Do Video Games Increase Intelligence?

Has it ever occurred to you that even though there are countless negative opinions about gaming, there might be some benefits of playing video games? Is there a possibility that video games can increase a person’s intelligence or help them improve their ability to concentrate? In this post, I will be discussing with you some very interesting facts about playing video games that might be new to you.

In no way I am advocating video game addiction nor am I giving you a reason to continue with your bad habit if you are already addicted to it, and most importantly, I am not at all giving a good point to kids to argue with their parents using this article because as we all already know (and still ignore) spending a lot of time in front of the screen in any way (whether PlayStation or Netflix) is not good for our mental and physical health.

However (yeah, there’s a however), as long as we are not spending most of our time in front of the screen, we are good, in fact, a limited amount of daily screen time might actually be good for us. Here, I am not going to enlist some good reasons to watch television (sorry to all the binge-watchers) but yes, we will be looking into some very good reasons that make video gaming healthy for us to some extent. Continue reading

5 Tips to Stop Falling Asleep During Meditation(Why It Happens?)

Why do I often fall asleep during meditation? Is my practice flawed, or is it simply ineffective for me? These questions frequently arise, especially among beginners. Surprisingly, even experienced meditators can grapple with the challenge of nodding off during their sessions. In this post, we’ll explore the reasons behind falling asleep while meditating and offer practical tips to help you overcome this common issue.

For some, meditation can lead to drifting into slumber, while others experience post-meditation drowsiness. Conversely, many individuals turn to meditation as a means to enhance their sleep patterns. Our unique psychological makeup means that we all confront distinct challenges in various aspects of life, and meditation is no exception.

Becoming drowsy during meditation is so common that I’ve witnessed an entire hall full of people snoring after a meditation session I attended. Most of them were meditating for the first time, but I know that this can happen to anyone, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

I have also observed people discontinuing their meditation practice, citing drowsiness as a reason to avoid it entirely. They often say, “Meditation isn’t for me; I can’t concentrate because I become sleepy when I try to sit in silence.”

But, you know what? That’s not quite right. Meditation is for everyone, and feeling a bit drowsy during a meditation session is completely normal. Actually, there are several reasons why it can happen to you. So, let’s dig into different factors that might be affecting your ability to make it through a meditation session, whether you tend to get a little sleepy halfway through or struggle to stay fully awake during the practice.

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Simple Visualization Meditation Script for Manifestation

If you are looking for an easy law of attraction based visualization meditation script for manifesting your desired life then you have landed at the right place because in this post I will be sharing with you a method that you can use daily for achieving your goals.

Meditation is not about controlling your thoughts neither it is about stopping the thoughts, it is simply an act of being aware of your thoughts and emotions. If you are looking for a meditation method for your spiritual development then I will suggest you try mindfulness meditation exercises, what I am going to show you here is something different from that, this method is for using the power of conscious thinking to manifest your desires.

Creative visualization is one of the best methods to communicate with the universe about your intentions but many people fail to use it properly due to their false beliefs that they cannot use their imagination. We all can use our imagination, in fact, we do it on a regular basis without knowing. When I say “bird” you get a picture of a bird in your mind, that’s imagination. Continue reading

Does the Muse Headband Work? – Meditation Headbands Review

The Muse brand has experienced significant growth in recent years, thanks to its innovative technology designed to measure brainwaves. But the real question remains: Do these Muse meditation headbands actually work? Are they truly effective in detecting your brainwaves, and can they genuinely enhance your meditation practice? In this post, I will address all your questions regarding these devices and provide you with a comprehensive review of both the Muse S and Muse 1 headbands.

While I often advocate for natural meditation practices, it’s important to remember that there’s no universally ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to meditate. The key lies in staying aware of your mind’s wanderings. Even if you’ve been meditating for years, maintaining this awareness can be challenging at times. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator, having a tool that alerts you when your mind starts to wander can significantly enhance the benefits of your practice.

I have heard that in some ancient traditions, masters would sneak up from behind and swing a wooden stick on their meditating pupil to see if they were aware enough to dodge it. However, we are fortunate to live in a world where there are better ways to make spiritual progress without getting beaten up with a wooden stick! Jokes apart, the device that I am going to discuss with you here is designed to monitor whether your mind is relaxed while meditating or if it is wandering, it also alerts you to get back on the right track.

Before diving into my personal experience and answering your questions, let me provide you with some information about this product and how it works. Continue reading

How to Speak to the Universe for Manifesting Your Desires

In this post, I will be talking about how to speak to the universe so that you could receive the inspirations that will help you to make the right choices in life.

Well honestly, I was quite hesitant while writing that title because the universe is not a person to whom you could speak to, even though it all appears outside of us, but in truth, everything is inside us.

We are already communicating with the universe every second. When we think certain thoughts for long, feel emotionally connected to a desire, hold on to our faith in something, etc. we are actually having a conversation with the universe.

Many ancient spiritual texts have talked about how everything a man sees in the external world exists inside them as well, so when you talk to yourself you are also speaking to the universe in that moment.

This is why it is essential to hold positive thoughts and emotions because the type of energy you send out is what comes back to you in one form or the other. Continue reading

The Manifestation Magic 2 Review

In this manifestation magic 2 review, I will be giving you an in-depth idea about this updated version of the manifestation magic program which was the earlier version of this particular brainwave entrainment based product that I have already used and I am also well aware of how much popularity this program gained in the past few years.

I have already written a review of the manifestation magic created by Alexander Wilson about 3 years ago and in this review, I will be telling you about the new developments of this program and how it can be helpful to you. This updated program is created based on the feedback of users who bought their previous version and the makers have added a lot of new features to this manifestation magic V2.

The creator of this program is Alexander J Wilson who has been teaching the law of attraction and about the power of the subconscious mind for a lot of years now and with the help of this product the author shares with you his method to tap into your subconscious mind power so that you can manifest the life of your desire. The author uses a term called “energy orbiting” which is simply the process of altering our subconscious limiting beliefs that stops us from achieving our goals and to accomplish this he uses brainwave entrainment-based audio tracks which is what you will receive in this package so that you can also use this method to make some significant changes in your life. Alexander claims that the program can work within the first 24 hours of using this product. Continue reading

Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique

In the past few posts, I have been discussing about the EFT method which is an alternative to the traditional treatment and it is mainly used for stress relief but it also has many other applications, in this post, I will be talking about the benefits of the emotional freedom technique and with the help of this article I will help you to understand how you can implement the tapping technique to deal with various physical and mental health-related problems.

Tapping mostly deals with various types of deep emotional issues and it is believed that clearing many of the baggage from our inner mind can not only be helpful for our emotional well-being but can also solve many physical issues. EFT uses various principles of acupressure and combines them with psychological aspects to come up with a perfect healing solution that works very well for many people.

Tapping acts as a very good tool that can be practically applied in various life situations to work on one’s reaction towards different types of circumstances and this is why a lot of studies have proven that stress-related issues can be very effectively solved with the help of EFT methods. We will now look into the various types of advantages that tapping offers and we will also explore the ways in which this healing method can be used to improve one’s life. Continue reading

What is Tapping Therapy? – EFT Basics

In this post, I will give you a basic overview of the emotional freedom technique and answer what is tapping therapy and how it can help you in various ways. Tapping or the emotional freedom technique is an alternative to the traditional way of healing physical pain and emotional problems that are now widely used by various experts and this practice has been backed up by a lot of studies and research workers nowadays.

In a lot of ways, tapping is similar to acupuncture but EFT does not require needles instead it uses fingertips to apply constant pressure on various points in our body to balance the energy by targeting the meridian points. EFT is mostly helpful for psychological issues but it has also proven to be a very good solution to many types of physical problems as well. The best thing about EFT practitioners is that once a person learns how to perform the EFT tapping method, they can do it on their own from the comfort of their home and this knowledge acts as a tool that will be useful to them throughout their life. Continue reading

EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction

In this post, I will be talking in detail about how you can combine the techniques of EFT tapping and the law of attraction to increase the effectiveness of the LOA methods that you might already be using to manifest your dream life. The law of attraction requires you to be clear about your intentions and then it further takes you to the process of imagining your desired outcomes while also increasing the feelings of abundance, but the most crucial part is to allow your desired things to manifest in your life by clearing the feelings of scarcity or we can say that it involves clearing your inner energy blocks that are responsible for not letting your desires to manifest into your reality.

This “allowing part” of this whole process is very difficult because it makes you work on your deeply rooted feelings, memories, emotional barriers, etc. that are responsible for your current life situation where you have not received what you have asked from the universe. This inner work is the most difficult part of this whole process and this is what makes most people fail in being able to make proper use of the law of attraction techniques since they have no idea about how they can get rid of these feelings of lack and after a few days of relentlessly trying to manifest their desire, it is very common to find oneself in a place where one cannot think positively and the feelings of scarcity become dominant which is counter-effective to the whole idea of raising your vibrations.

This is where the emotional freedom technique can act as a very effective tool because it is a form of therapeutic healing that gives you practical exercises and methodology which can target to release the emotional baggage from your system. EFT is most commonly used for anxiety, phobias, anger, insomnia, etc. and it has also proven to be a very effective healing therapeutic tool but only a few people know that this particular tapping method can also be used for increasing your chances of manifesting your desires while using the law of attraction. Continue reading

Walking Meditation Script – A Routine for Serene Life

One of the readers of my blog recently asked me a question when I told him about some of my morning’s practices, “Can you meditate while walking?” When I answered yes to that question he became more curious about how can someone meditate when their focus is on some other activity? To answer this I shared with him, a walking meditation script using which you can meditate when you are taking a walk to your office, grocery store, or simply when you go for your morning or evening walks.

One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation that stops people from trying it is that they think it as some difficult practice that is not meant for everyone, people tend to think that without certain Yogic posture, place or diet a person cannot meditate. It’s absolute rubbish, of course, a yogic diet, environment that is conducive for meditation and certain postures do help a person to concentrate but all of them are just additional things.

Just like you don’t always need a gym or a protein shake in order to exercise, all those things are not necessary. Not everyone in the world has time to spare for yogic practices but there is a method that has evolved from ancient schools of spirituality like Buddhism i.e mindfulness.

You can practice mindfulness exercises anywhere, anytime, it gives your mind the necessary rest which will result in the inner peace that will fill you with energy for the rest of your day. Continue reading