6 Lucid Dreaming Facts Every Conscious Dreamer Must Know

In this post, I am going to bring to light a few lucid dreaming facts that are not only interesting, but it will also tell you why this skill is a great advantage for someone interested in personal development.

Some of the best lucid dreaming books I ever read emphasized personal development more than all the other lucid dreaming benefits.

A person who has gained a lot of experience in conscious dreaming know well that lucid dreams can become a great tool for one’s improvement in a myriad of ways.

The initial craze of fulfilling various desires in dreams gradually fades away with time and one begins to realize that they can use their conscious dreams for greater purposes.

Here are some facts about conscious dreaming that you must know if you love exploring your dream world: –

1 – Dreams Are Very Much Similar to the Reality

You don’t know this because you forget your dreams quickly after waking up. Although sometimes you may remember your dreams for a while, but usually all the emotions and sensations you felt in your dreams gets erased from your memory long before you forget the story.

Once you become a lucid dreamer, you begin to understand that there is a very little difference between dreams and reality. Of course, what happens in dreams is very much different from what happens in the physical world, but your subjective experience in both the cases is quite similar.

It is true that in the real world events are restricted by various constraints, but our personal experience solely depends on our perception; hence you can live your desires in your dreams because you feel all the sensations in that world as you do in the real world.

2 – Effective Method to Communicate with the Inner Mind

The best time to make an effective communication with your inner mind is when you are asleep, but sadly “you are asleep when you are asleep” so you can’t do anything. That’s where conscious dreaming becomes a great tool for implanting a suggestion in your subconscious mind.

By being able to control your dreams, you can send a message directly to your subconscious mind which is a task that takes a lot of time and effort in the waking life.

If it is a regular lucid dream then you may find it hard to be aware of your intention, but when you use something like lucid dreaming meditation you can induce a lucid dream while remembering your intention.

Listening to Your Inner Guidance

We have seen how we can communicate our intentions to our subconscious mind in our dreams, now let’s see how one can hear what his inner mind wants to say with the help of conscious dreams.

To make right choices in life, you need to be an intuitive person, which means that you should be able to differentiate between the voice of intuition and the voice of ego.

In waking life our mind makes a lot of noises which makes it difficult for us to hear what our inner self is saying to us.

Lucid dreaming gives you a great opportunity to follow your inner guidance. In dreams you can get solutions to your problems and being able to control the dreams enables you to ask for the guidance as well.

You can also prefer to meet dream figures who inspire you in real life and get their advice.

3 – An Opportunity to Deal with Your Biggest Fears

There are some lucid dreaming dangerous seeming experiences like sleep paralysis and multiple false awakenings that can scare the hell out of you, but once you learn to deal with them properly, you naturally get better at calming down your mind during intimidating situations.

Apart from this, you can actually overcome your real life fears with the help of lucid dreaming. As we know, dreams are our virtual reality, so it enables you to face your real life fears in your dream world, it will have a great effect on your emotional state.

For example, if you fear the crowd, then in your dreams you can practice going to the crowded places and make yourself comfortable there, this will naturally make you less fearful in real life.

4 – An Arena for Honing Your Skills

As we have discussed above, you can do things in your dreams that scares you in the real life, so you can also use this particular aspect of conscious dreaming to prepare yourself mentally for a future event.

All our actions are controlled by our mind, so practicing your skills in your dreams actually makes you better at it.

Suppose, you have to deliver a speech in front of an audience, you can practice giving that speech in your dreams in order to gain more confidence.

It takes practice and experience to dream what you want, but you will often find your dreams happening according to your intentions.

Seriously, I thought this was something limited to the experts, but thanks to the dream sculpting program, I was actually able to do this in my dreams.

5 – Better Dream Interpretation

I have already discussed how you can get guidance in your dreams, but sometimes dreams do have meanings and by becoming a lucid dreamer, you can decode the messages very easily.

Nightmares are often unresolved subconscious issues and in lucid dreams you can try to make sense of it rather than running from it.

For example, in one dream I was being chased by a bully from my school, he was having a steal rod in his hand to beat me with and I suddenly fell off from the third floor of the building landing smoothly on the ground as if I had wings, that made me to become lucid. Next, I turned around and asked him “Why?”, all of a sudden he vanished and I had an epiphany that it’s time to do a very important task that I have been procrastinating since I was afraid of failure.

See, that realization came to me only because I was able to become aware in the dream.

6 – Catalyst to Spiritual Growth

Some close-minded people think that lucid dreaming is a sin by forming a notion that it is against nature. I tell you, it is a very natural thing and the chances are that we all have had at least one lucid dream in the past, but we are oblivious to it, probably because we were not able to remember the dream after waking up.

Our subconscious mind has access to the infinite intelligence so we can get answers to our deepest spiritual questions when we are dreaming.

One morning, I had a very vivid and unforgettable dream with the help of what I consider as the best lucid dreaming technique which I formulated based on what I learned from Lucid Dreaming Fast Track course, in that dream I was driving a car inside a tunnel and in every corner there were lighted up boards having some of the best quotes I ever heard in my life.

You can also meditate inside a dream, I have done it and it is a great experience.

Since we are very close to our higher self during dreams, becoming a conscious dreamer helps one to make quick progress in their spiritual journey.


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