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Universal Life Secrets Program by Chris D’Cruz Review

In this universal life secrets review, I will be providing you detailed information on this product by Chris D’Cruz which claims to teach you the controversial secrets to creating your own reality.

The website that sells the product has hyped the program so much that anyone who is willing to buy this material will see it as a scam and honestly I was very much annoyed by the claims that they make.

Godlike powers to get anything that you desire within 30 days, becoming a sexual magnet, making people to follow your commands, gaining great psychic abilities and having complete control over every aspect of your life is what this product promises to deliver.

Obviously, I am not going to delude you by saying that all these claims are true, and I know that you probably would have figured that out already, but I will be providing you the information on this product using which you will know what real benefits you can gain from this program.

About the Author

The author of this book is Chris D’Cruz, he is not a famous person, so I had no prior information about him.

However, in the promotions of universal life secrets, he tells us a story about himself that he used to be a poor person and his family struggled to make the ends meet. He had to drop out from the college since he was unable to pay the fees and he failed to find a satisfying job.

The author also tells us that his sexual life was miserable too, since he lacked the confidence to go on dates or to approach any woman.

Depression and frustration caused by the circumstances made the author to read many self help books which also didn’t yield any positive result for him and that’s when a man gave him a visiting card, and then he made the decision to make the call that changed his life.

According to the author the secrets he received in this phone call made him successful in all the areas of his life, especially in dating and finance.

The secrets he talks about is something that he says that successful people are trying to conceal so that no common person could learn it, and the man who taught this to Chris asked him to make this information available to the common people. He is keeping that promise by bringing this program to common people’s awareness.

Well, that’s a good story, very interesting indeed, but hard to believe.

Inside the Package

The program is a collection of PDF files containing valuable information that can teach you a lot about becoming successful in the most important areas of your life. The contents are distributed in 10 different modules that are as follows: –

1 – Life Secrets – This module will show you how you can make the perfect use of each moment so that your life becomes more beautiful.

The Life Secrets book is the main content of the whole program that teaches some great techniques for creating a joyful life; it will help you to be happy and to find the inner peace which is most important in life.

This module shows how to be successful in all the areas of our lives and this book is for everyone.

2 – How to Turn Your Desires and Ideals into Reality – Here you will find some very essential secrets for getting what you desire in life.

3 – Hypnotic Influence – You can get to know some awesome hypnotic techniques for influencing other people in this book.

4 – Your Forces and How to Use Them – This 167 paged PDF book is my favorite because it makes one to realize his true potential.

5 – Networking Magic – A very important module for those who find it hard to mix with others, this will empower you to become good at social meetings. If you are an online business person like me then you will be highly benefited from this information because it helped me a lot to increase my blog’s social presence.

6 – Power of Will – It is the largest PDF book in the series with over 300 pages which teaches some very important facts about a person’s will and how he can affect his reality using his intentions.

7 – The Kama Sutra – The name explains it all, it contains some Kama secrets for a very good sexual life.

8 – The Shy Casanova – As interesting as the title, this PDF book could be life changing for people who have trouble mingling with the opposite sex, you can learn how to flirt with confidence by reading this material.

9 – Finding “the One” – For all those people who are waiting for their soul mate, this book can help you to find the right partner.

10 – Seduction Success Secrets – This is a book that contains some very interesting tricks, methods and secrets for men who want to learn the art of seduction.

Final Advice

By now you may have learned a lot about how beneficial this program could prove out to be for you, on the other hand, I hope you must have also learned what to not expect from it.

Please make your decision by looking at what you are getting in the package rather than what they are promising.

You will not posses any god like power to gain complete control over your life nor will you be more successful with women than James

Undoubtedly, the author has created a product that can be sold to any man easily, since this is a product based on power and sex, two things that can make any product a huge success.

But looking at what you will be getting at such a low price, I will suggest that buying this program will be a wise decision and here is why I am saying that –

  • I found some very essential hypnotic and body language methods in this program using which one can get very good at influencing people.
  • It includes NLP techniques that you must learn for improving your mind states.
  • The product contains some very good techniques for achieving goals and methods that can help you to make use of your potential much more than any average person.
  • The books incorporates a few very good Kama Sutra tips for people who want to improve their sex life.
  • It contains some of the best advises I have ever received to increase confidence and social skills.
  • I consider it is one of the best material available for teaching dating skills to men, however the product have information that will be equally useful for both men and women, but it contains more nuggets for men.

To know more about this product, you can visit their product website.


I hope you enjoyed this post. For creating the life of your desire I would highly recommend you to try the energy clearing methods that I use.

How did you find this review? Do you have any thoughts about this to share? Please do comment below before leaving, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also mail me your queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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Matthew Norman’s Vibrational Manifestation Review

In this Vibrational Manifestation product review, I will be providing all the necessary information about this program created by Matthew Norman which will help you to make a well thought buying decision.spiritualguide

Norman claims that he has found a secret that most of the law of attraction programs doesn’t teach.

Based on this particular secret he promotes this product. Honestly, I didn’t like the way he belittles all the essential tools like affirmations and visualizations by putting a lot of emphasize on just the intuitive guidance part because all the techniques work collectively to make things happen and not just one. Continue reading

Review of “The Amazing You” Program by Marion & Alvin

I stumbled upon this program recently that’s created by Marion Neubronner which she has prepared along with Alvin in order to help people to find their peace of mind while pursuing their life goals successfully. In this the amazing you review I will be providing my honest opinion on this product so that you could make a well thought buying decision.250x250b

First of all, I want to say “please don’t believe in the promotional videos of this product” because in that case you will feel like you have accidentally ordered some other product later on.

Yes, trust me, all I knew before getting the eBook was that I was about to learn something called the “brain gap” which is growing among people and this stuff works like smart drugs to fix that and allows people to use their mind’s true potential.

Alvin says that the author of this book, Marion Neubronner who is a Harvard trained psychologist met him at an event, she taught him and his team something so life changing that they had to make it available for common people as only a few successful people were having that knowledge. Continue reading

Mark Williams’ Likeability Blueprint Review

I am going to give you all the necessary information in this “Likeability Blueprint” program review that will be helpful to you if you are thinking about buying this product.likability blueprint

Everyone wants to be the one who is liked by others, but despite of having all the good qualities most people fail to earn the appreciation of other people.

Often people who lack kindness are also liked by many people, whereas those who are always trying to take care of others are not.

See, there is something more profound than external qualities which decide how others will treat us and if you won’t fix that, nothing is going to change.

I am not a big fan of persuasion skills because from what I have learned in my spiritual journey, I know that we cannot make other people to like us by pretending to be different, so I would have never bought this product if it was entirely based on that.

However, I liked the program because it is more about working on one’s own inner world.

There is a phrase that I often like to use “you cannot make someone love you, but you can become lovable”, and that’s what this program is all about.

Likeability Blueprint in Complete Detail

The maker of this program Mark Williams is a psychology of influence expert who is gaining a lot of popularity by teaching something that he calls “Likeability Blueprint“.

Likeability blueprint is a collection of action steps you can take to become someone who holds the power to influence others.

There are countless benefits of this because your friendship, career, relationships, etc. depends on how you connect with others.

This program will teach you to gain the trust of others so that they could contribute to your success in some way.

You need to have some credibility in the workplace if you want to get promotions; likewise you must be seen as a reliable person by your customers if you are running a business.

Even if you are someone who is liked by others, there is always room for improvement, and the knowledge you will receive in this program will help you at every new level to which you will advance.

Apart from the psychological changes, you will also get to learn a few tips in this program on how you should behave in order make an impact while interacting with others, which includes your body language and how you express yourself.

One thing that stops people from connecting with others is shyness, and shyness is nothing but the fear of being judged/criticized, so Mark will teach you how to build new relationships.

Auto Magnetism

That’s an exaggerated term used for this program’s promotion, but this is what made me to buy this product because it is about changing one’s subconscious beliefs and as a personal development blogger I know this is possible.

See, people’s behavior towards us depends a lot on our personality’s subtle attributes which is a result of the beliefs present in our subconscious mind.

By reprogramming your subconscious mind you will naturally be able to influence others.

Building a healthy self-image, which is the opinion we hold about ourselves deep within our hearts, can change the way we conduct ourselves around other people.

Once that happens, you will be surprised to see how people start behaving differently with you than before.

Inside the Package

The main material of this package is an eBook that is a complete course on likeability, this book has the knowledge, methods and exercises using which you can change your subconscious programming so that you could develop the right behavioral patterns that will naturally make people to like you.

Bonus Materials

Here are a few bonuses that come with this program right now: –

Audio Book – In case you find it hard to learn from the book, then this audio book will be of great use to you since it contain all the  information present in the eBook.

Live Your Best Life – These are 7 part guided meditation audio tracks that will help you to build a positive mindset, the audios are meant for each weekday.

The Ultimate Influence Private Workshop – Here you will get to know the 9 laws of influences and some psychological shortcuts for thinking positively.

Art of Small Talk – A very interesting bonus that will teach you how to make a good impact in small talks.

Note – These bonus items can vary with time, if you want to know what they are offering at present then you will have to visit their product website.

Final Advice

This course does contain some techniques using which you can influence others, but I will advise you to focus on altering your subconscious beliefs instead.

Even though what you will learn in this course will definitely help you to improve your relationships, but you should not waste your time trying to please someone specific.

If you want to change how someone thinks about you, then please don’t buy this course because nothing in the world can change how a person feels about you except that particular individual.

However, if you are willing to become a person who is generally liked by people or if you want to build new, better relationships, then I would strongly advise you to go for it.

To know more about this product, you can visit the product website here.


I hope you enjoyed this post. The limiting subconscious beliefs I have talked about in this post can also be eliminated using energy block clearing techniques.

What are your views on the psychology of influence and this product? Share your thoughts by commenting below, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also email me your queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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The Power Quadrant Review – Scam or Real?

I would have never written this review of the Power Quadrant System if someone would have told me what it is before I checked their site out or if I didn’t see so many power quadrant websites with irrelevant content under the google review searches that provides no information on whether this product is genuine or scam.

Honestly, when I decided to buy this product for reviewing I thought that it is a personal development product that might be teaching some ways to achieve success by knowing one’s true purpose in life, but then I came to know that it is some ancient calendar crap which promises to decode the destiny that was imbued in our DNA when we were born.

I don’t believe that we are destined to be someone before we took birth and I never buy the idea that stars or calendar can say anything about ourselves.

But I tried the power quadrant product because it was available at a very low price and since there is a dearth of proper information about this product in the review sites.

What Is the Power Quadrant System?

According to the makers, our key to a successful life is coded in our DNA and by using the right calendar calculation we can determine the right path to make things happen effortlessly.

This calendar they talk about is not the one we are using right now, it is an ancient calendar that lost its existence when the Roman’s took over the world and introduced the new calendar.

The makers point out a few faults in our calendar, some of which I already knew like this calendar initially had 10 months and October was so named because it was the eight month (octo – 8) in it.

They also say that the new calendar misses an entire moon cycle, well I don’t know about that, but how could all this affect our lives? I really don’t know.. but the makers say it does!

About the Creators of the Quadrant System

This product is created by the couple, Ric and Liz, they discovered this calendar, and it helped them during an unfavorable situation where their company was going through a bad phase, which affected their financial situation and inner peace, hence they were losing hope.

The calendar told them that Liz was not doing a work which was of her type, so they did what was right and it fixed everything.

They came to know about this stuff that they call as the ancient calendar and DNA decoder when it was introduced to them by an old lady who told them stories about a stone that was discovered in the year 1600. This stone has a calendar was carved in it, a calendar that helps people to take the right decisions and it was used by the ancient civilizations to live a happy life that they actually came to live here on earth.

Ric says that he and Liz did a ten year long research on this and tested these codes on people, using what they learned and things that worked, they have prepared this power quadrant system. They say that the only purpose of this program was to spread the secret that they have come to know.

The makers don’t claim that this discovery is theirs and they say that you will find a lot of information about this calendar in many other places, but what they have done is just a simplification of a process that could take years for anyone to complete.

Inside the Package

The program is all about the 53-minute audio track that teaches you everything that you actually need to know about yourself using the ancient calendar.

In those 53 minutes you will know your codes using which you can make the perfect decisions in your life.

This material especially focuses on two main things i.e. career and soul mate. So you will learn to know which is the right profession for you using the codes and you can match these codes to find out who could be your ideal soul mate.

This audio talks about a color system using which you will be able to identify under which color your personality fall. Thus it will reveal what type of people will support you and who will cause you trouble depending on the color match.

You will be able to know your spouse’s code and learn why the problems in your relationships exist.

In this 53 minute audio you will understand why what you are doing is not yielding the results that you want and what you should be doing instead, it will reveal your life purpose and the gifts with which you were born.

You will also get a workbook to make the essential notes.

There are some bonus materials available with the product right now: –

1 Real Life Legends Club Test Drive

You will get a onetime free VIP access to a club where a lot of interviews with the greatest names in the personal development industry are uploaded frequently. You will find the interviews of some very big names like Tony Robbins, John Gray, Neal Donald Walsh etc. and the collection has more than 46 interviews right now.

But this is just a one month subscription and you will have to pay for the further access.

2 Books

You will get two books for free if you buy the product right now, the books are “change your mind, change your life” and “action blueprint” that teaches you various stuff about how you can create a better life using various principles.

These bonuses may vary from time to time, you will have to check out the product website to know what they are offering presently.

My Opinion

Alright, we have reached to the most important part of this review, the conclusion. First of all, after doing my research I came to know that there exists such an ancient calendar which can help people with their important decisions just like astrology, I didn’t believe in it and neither do I believe in astrology.

After following this program, a few good things happened, I won’t deny that, but since I do a lot of personal development activities, I can’t give the credit to this program with certainty for what I received. However I suggested it to a friend who is crazy about such things and he said that it works, but I don’t think it worked for me.

One thing that kept me thinking was the question why this program is available for such a low price? Because this audio contained things in detail about this calendar that isn’t available elsewhere, so if I was selling it, I would have kept the price high.

However, I got my answer soon. See, the real life legends club to which they are giving a initial free access is a real gem because it contains such valuable interviews that it will leave you wanting more, so you will eventually end up paying for the whole subscription. Hence according to me this product is available for such a low price so that they could get you into this club maybe.

For more information, you can visit the product website here.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to achieve some big goals, then I suggest you to try the methods that I use for clearing energy blocks and eliminate limiting subconscious beliefs.

How did you find this review? Do you have any thoughts about this to share? Please do comment below before leaving, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Carol Tuttle’s Soulprint Healing Review

The bad luck over which we often feel that we have no control makes our lives very difficult, we feel constrained by some invisible wall when we fail to achieve our goals even after trying multiple times.

Carol Tuttle, a very well known energy therapist calls this wall the “energy imprint” that has been passed down to us from our ancestors.


I just got to know that this product is not available anymore, but I have a latest and more advanced recommendation for you – Check out my review and personal experience of Jeffery Allen’s Duality program where he teaches how you can heal your energy and keep your chakras in a healthy state. This is one of the best energy healing programs I have ever come across.


According to her, these energy patterns that we have inherited from our ancestors has been with us since our birth and it is what creates pain, struggle and suffering in our lives.

Carol says that our soul knows the right path, but these energy imprints makes it difficult for us to hear our soul’s voice and thus it blocks us from getting aligned with the universe to manifest our desires.

The energy patterns I am talking about here are resulted from the limiting beliefs that are deeply ingrained in our minds, this discord in our energy system makes us to take wrong decisions that are based on fear rather than doing what we truly want.

Soulprint healing program is based on Carol Tuttle’s energy healing methods that work on these invisible energy walls so that people could use the power of their unique “soulprint”.

What Is Soulprint?

This is a word I heard for the very first time, so it took a while for me to actually make any sense of it. Carol calls it as the lens through which the light of your soul shines.

From what I have come to know, it is the true expression of one’s soul which helps a person to manifest his desires and enables him to live a life that he truly wants by eliminating all the inner conflicts that stops one from experiencing the inner peace and joy.

Who Is Carol Tuttle?

If you are someone who has been exploring personal development programs, then you might be already well familiar with Carol.

Carol Tuttle has been helping people from all around the world to make their lives better using her knowledge of energy healing. She has been followed by thousands of people as her methods have been super effective in restoring people’s physical, emotional and mental health.

She has been an energy healer for more than 20 years, but her story before that is quite interesting. She has faced all kinds of extreme financial, physical, mental and emotional troubles before she discovered the spiritual way of setting things right, Carol believes that particular phase of her life was something called as the dark night of the soul in metaphysical terms.

Carol worked on the energy patterns that were creating all the problems in her life, gradually she solved those issues with the help of energy healing, and through this program she wants those methods to reach people who want to create some major positive changes in their lives.

Soulprint Healing Program

This program is a 12-week step by step training course that will work on your energy to release the “soul contract” that you have made unknowingly which causes the struggle in your life and all kind of energy imprints that blocks the complete expression of your higher self.

Soul Contracts – According to the maker of this program we all have made some “soul contracts” when we took birth, that makes us to go through some difficult phases so that we could grow spiritually. But spiritual growth doesn’t really needs to happen through difficult ways.

Your soulprint helps you to break through these soul contracts and it also liberates you from all the inner child stories that keep creating problems in your life.

The course is prepared by blending various energy clearing techniques to create what Carol considers as the most powerful form of spiritual healing i.e. “soulprint healing”.

Your soulprint is your true power using which you can create a beautiful life of your desire, it will help you to hear your heart’s voice so that you could make the right choices that will solve all your life issues.

Energy clearing you will receive from this program is a permanent one which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The course is a twelve week program where you will attend a new class every week for learning various important things about your energy and how it affects various areas of your life, and it will equip you with some very powerful techniques for eliminating the negative imprints in your aura.

These techniques are taken from various energy healing modalities like meridian therapy, chakra healing, soul contract healing etc.

Since the program is a complete 12 week training, you get enough time to practice and put into use what you learn each week. All these classes will liberate your soul from all the energy patterns that were not allowing its light to shine.

Along with the classes you will also get 12 soulprint readings, a soul contract clearing every week and access to an online community consisting of like minded people.

Bonus Materials

You will also receive some cool bonus materials with this program that are: –

The Higher Chakra System – This is a program that focuses on activating 5 higher chakras that are different from the usual 7 chakras we know.

Energy Tapping for Affluence – This program is an assistant product to soulprint healing as you can use this to get rid of the negative energies trying to come back to your system after the clearing sessions.

They can add more stuff or change these materials with time, please check the product website to know what’s available right now.

Final Advice

I have always been a big fan of Carol Tuttle’s work and this product was an entirely new experience for me, even though the techniques and methods were not that much new to me but what I got from the weekly classes was really priceless.

Apart from the positive change in my energy, I also got to see some amazing manifestation after attending these classes and I learned a lot about how my energy got influenced by other people’s energies which made me to go through troubles that were not actually mine.

The best thing about the program is that I am now able to use this knowledge to help others.

As you might have already noticed that I am very positive about this course and I will definitely recommend it to you, but it is a 12 week of training which will need some serious efforts from your side, so opt for it only when you are ready to spend that much time on this material.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You may also be interested in knowing about the method to spiritually heal yourself from the emotional pain.

What are your views on energy healing methods? I would love to hear from you on this, so, please do leave your comments below before leaving. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also email me your queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Program Review

You will be getting all the essential information in this Jeffery Allen’s Duality program review that is required to make a well thought buying decision.duality reviews mindvalley

This product is an energy healing based one which claims to improve your life in all ways by clearing the energy blocks that makes it difficult for you to achieve your goals or create various problems in your life.

Jeffery has a very strong reason behind all these works; he makes us realize the true nature of reality.

Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy; we all are surrounded by countless invisible entities which we know exist, like the air, radio waves, electricity, etc.

Similarly, we all have an invisible energy body present around our physical body that is also referred as the aura and now people have also found a way to view it using some type of photography.

The concept of energy healing as discussed in many ancient philosophies says that everything we experience in this physical world is due to our energetic state and by combining various spiritual cleansing modalities Jeffery has created this program that will work on your energy system so that you could live a better life.

We all know that sometimes when we try too hard to accomplish something or solve a life problem, it just keeps getting worse. That’s because energetically our efforts are working the other way around. Trying to set things right in the physical world without doing any inner work is like trying to fix the mirror for changing one’s appearance.

In this course, you will get some top notch methods to do all the inner work that’s imperative when you are trying to fix something in your life. You will learn to align yourself with your energy, find out all the blocks that are needed to be cleared and most importantly, you will learn to clear those blocks on your own. Continue reading

Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life Program Review

For centuries hypnotherapy has proved itself as a life transforming technique and in this “Uncompromised Life” review I will be giving you detailed information on this product that is prepared by the world famous hypnotherapist Marisa Peers.hypnotherapy marisa peer

This program has some very powerful and effective tools to offer you using which you will be able to make the necessary alteration in your mindset that is essential for a person who aims to live a successful life.

There is a reason why most people fail to achieve their biggest goals even after putting a lot of efforts, there is one very crucial difference that separate the most successful people from the rest of the crowd which Marisa has identified after working with some very famous personalities, sportsmen and celebrities.

It is the story of almost every average person, they set goals and start working towards it, but half way down they lose all the enthusiasm and strength to proceed any further.

The one root cause behind all this that I have been pointing towards till now is our mind’s resistance to the unfamiliar; we all are programmed to stay away from what is unknown to us and this is why we all fear change, due to this when we try to make some lifestyle changes our thoughts start to work against us.

According to Marisa, success is an unfamiliar thing to the minds of people who struggle and this is why her whole program’s main purpose is to make your mind accustomed to success using hypnotherapy because once that happens, it becomes easy for you to achieve all your current goals. Continue reading

MindZoom Review – The Subliminal Affirmation Software

Everything in our lives viz. the financial situations, love life, health, social relationships, emotional well being etc. are controlled by the beliefs present in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is like a powerful computer which controls all our behaviors and thoughts based on how it is programmed.mindzoom reprogram mind

The beliefs that program our subconscious mind were formed during our childhood through direct or indirect exposure to various ideas.

It is still possible to alter these limiting beliefs in a way that it will improve our lives, but it becomes a very difficult task after certain age since our conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper to every suggestion we pass to our inner mind.

Our conscious mind restricts the new information from reaching the subconscious mind, but there are ways using which we can do it effectively and one such tool is “subliminal messages”.

Here I will be discussing the subliminal affirmations software called MindZoom which promises to change your life by helping you to reprogram your subconscious mind.

What Is a Subliminal Message?

Remember I said that our conscious mind acts as a guard to whatever information we receive? Well, it seems like we have found some ways to fool this guard and subliminal messages are capable of doing that.

The subliminal message is basically a suggestion that is passed to an individual in a way that he cannot see or hear it, but the information is received by his subconscious mind.

This is a hypnotic way of passing a suggestion which has been used by advertisers for a very long time to make people attracted to their products.

You don’t have to worry, no one can use this method to make you do unwilling things because we do have an inner protection mechanism.

MindZoom Subliminal Affirmation Software

How good will it be if we could use these subliminal messages to communicate our intentions to our powerful subconscious mind? Well, the good news is that this is possible and MindZoom software is one such awesome product which helps you to do this.

We fail to see the text messages if it is flashed in front of our eyes at a very high speed and since our conscious mind fails to register such messages they reach directly to our subconscious mind.

So, this software flashes thousands of positive messages in front of your eyes rapidly and thus these subliminal messages can change your limiting inner beliefs.

Another way in which MindZoom uses subliminal positive affirmation is with the help of a feature that sends audio suggestions to your mind by playing it at a frequency that you cannot hear.

This software also gives you the option to mix these visual and auditory messages to make it even more effective.

You can just start these subliminal affirmations on your computer and do other works without even bothering about it, these messages will sink deep down in your inner mind while you perform your usual tasks on the computer. You can also carry it in your mobile and listen to these audios (you cannot actually consciously hear it) while doing some other work.

Some awesome features of MindZoom software: –

-Allows you to create your own affirmations.

-You can choose the specific goal you want to achieve and receive thousands of related affirmations.

-You can also convert your textual phrases to audio subliminal affirmations which will be received by your subconscious mind without you being able to hear it.

-Enables you to easily manage the affirmations with the option to add new ones and delete old ones.

-Allows you to choose the font type, size and its placement on your screen (you will be able to see the flashing texts a little, but it won’t cause any disturbance in your work)

-You can also choose the speed at which the messages will flash, if you will increase the frequency then it will not be much visible, but it will still work.

-You can add it to the startup applications that will automatically begin working when you switch on your computer every time, configure it once and forget about it till you wish to change something in it.

Inside the Package

You will be getting the following materials in this program: –

-Main component of this product is the MindZoom software that you can install on your computer to generate subliminal texts and silent audio affirmations.

-A manual that will help you in configuring the program, in case you ever need it.

-Plan book prepared by the author so that you could use the software the right way to get maximum benefits.

-Software license for the use of program in four computers.

-Free updates and email support.

Bonus Materials

When I am writing this post, this product comes with the below-given bonus materials, however, they can change this with time so please check their website to know what they are offering at present.

Audio subliminal programs –  This is a specially created 40 minute audio that helps a person to clear the most common limiting beliefs that holds him back from succeeding in all the areas of his life.

Brain elevation success kit – A research based tool which is created for helping you to use your mind like the most successful people do.

Mind Reality – An eBook that contains information on the concept that the whole reality is mind constructed, a very good read for people interested in the workings of the mind.

Mp3 Meditation Track – This audio meditation will help you to train your mind to think the right thoughts so that you could attract abundance in your life.

101 Power Affirmations – These are the sets of affirmations that you can use for getting better in any area of your life.

1150 Affirmations – Another book containing 1150 affirmations categorized in different groups so that you could use them according to your wish.

MindZoom Subliminal Mixer – You can create customized CDs and sound files by mixing subliminal audio with any music or even binaural beats. This also allows you to record the affirmations in your own voice and then save it in different formats.

This advanced tool helps you to optimize the audios for a quality experience.

Final Advice

Subliminal messages are real stuff, I can assure that. These suggestions do have an impact on our subconscious mind and MindZoom is really an awesome program for magnifying the effects of positive affirmations.

If you are someone like me who spends a lot of time working on the computer, then this is a very good application for you because by using it you can gain double benefits as it enables you to work on your inner beliefs while you are completing other important tasks on your computer.

I didn’t like the quality of this program, considering that we are living in an age where technology has reached to the advanced levels; this product seems like a thing from the previous generation.

Still, the utility of this product makes me to recommend it to you if you want to take your use of affirmations to the next level.

It will take a bit time to see the results, so I urge you to use it regularly for some time before you expect any big change in your life.

Usually, I always have to add the line “you have to put your serious efforts” in the bottom of the most reviews, but this product requires a very less effort from your side. All you have to do is to start it and just allow it to do all the work while you use your computer.

To get more information on this product, you can visit the product website.


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The Success Training for Kids Program Review

I stumbled upon a site a few years ago named “4lifehappykids”, which was offering materials using which one can teach the law of attraction to kids.

As I am very keen the secret for kidsabout making people aware of the importance of the personal development of kids, I decided to buy it and see if it is worth suggesting to my readers.

I must admit that I found this success training for kids product quite impressive because they have designed it in a way that children will enjoy learning it and they will find it interesting to perform the exercises taught in the course.

If you are a person who already has some knowledge about the universal laws, then you might be aware how important it is to teach kids about their creative power. In this age, whatever will be taught to them will become their reality in the future since a child’s subconscious mind is wide open to receive suggestions, that’s the reason why I am so much interested in informing people about the products that are aimed for the personal development of kids.

The guy who is selling it is not the actual maker of the program, but it is prepared by some of the experts in the area of children education and growth.

Let us now take a close look at this product so that you could know if it is useful for you or not. Continue reading