The World Tapping Circle Review

In this review, I will be explaining to you in detail what is the world tapping circle about? and I will also cover all the aspects of this particular program so that you can get a better idea about it and understand whether this membership could be helpful for you in order to solve many of your problems using the Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) taught in this program.

Basically, this circle is a membership program where you will be shown various EFT tapping methods and will be taught about their usage so that you can apply these techniques to overcome many problems like stress, anxiety, financial issues, relationship problems, and health issues, etc. From anxiety to chronic pain EFT can be used for a plethora of bodily as well as emotional problems. Continue reading

The Tao of Rich Review – Scam Advice

In this review, I will be giving you detailed information about the tao of rich program and I will share my personal opinion with you on this money manifestation product so that you can make your decision on whether you should buy this program or not with a proper understanding of what you will be getting in this digital product by Charlie Gates. The author has created this program and marketed it based on one particular principle that he believes is a crucial factor that affects a person’s financial situation.

The program talks about the communication between the heart and the mind and the author also claims that research works have proven that the heart’s electrical field is 60 times greater than that of the brain, so what he goes on to point out is that this electromagnetic energy that is generated from the heart area of the body extends to the space around us and it affects our lives in various ways. So, this program is created based on this energy field and it aligns this field between the heart and the mind so that you can manifest more money and live out the life of your dream, this particular process is called “The Heart Sync” by the makers of this program. Continue reading

3 Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques

In this post, I will be talking about the best lucid dreaming techniques that you can use to get good results as a beginner or you can also include these techniques for having frequent lucid dreams if you are already experienced as a conscious dreamer. These 3 techniques are most used by lucid dreaming experts because they have found that primarily only these methods are highly effective in inducing lucid dreams whereas many also prefer to combine these 3 basic techniques with many other processes to get customized results.

Most of the methods you will ever get to learn related to lucid dreaming are different versions of these 3 basic methods, people make slight changes to these 3 techniques and give them new names but as a lucid dreamer you should know that the basic methods from which the other techniques have evolved are always the best.

Although I have written about the techniques that I am going to provide you here individually in different posts, here I will be giving you a brief introduction to those methods and you can explore those methods by navigating to the posts in which I have talked extensively on each of the methods. Continue reading

The MILD Technique for Lucid Dreaming

The Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams or the MILD technique for lucid dreaming is a simple technique created by Dr. Stephen LaBarge who was an American psychophysiologist who specialized in the scientific study of lucid dreaming, he discovered this method while he was completing his academic studies. This is a special type of method that uses your prospective memory to induce lucid dreams.

Prospective memory is our ability to set intentions for the future and carry out our tasks at the scheduled time, this means that when we use our intentions like remembering to switch off the lights of the house before sleeping, we are using this particular memory. So, the MILD technique simply involves you to set a strong intention of getting lucid which your prospective memory will help you to remember when you are actually dreaming and this will easily make you conscious in your dreams.

From my experience, I find that this technique is not as effective as the WILD technique which I consider the most effective lucid dreaming technique but one of the advantages that I have found with the use of this method is that even though lucid dreams induced with the help of the MILD technique are not very frequent, however, they do not cause you the troubles like multiple false awakenings and sleep paralysis, that is why I believe that if you do not have much experience as a lucid dreamer then this method is a very safe tool to induce lucid dreams. Continue reading

The Wake Back to Bed Technique for Lucid Dreaming

In this post, I will be explaining to you the wake back to bed technique(WBTB) for lucid dreaming in detail and also provide you with the methodology of this particular process that is used by a lot of lucid dreamers to successfully induce lucid dreams. This method is very simple and that is why it is probably the best technique that can help beginners to have their first few lucid dreams because in this method you don’t get into any complicated technical aspect of conscious dreaming but you just use your sleep cycle and keep your mind active before the REM phase so that the probability of gaining lucidity inside a dream increases.

Unlike the WILD technique where you actively try to keep yourself awake, you let yourself naturally drift back to sleep in this process, people often like to combine the WILD technique (which I think is the best lucid dreaming technique) with WBTB but I would advise you if you are a beginner then don’t get too caught up by trying to apply too many techniques at once. I am very sure that if you follow the simple suggestions that I will be giving you in this post, you will be successful to induce your first few lucid dreams without much trouble because during the early morning hours your mind is already very active as it has completed about 4-5 sleep cycles which is enough for giving your body the essential rest that it needs for rejuvenation and using this technique is also preferable because it does not disturb your natural sleep cycle. Continue reading

8 Lesser Known Lucid Dreaming Benefits

Lucid dreaming is not about just having fun in your dreams but there are many practically applicable lucid dreaming benefits that make it a skill that can transform your life in many ways. Famous people like Nikola Tesla and Salvador Dali have used lucid dreaming to get some ideas that have resulted in amazing breakthroughs in their respective fields. Initially, for a person, lucid dreaming could be all about exploring various things that they can do in their dreams which is impossible for them to experience in real life but once the initial euphoria of lucid dreams ends, this journey leads people who are serious about conscious dreaming to find practical use of being able to have control over their dreams.

Most people are unaware of this lucid dreaming advantages but if with practice a person applies their ability of conscious dreaming then they can really transform their life because this particular skill helps you to explore your dream world which is also a key to communicating with the subconscious mind, so some powerful personality changes can be made with the help of lucid dreaming. Here are some most common things that you can achieve with the help of lucid dreaming:-

1. Dealing With Nightmares

Nightmares are a very common part of dreaming but frequent nightmares and reoccurring scary dreams can be an indication of some deep-rooted problems that your inner mind is trying to bring to your attention with the help of troublesome images. Our subconscious mind uses nightmares to communicate with us about any important life issue that we might be ignoring or we might have left unresolved. Also, the usual nightmares can disturb your sleep, especially if it is caused by any recent tragic event or something from the past that must have caused you a lot of emotional pain. Continue reading

Most Effective Lucid Dreaming Technique

In this post, I will be talking about a technique and give you complete guidance on how to perform the most effective lucid dreaming technique which has been used by lucid dreamers to successfully induce their lucid dreams. The method I am talking about here is the “Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming Technique” also known as the “Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming Technique” which is undoubtedly the best way to have lucid dreams because, unlike most methods, here you consciously enter your dreaming state without losing your waking awareness completely when you fall asleep. Basically, this method is all about keeping your mind awake when your body is about to go into a sleeping state. This method is widely used by lucid dreamers because it has been the most powerful way of generating lucid dreams known to experts in the field of conscious dreaming. This term and technique were first introduced by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, who is a psychophysiologist whose contribution to the field of lucid dreaming revolutionized this particular subject and his book “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” which I have also mentioned in my “Best Lucid Dreaming Books” post is a gem of a material that has inspired thousands of lucid dreamers to take interest in their dream world.

This method is a lot similar to the ancient art of dream yoga that is practiced by Tibetan Buddhist monks as well as it is also used in yogic practices performed by Indian yogis called the Yog Nidra, however, those methods are practiced with the aim of spiritual advancement whereas here we use something similar for conscious dreaming. The WILD technique is not only useful for lucid dreaming but also for astral travel, you don’t need to be an expert lucid dreamer to be able to perform this technique but you surely need to understand the mechanism well to make proper use of it. Continue reading

30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Review

In this 30-day lucid dreaming Bootcamp review, I will be giving you a detailed analysis of this product created by Stefan Zugor which is a special course created for beginners in the field of lucid dreaming and it aims to help you stick with a daily routine so that you can have your first lucid dream within 20 days. This program has materials like daily videos and a step-by-step printable template that ensures that you stay inspired while trying to have your first lucid dream.

This program is an easy-to-follow system that has worked for thousands of people and contains a unique strategic plan for beginners, including exercises and methods that have been proven to be effective. Since the program has something new to perform each day, you will be able to stay interested in it whereas you will not lose hope easily and the templet is designed in such a way that it will help you to not only have your first lucid dream within a few weeks but it will also establish you as a regular lucid dreamer.

The psychological principle used by Stephen Zugor to create this program is highly effective to help most people to have their first lucid dream in less time and his techniques are all backed up by research works.

Stephen has been learning and teaching people about lucid dreaming for more than 10 years and his works and articles have reached millions of people over the years. He has also reached a large audience through his YouTube channel and for the past 10 years, he has been practicing and researching lucid dreaming. Stephen uses multiple psychological tools like neuropsychology, neurolinguistics programming, bio-hacking, and various personal growth methods to combine them all and make his unique formula of a lucid dreaming system that can be far more effective than the conventional methods. Continue reading

3 Ways to Attract Money with Hypnosis

In this post, I will be talking about how you can attract money with hypnosis and I will be sharing with you 3 powerful methods that can be used for this purpose. Hypnosis is a state of the mind where a person’s inner or subconscious mind is ready to take suggestions, this state is somewhat simar to sleep but a person is aware of what is happening with a slightly altered state of consciousness.

The state that hypnosis brings a person’s mind into is called the alpha state of mind, this is the same state that we find ourselves in right before we are fully awake or during the time when we are about to fall asleep, this alpha state is a very relaxed state compared to the mindstate that we have when we are awake whereas it is not a state where our mind is not even active enough to make a sense of what is happening in the surrounding like when we are asleep.

The process of hypnosis uses this alpha state to plant suggestions in our unconscious mind because in this state our conscious mind barrier created by the traffic of thoughts is not as strong as it is during the waking state, so any suggestion given in this particular state of the mind will directly reach to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is what controls our habitual patterns and the way we carry our lives, so if the suggestion planted in our subconscious mind by the means of methods like hypnosis is strong enough to replace an old belief system then it is possible to make a lasting change in our overall life. So, when it comes to finances, a lot of beliefs that are present in our inner mind control the way we handle money and it also decides our ability to make or attract wealth because our attitude toward wealth and our thoughts about it are all a result of the impressions that we are holding in our subconscious mind. Continue reading

Total Money Magnetism Review -The Neuroscience of Success by Steve G. Jones

In this total money magnetism review, we will be taking a close look at this program created by Dr. Steve G Jones, a well-known hypnotherapist who has created some very popular self-help programs and authored many books on various subjects related to personal development using his expertise in the field of hypnotherapy as well as his knowledge about the potential and power of the human mind.

In this program, Steve is bringing you his methods based on the neuroscience of success which is aimed to work on your mindset to help you think like a millionaire so that you can attract wealth and prosperous opportunities in your life to improve your financial situation.

The program material is packed with a lot of tools created by Dr. Steve including 6 custom built millionaire brain hypnosis tracks and a manual based on millionaire brain-building strategies along with various other materials that you can use to work on your subconscious mind and reprogram it in a way that it brings to you the situations that will lead to your financial success. Continue reading