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20 Signs to Know If the Law of Attraction Will Work in Your Favor

Often when we get started to become more aware of the way in which this universe operates and we try to obey the laws that govern all the happenings, we get confused if we are heading towards the right direction for manifesting our desires or not?

Here are a few signs to know if the law of attraction will work in your favor in the long run.

You are going to achieve your goals if:-signs law attraction working

1-You are trying to get closer to your higher self by getting involved in deeper knowledge and meditation.

2-You have realized the power of your imagination and you are dedicating a few minutes daily to utilize it.

3- You are becoming more aware of your thoughts, whenever your mind drifts off and you start thinking negative thoughts, you are able to discern it.

4- You have become more conscious of your emotions and you now deliberately uplift yourself whenever you feel low. Continue reading

Candle Tratak – Using Candle for Meditation

In this post, I am going to provide you the procedure to perform Candle Tratak meditation which will help you to achieve greater focus and inner peace.

Candle Tratak (also known as Diya Tratak in Hindi) is the process where the practitioner meditates on the flame of a candle or oil lamp.

I have discussed few other forms of Tratak methods earlier like Tratak on a Black Dot and Mirror Tratak, but gazing on the candle flame is much effective than the other two as it becomes easier to concentrate on bright light than the other objects, but this technique comparatively has more disadvantages.

Discipline and Atmosphere

Meditations like Tratak requires discipline and an environment that is conducive for deeper focus. (for this purpose you can read the post – creating a perfect atmosphere for meditation)

It is best to do this meditation in the early morning hours between 4 am and 6 am because quieting the mind is much easier at that time than the rest of the day.

Please make sure that you don’t change your place and time for this practice frequently, try to stick to a regular schedule.

Keep your stomach empty but make sure that you are not hungry. Tranquilize your mind first by taking a few deep breaths before you begin. Continue reading

Memory Improvement Complete Package Review-The Linking Method and Flash Memorization

I have written a few reviews about mind tools and memory improvement programs earlier, but this product is something that is not too much hyped like the other ones out there and I think that memory improvement complete package is underrated.memory complete

This program is something that could actually be highly beneficial for people who are looking for strong and powerful methods to build their memory by learning and practicing.

Unlike most of the programs that depends too much on hypnosis and mind tools to improve memory which often fails to work for people who find it hard to believe that those programs could actually make any change, here a person gets techniques that are much more practical.

Why Don’t We Remember Things?

Forgetting keys, glasses, wrist watches, bills etc is a common story of every house, but we regret of the bad memory when we get embarrassed by finding it hard to recall names of people, phone numbers(sometimes our own), address, important details etc. Continue reading

Make Them Winners-Success Coaching for Kids by Parents

Primary coach in everyone’s life is their parents, we inherit most of our traits from our father and mother, that’s why I am writing this success coaching for kids article for all the parents who wants to train their kids to be a winner.

The life coaching industry has been among the top growing industries recently and the Reason behind this is obvious, that now we have started to realize that our potential is much more than what we can imagine, and by knowing and being open to these deeper truths of our existence only we could create a good and successful life.

I stumbled on this very awesome program named “Law of Attraction for Kids“ lately and I did a small research on it, I found out that it could really be among the best investments that people could ever make for the better future of their children, this program will help you to build a winner mindset for your kids.

I don’t think that in this age of advancement we could give any other better gift to the kids apart from the ability to think out of the box and create a desired life. Continue reading

A Better Form of Truth- Is Lying A Sin?

Nobody can ever prove what’s a truth and what’s a lie if they have a logic based debate on it. But societies and cultures have formed convictions for these values for the sake of peace and better living.

What seems to be a lie is just another way to look at the truth!truth vs perception

This is a hard thing to believe, but there is nothing in the world that is not true (because truth is a term used to indicate the acceptance of a thought measured against one’s own convictions), every lie is just a distorted form of truth.

Now, this may sound ridiculous but every lie is a modification of truth.

So, is lying a sin?, well when no one knows whats a lie then how could they know this?… ha ha..

Continue reading

Can Thoughts Create Reality? – The Star Analogy

As you can see, the quote that I have used is from Buddha, hundreds of wise and famous people from past have told us that our thoughts create our reality.can thoughts create reality

Even quantum physics says that our mind creates our world (read “Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail“, if you want to know more about it) .

So, our question should be “how can I use my thought power?” rather than “can thoughts create reality? Or “is this true?”, because such questions will not take anyone to the right path of development.

Faith is most important and without it no one can lead to a satisfactory life.

The star analogy that  I am using here is not at all anything about astrology but I am bringing an example that often makes me to wonder about a very great principle.

“Thoughts Makes Our Reality – Whatever we are now is because of the ideas that we held in the mind in our past”, if you are a person who is keen about developing himself then this is not an unfamiliar thing for you.

Continue reading

Wealth Trigger 2.0 Reloaded Review – Does Wealth Trigger Work?

After the success of his wealth trigger program, he introduced “Wealth Trigger 2.0 Reloaded”, which not only includes all the contents of the previous program but it also has a lot new enhanced stuff for generating more wealth.

Dr. Joe Vitale needs no introduction as he was among the lead casts of the very popular movie “The Secret”.

Here, we will look what’s inside the package and whether wealth trigger work to bring financial success to people as it promises. Continue reading

Working With the Law of Attraction- Key to Speed It Up

These words from Raymond Holliwell’s “Working with the Law” is filled with so much truth because our “expectation” is the factor that works to speed up either the process our bringing our dreams to reality or vice-versa.because our “expectation” is the factor that works to speed up either the process our bringing our dreams to reality or vice-versa.working with the law

In a chapter of Raymond Holliwell’s this book, he has emphasized the “expectation” part specially and he has made it clear that we hardly reach any goal that we don’t expect.

So, anyone who desires working with the law of attraction for creating the desired life must be aware of this key part in this process. Continue reading

The 333 Story- Technique To Come up With Good Ideas

If you have ever read the very famous book “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, there is a very inspiring story in it which gives us an awesome technique to come up with good ideas by focusing only on positive possibilities.

Now, if you come to read “You Have Born Rich” by Bob Proctor then you will get to know that this story was actually told to Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Haunsen by Bob for their book.

The story behind the writing of this book is very interesting because the authors actually went to provide the readers something that they accumulated from other people’s experiences- the huge idea of these two great authors is something that brought them so much success, however as progressive beings are always fascinated by success stories- I would like to bring here a great real story from this book. Continue reading

Difference between Unconditional Love and Attachment

We have always known and heard of unconditional love but we rarely realize that we are naturally unconditional lovers and it is only our ego that causes the illusion that we are not.

All of us have loved ones in our life, but if we closely analyze those relationships we will find that we don’t love them unconditionally, as the intimacy of all that relationship is continuously varying according to the synchronicity between our thinking and theirs.

So, it becomes necessary to understand the difference between unconditional love and attachment.

What Is Unconditional Love?

Continue reading

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