not. Continue reading

Hypnotic Nature of Advertising – Role of Emotions in Selling

“Good Wine Needs No Bush” how true these words of Shakespeare is in today’s world?

The competitive nature of today’s modern market makes advertisement a golden tool to boost business because it involves the emotions of the people.

Do you know that these advertisements work more with your emotions than your logic?

Advertisements actually work with something that is beyond our conscious thinking, it is our subconscious mind.

Here we will discuss the hypnotic nature of advertising which is aimed to drive the public to buy products by influencing their subconscious mind.

The act of buying is based on emotions; we are programmed to behave according to the ideas that have taken root in our inner mind. The process to influence the subconscious mind of people is very illogical and different from the common understanding. Continue reading

Using Music to Control Thoughts – Effect of Music on Meditation

Music works wonders when it is combined with meditation especially for beginners, it deepens the meditation, relaxes our mind, focuses for longer periods. One of the easy ways to practice meditation is to seek the help of music.


Using music to control thoughts is advised for beginners, slowly and gradually one should learn to do that on their own but the effect of music on meditation is very significant.


Nature and Music


In order to survive in an unfriendly modern sound era, we should enjoy the natural sounds generated by ocean, river, rain, breeze etc.

As the sound of birds in the early morning gives us joy; likewise the music for the morning meditation should contain joy giving rhythm, freshness and tenderness. Continue reading

Write a New Story This Year-Clearing Old Paradigms

Time is running and everything is changing so fast, we are in a continuous flux but we are often very much unaware of this fact because of the temporary appearance of our life.

Here is another year ahead and if we forget clearing old paradigms in our mind then we will get the same results as before and we will find ourselves lagging much behind than the world.

We all have experienced gain and loss in all aspects of our life in this year, for some it was a great year and for some it was not but what matters is what the next year is going to bring in our lives.

It would be an easy task to think and believe that everything happens without any cause or reason and not trying to improve anything, but on the other hand we can accept that we are responsible for what life brings to us and start making changes in order to make the next year better than before.

We must know that everything in this world is changing continuously, and whatever good or bad results we are getting now are temporary. So, holding on to past is not a very good idea. Continue reading

The Impact of Food on Thoughts : Yogic Diet

Clarity of mind and body depends upon the intake of diet that we all take in our day to day life.

According to Ayurveda and Yoga disciplines, the diets may be classified as Sattvic diet Diet, Rajasic Diet, and Tamasic Diet.

The Sattvic  Diet

This kind of diet supports yoga and meditation, it brings calmness and peace in the mind.
Diet effects the different compartments of our brains.

Pure and simple diets have a deep effect on the thoughts that arises in our mind; freshness is the hallmark of yoga diets.

The Sattvic diets are derived from observing ahimsa methods (without hurting any life). Nature gives them in a fresh way and it is taken with love and affection. Such diets bring positive vibrations which help us to go deeper in meditation with ease. Continue reading

Humor Can Change Your Life – Mental Benefits of Laughter

You underestimate the power of laughter, don’t you? We all have heard about the mental benefits of laughter like it can heal people, reduce stress, clear mind, etc but actually it is much more than that what we think.

When we laugh we actually use suppressed negative energy in a positive way, this saves us from many mental as well as physical issues (suppressed energy can express itself as a disease or physical discomfort).


Whenever we meet or have a conversation with people, we are also dealing with them on a spiritual level.

People with positive vibrations bring others into the same vibration level and the opposite happens as well. (This is why we feel so good after meeting some people whereas some leaves us with an undesirable feeling; our feelings are actually a tool to analyze the vibrations of people and places) Continue reading

Best Time to Induce Lucid Dreams-Set Your Alarm Clock

The best time to induce lucid dreams according to the experts is the last few hours before you usually wake up, it could be one or two hours prior to the normal time at which you normally wake up.

Though I have always been interested in lucid dreaming for years, I learned something very important about how to induce lucid dreams from Andrew Holecek’s Dream Sculpting program, it is all about the “awareness”.

Our chances of becoming conscious inside our dreams highly depends on how much conscious awareness we have in our waking life, before stumbling upon that program I hardly ever understood that there is a great connection between my waking life and dream world, in fact, the ancient Tibetan dream yoga is not much different from our normal lucid dreams when it comes to maintaining awareness.

The reason why these few hours before our usual waking is perfect for lucid dreaming is because we are highly aware during those times, our mind goes to the rapid eye moment phase which is the nearest to the waking stage and that’s where we experience dreams. Continue reading

Chinese Face Reading Method- Learn to Read Faces of People

In this post, I am going to review a book named the face reader that teaches the art of face reading.

I always had an urge to know the method of reading faces because one of my friends used to tell the nature of people by reading their faces, he had a gifted ability to do that and that promoted an interest somewhere inside me to know more about it.

It is good to learn to read faces of people because that is a quality that can help you in various ways, however, this skill needs a lot of practice for perfection.

Luckily, one day I stumbled upon a great book named “The Face Reader” which teaches Chinese face reading, I must agree that it is a great book to teach anybody how to develop the face reading skill. Continue reading

Anybody Can Be Intuitive- 6 Requirements to Develop ESP

Apart from the five senses, we are also born with a better ability to understand and interpret the world, and that can be termed as “intuition”. Only those who believe in it can make use of it.


As kids we all have used our intuition, every baby follows its inner voice to recognize people who love them.


Some of us do believe in ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) but, they are not able to make use of it as there are certain requirements to develop ESP and we will discuss them in detail here. Continue reading

Deepak Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws of Success- Summary

This is a book that has really inspired me a lot so I decided to write the 7 spiritual laws of success summary so that you can get a glimpse of what the book contains if you don’t have it in your collections right now.Reveiw of 7 spiritual laws

If you believe in metaphysics like me, then in order to succeed in any part of life I would strongly recommend you this amazing book by Deepak Chopra named “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success “.

I have always been a fan of Deepak Chopra and in this book he has written these very important laws that can enable anybody to succeed in his life by getting a deeper understanding of them and for that it is necessary to read it very often..

Continue reading