How to Make Your Own Affirmations

In this post, I will be showing you how you can make your own affirmations and use them in the right way. If you know about the law of attraction then you will be well aware of the power of positive affirmations by now.

Our life is shaped by the beliefs that we hold deep in our inner mind and a repeated thought becomes a belief, this is why the law of attraction based affirmations are so powerful because when you repeat a statement over and over to yourself it stops being a mere surface-level thought and soon converts into a belief.

You can experiment this for yourself, start saying to yourself that you are becoming healthier repeatedly for a few days and you will see that you will gain a new confidence that your body has become healthier. Words are powerful, in hypnotherapy, suggestions are used to create major psychological as well as physical changes.

We all know when we say something hurtful to someone, that person starts to dislike us and when we genuinely appreciate people, they start to like us. Imagine when someone else can be this much affected by our words what effects our own thoughts might be having on us?

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Time Required for Changing Your Subconscious Programming

I receive a lot of emails asking many questions like how long does it actually take to change my subconscious programming? How many sessions does hypnosis take to work? When will my visualization yield results? How much time should I perform energy clearing in order to alter my limiting subconscious beliefs?

Well, the truth is, nobody in the world knows! I am sorry to tell you that but it can happen within days, weeks or years depending on your inner mind programming.

By the inner mind programming, I am referring to the beliefs present in your subconscious mind on which you might be working using certain tools in order to improve a specific area of your life.

There is no one particular method to do this which is better than the other because all of them do the same work, however, depending on people’s comfortability, some methods could prove out it be very effective.

Even if you are using a technique that works very well for a lot of people, sometimes it takes a hell lot of time to see some positive results.

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5 Reasons Why You Might Be Feeling Tired after Meditation

You actually don’t need to worry if you are feeling tired after meditation, many times people drift off while meditating and a momentary lethargy is perfectly alright when you have tried to sit in silence for a while.

The truth is that often people don’t know that they are tired as their mind is too active to discern it and when they give all those thoughts a pause, their body might get the essential attention from them, that perhaps could seem like a tiredness that wasn’t there before.

People who are new to spiritual practices worry a lot when they feel like taking a nap after meditation because that might seem like a counterproductive thing since many books and people emphasize that meditation should make you feel more energetic.

That’s true, meditation does make you feel more energetic and active as a person, but it is not an immediate effect.

What meditation does is that it calms down your mind chatter and due to that you may realize a need to take some rest. The tiredness here is not something caused by meditation, you just gain the awareness of what your body is trying to communicate. Continue reading

How to Heal Your Aura Using a Simple 5 Step Method

In this post, I am going to share a simple 5 step method on how to heal your aura daily at home so that you could start your day with a fresh energy or use it at the end of your day to clear your aura from the negative energies that you might have picked up from your surroundings.

You must take care of your energy just like you take care of your health. When you will keep yourself emotionally healthy you will take insightful actions that can lead to the manifestation of your desires.

During our day a lot of things happen that leaves behind certain types of imprints in our energy, in other words, a lot of factors causes various types of negative thought process to get activated in our mind. You need to use methods like the present moment awareness to stay alert and safeguard yourself from the effects of the negative emotional states of others, there are also people in the society who can greatly influence your mindstate with their negative perspective, such people are also called as the energy vampires.

Many times situations can also be responsible for causing us to think stressful thoughts, every day we encounter people and situations that fill our energy with elements that are devoid of love, such patterns can stick to you and energize itself by attracting more of such situations. Continue reading

Side Effects of Energy Healing – Price Paid for Spiritual Progress

Are there any side effects of energy healing? Could energy healing be dangerous?, I had such questions before I actually learned the truth about the methods that helps one to progress in their spiritual journey.

When I was using an energy healing course by Christie Marie Sheldon called the unlimited abundance, I sometimes used to feel low for no apparent reason and that made me doubt whether it was being caused by the energy clearing audios I was listening to.

Well, I soon received the answer in the program itself, Christie explained that whenever you clear an energy block, some deeply suppressed emotions may get released and hence feeling certain lower emotions was all part of the process.

In other words, sometimes you have to pay some price to make spiritual progress and that’s why you see people experiencing various emotions when they follow any spiritual practice because whenever you do something for your spiritual growth, you release the old emotional baggage that was holding you back and this can be a little troublesome at times. Continue reading

8 Tips on How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

In this post, I will share a few tips on how to overcome the fear of public speaking with you based on what I have come to learn about our psychology while trying to work on my own inner issues.

Glossophobia is the term used for this type of fear, I was not at all aware of that word years ago when my legs were shaking while singing in my college festival but recently when I was on the stage with a mic in one of my friend’s wedding celebrations I realized that all the inner works I have done have paid off and I was standing so confidently there as if I was standing in front of familiar people in any usual gathering.

It was so relieving to know that my perception about the crowd was wrong earlier because I used to see faces that were looking at me condescendingly before I worked on my mindset and now I actually saw the truth.

What’s the truth?. Well, it really does not matter to people what you are going to do, they are just there hoping that you will somehow take their mind off their usual concerns and if you don’t, they get bored. But in no way, they are superior to you and you must always keep that in mind.

For people who are looking at you, it is like just one of those few minutes that they spend in front of a television but for you, it can be a moment where you judge yourself by imagining as if people are thinking that you are a wuss, I can’t use any other word because that’s what we think of ourselves when we lack the essential self-confidence.

Your mindset is reflected in your actions and your actions, in turn, fortifies that old mindset, so you need to do some serious inner work in order to be a confident person. Continue reading

Jake Mayers’ Manifestation Code System Review

In this Manifestation Code System review, I will be talking in detail about Jake Mayers’ law of attraction based program that claims to help you manifest abundance with the use of audio tracks that are created for bringing your mind into the state of higher vibrations.

I have mentioned in many of my posts that I don’t like to use brainwave entrainment based audios due to the undesired effects binaural beats had on me long time ago, also I don’t prefer subliminal audios and software because I like to keep a check on what is going into my subconscious mind when I come across any such audios.

Unfortunately these days most of the law of attraction based products are using these two types of materials and I am trying all these products because my readers are requesting me for the review of such programs. Jake Mayers’ product has gained a lot of popularity in the past few days, I have received various emails in which people are enquiring about it but to my disappointment, this product contains both brainwave based audios and Subliminals.

I still used the program and this review is a result of my opinion that was formed when I tried the product, I am not against these audios, I know that such products are budding a lot these days because such audios are working well for people but it is just my personal preference to not use them on a regular basis. I will discuss this product with you in detail but first, let’s take a look into the life of the author. Continue reading

Meditation to Clear the Mind – Making Inspired Decisions

In this post, I will be sharing with you a simple meditation to clear the mind so that you could make inspired decisions that come from your higher self. You can be at total peace even when your life is moving too fast, people tend to think that it is impossible to be peaceful inside when a lot of things are happening in their life.

The reason why we lose the peace of our mind is that we get too much attached with the things in our life, although we all know this yet our mind has a tendency to forget this truth and we begin to derive our identities from the very things that we have gained for our comfort. Isn’t it really stupid that we lose our peace of mind because of the things that we have acquired in order to be happy? Yet we all do it unknowingly.

You may be living your dream life or struggling to make your life better, there are things that often take up all your energy because you are always thinking about it.

People say if you are passionate about something you should just keep on doing it, but what do you think will happen if a painter keeps on painting all day long? or If a cook is always in the kitchen? This world has seen a lot of people who have become obsessed with their passion to the extent that it either ended their life or ruined all the other aspects of their life.

It is great to be immersed in something so much that your mind is not engaged in unwanted thinking anymore, but when you do not have the essential balance in your life, things can go wrong. Doing what you love and doing something with the fear of losing what you have are two different things, one needs to understand this in order to be peaceful.

Meditation helps you to detach yourself from getting too much involved in something so that you can also focus on the other important stuff in your life that needs your attention. Continue reading

Cassandra Matthews’ Abundance Manifestor Review

In this Abundance Manifestor review, I will be providing you in-depth information about this program that incorporates “Abundance X Formula” created by Cassandra Matthews which uses hemispheric synchronization technology to help you achieve your life goals, you will get my honest take on this product based on which you can decide whether it can be useful for you or not.

I felt this program is a scam when I was first introduced to it by a reader of my blog. The site created by them is not a professional one, the marketing is done based on video content alone and the site has not been secured which means they are using HTTP rather than HTTPS in their URL which is not at all a symptom of a website that intends to stay around for a long time.

Maybe they will work on the site soon, the only positive thing I hoped for when I explored their website for the first time was that the site might be in the development phase but the product could be legit.

This is a law of attraction based program that uses the concepts of hypnosis to change your thoughts and bring them in the frequency at which your desired reality is vibrating.

In simple words, listening to the tracks provided in this program will help your mind to reach the frequency from where effortless manifestation is possible. All our thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and when our mind is brought into the higher vibrational state, we begin to think abundant thoughts that helps us to achieve our desired life goals and that’s what the author is trying to do with the help of this program. Continue reading

3 Energy Healing Training Programs That Changed My Life

If you are looking for online courses to learn lightworking or you want to clean your aura using some powerful methods then the energy healing training programs about which I am going to talk in this post can prove out to be very useful to you because they have had a very deep impact in my life.

When I started my personal development journey more than a decade ago, all I knew was a few methods based on the law of attraction, I am ever grateful to the book and movie “The Secret” because my interest towards these materials was born when I came to know about the working of the universal laws.

The best thing about the knowledge of deliberate creation is that when a person learns about it and stays consistent with those methods, they gradually become aware of their spiritual life. I believe that a major shift has happened in the past few years in the collective consciousness since a lot of people have started to become more aware as they have discovered the benefits of meditation, especially, mindfulness meditation is something which has become very popular in the past few years.

People are more interested in the methods now that allows them to connect with their higher self, they have begun to understand that their external life is a reflection of their inner states. For any person to improve a particular area of their life it is essential that they must work on the limiting beliefs present in their subconscious mind. Continue reading