How to Heal Your Aura Using a Simple 5 Step Method

In this post, I am going to share a simple 5 step method on how to heal your aura daily at home so that you could start your day with a fresh energy or use it at the end of your day to clear your aura from the negative energies that you might have picked up from your surroundings.

You must take care of your energy just like you take care of your health. When you will keep yourself emotionally healthy you will take insightful actions that can lead to the manifestation of your desires.

During our day a lot of things happen that leaves behind certain types of imprints in our energy, in other words, a lot of factors causes various types of negative thought process to get activated in our mind. You need to use methods like the present moment awareness to stay alert and safeguard yourself from the effects of the negative emotional states of others, there are also people in the society who can greatly influence your mindstate with their negative perspective, such people are also called as the energy vampires.

Many times situations can also be responsible for causing us to think stressful thoughts, every day we encounter people and situations that fill our energy with elements that are devoid of love, such patterns can stick to you and energize itself by attracting more of such situations.

Although in a short time period, our day-to-day aura changes won’t cause many problems, however, if something disturbs you then those emotional patterns can repeat itself over and over causing the problem to get stronger each day.

A lot of people also carry some serious emotional baggage with them and they can pass their painful thoughts to you. When you feel angry in the presence of someone without any reason or you find yourself unhappy in somebody’s presence, it means that the other person is affecting you on an energetic level.

When you do a major energy clearing session, all such energy patterns get dissolved but it is not possible for everyone to do that on a regular basis, so performing this simple spiritual technique before you go to bed or after you wake up can really help you to clear your aura from such day to day negative energetic patterns.

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It is best for you to do these methods when you are about to sleep because it can help you to clean the energy imprints of your overall day but if it is not possible then you can do it in the morning also.

5 Step Daily Technique for Healing Your Aura

1 – Relax Yourself

All you need to do here is to relax your whole body and mind, for doing this you can use any method that works best for you. If you want you can also use mindfulness meditation exercises, but here I will be telling you a method that a lot of my readers love.

I learned this from Christie’s Love or Above program, where she teaches this particular heart centering meditation.

For doing this, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, with each inhalation and exhalation think “I am relaxed”. After 3-5 minutes imagine a light coming from above, this is a healing yellow light beam, bring it from your head and fill your whole body with this light. Feel that all the body parts in which this light goes, it relaxes those areas.

Here is Christie’s heart center awakening guided meditation which will give you a better idea about this process:-

2 – Think of Your Day

In the second step, you will consciously think of your overall day from the moment you woke up. Think of all the good and bad things that have happened during that day and make a mental note of the instances when you felt any kind of strong emotions.

Also, you can think of your dreams if it was something that made you feel happy or sad. All the memories of the day that comes to your mind when you sit to think about your day are the incidences that have affected your aura one way or the other.

Remember all the instances because you will have to think of them as you perform the next two steps.

3 – Forgive

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things that can help you to discard almost all of your emotional problems. Wholeheartedly forgiving people and situations that have caused you to feel bad during your day will help you to keep yourself emotionally healthy.

Understand that people have had their own reason due to which they behave in a certain way and also accept the situations as it is, dissolve those memories with the power of your forgiveness. Also forgive yourself for the actions that you feel were not right.

One of my favorite methods that have worked like a miracle in the lives of so many people is the Ho’oponopono process, it is entirely based on forgiveness. This program has given me a proper idea about what power forgiveness holds, by forgiving people you don’t do any favor to others but you do it for yourself. Many spiritual institutions and processes talk about forgiveness a lot because this practice alone can help you to solve a lot of your life issues.

4 –  Gratitude

Okay, so forgiveness works on your negative energy, you have done that. What about the positive experiences? In order to feel love and keep your energy in the higher vibrational state, you need to do something that will amplify your joyful feelings.

So once you have neutralized the energy of what made you unhappy during your day, you should focus on the memories that made you feel better and the best way to do that is by expressing gratitude to the universe.

Apart from what good things happened on a particular day, you can also think of the things in your life for which you are grateful for, express your heartfelt “thank you” to the universe for everything that you love about your life.

5 – Imagine Your Day

Till now we have done two things to change our energy, we have used the power of forgiveness to clean our aura and we have used gratitude to fill our whole energy-body with love.

Now you need to tell the universe about your intentions, for this, you will have to think the thoughts that bring the emotions that are related to your desired life situations.

How do you want your day(or the next day) to be? What are the things that can make you happy? How will you feel if you will manifest your desired things?

This is something that I learned from Esther Hicks’ book named “Ask and It Is Given“, this process is called intention setting. Just wishing for something is not enough, you need to think abundant thoughts.

When you will think about the joyful thoughts while imagining how you want your day to be, you give the universe a clear idea about what you want and this action will fill up your aura with an energy that will attract the situations that are in accordance to your desired day.


So these were a few methods you can use to clear your energy at the end of each day or in the morning, this practice can change your life if you will make it a habit. You will definitely be rewarded for taking care of your spiritual health by doing this simple exercise regularly, keep your aura clean for having a peaceful life. When you do this process consistently, you will not have to be afraid about the circumstances and people that affect your emotional well-being.

If you are consistently having troublesome thoughts and feelings that you find are very difficult to deal with, then you can try the methods I have provided in the post named “De-energize Agony“, there I have illustrated a process that strategically works on bringing you into a better state of mind.


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