You are not a sinner-Universal Law of Forgiveness!

As I have mentioned before one of the most inspirational books I find is Raymond Holiwell’s “Working with The Law“.

The author also recommends that you should read it as much as you can and he puts this in a very beautiful manner by saying “You don’t find something that was missing in the pages before, but you find something that you never saw in yourself before”!

I am reading over and over one of the chapters of this book from last few days because it has a deep meaning and every time it gives me a new insight.

The chapter is the one that teaches us the “Universal Law of Forgiveness”, and in this chapter, the author has explained it in a very nice manner how the impressions in our consciousness could be the cause of many physical diseases. Continue reading

The Law of Karma Vs the Law of Attraction-Who Decides Your Destiny?

One of the most misunderstood universal laws is the “Law of Karma”.

Some people would limit everything in their life hiding behind the name of karma and some will strongly oppose the existence of anything like “karma”, believing that by doing so they are being courageous.

Well, the people who oppose the existence of anything like “karma” definitely have more control over their lives than those who are not willing to take the responsibility of their lives, but both types of attitude come from the lack of knowledge about the concept behind the law of karma.

Those who believe in the law of attraction could often be seen denying the existence of the law of karma because they assume that the concept of karma says that you don’t have any control over your life and everything is pre-decided, which is not at all true.

The Law of Karma has nothing to do with fatalism.

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Why Ancient Yogis Used to Meditate in the Cremation Grounds?

There are a few places around which a person would not like to go unless they lose someone dear to them. Yes, I am talking about places like cemeteries or cremation grounds.

To my surprise, I found out that the ancient Indian yogis preferred meditating on cremation grounds and some of them still follow this practice.

They were neither insane and nor ghost whisperers, such yogis are also known as the “Aghoris” and there are so many myths associated with them that they perform occult practices there.

In reality, this practice is associated with freedom for them, they use the energy of cremation grounds to realize the truth.

By meditating on these grounds, they sought enlightenment using the atmosphere that had the vibrations which further led them to deep thoughtlessness and dispassion.

A true “Aghori” is hard to find these days because people are now aware that meditation is possible wherever they are and moreover some people have misused the concept of Aghoris for their personal materialistic gains. Unlike earlier, today we have so many better ways to achieve inner peace but these ancient stories of real Aghoris are still interesting.

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Existence Beyond Reality-A Perception Vs Reality Discussion

This question used to intrigue me always “what is reality?”- if you will closely analyze then you will see that the “truth” and “reality” changes from people to people. There is never one reality, we live in a world which encompasses infinite different worlds because every individual has his own “world” which is his personal “reality”.

Confusing? Well, think about this perception vs. reality example- Tbelieve to seehere is a rabbit and a snake in front of a man with weapon in his hands,(and this man is a vegetarian FYI..LOL).. The reality for the snake is “the man with the weapon is a danger and it has to attack him for its survival”, the reality for the rabbit is “both snake and the man are dangerous and it has to run in order to save its life” and the reality for that person is “the snake is a danger for both rabbit and him so, he must attack it..

See, three different realities of three different beings, for the snake the world is “danger everywhere” for the rabbit the world is “dangerous at some places and beautiful somewhere else” and for that person the world is “both a mixture of danger and beauty, and he can choose the one he wants wherever he stands”.

However, I used example of different species here, but you can actually put people in the place of creatures in the example above. Snake is a representation of “people who attack others because of insecurities”, Rabbit is a representation of “people who are vulnerable and keep on running in search of safety” and the person here was representing “people who choose what is good for them and discard everything else”.

Our way of looking at things changes our reality, any spiritual knowledge will lead you to this conclusion that the world is as we see it! Continue reading

Mirror Tratak or the Mirror Gazing Meditation Method

Many people would have hardly heard that mirrors could also be used for meditation, in this post we will see one such unique practice that is considered as a very powerful tool for the spiritual growth.

I have discussed earlier about tratak (the gazing meditation) and one of its forms known as tratak on a black dot, this method is another variation of the same.

Since tratak meditations requires you to keep your eyes fixed on an external object for a long time, so I would strongly suggest you to be careful and do it only if you are comfortable with it.

If possible, then please find a mentor or master since this way it would be safe and you will be able know where you are and where are you going with this whole process. Continue reading

The Harmful Effects and Dangers of Using Binaural Beats

I have tried binaural beats to get into a deep relaxed state of mind during meditation and for many other purposes for which they are being promoted nowadays.side effects of binaural beats

It’s everywhere on the internet now and you will find a lot of such audios on You Tube for free since many people have learned to compose them now.

The first time I used a brainwave entrainment audio was for lucid dreaming as I was too obsessed with my dream world back then.

I had some significantly positive results with the regular use of these tracks before it started working the other way around.

Some people have reported great success with brainwave entrainment tracks and I really don’t have any intention to prove them wrong, this is my personal opinion and from my experience, I consider it as a threat to a person’s inner peace.

I don’t have a long list of brainwave entrainment dangers, usually they are not much harmful for a person who is in a perfect health condition, but through this post I want to alert you to be more careful especially with the quality of audios that you select. Continue reading

The Major Difference between Creative Visualization and Daydreaming

A lot of people make a mistake of thinking that creative visualization and daydreaming are one and the same process, however, when you gain a better understanding of how your Creative visualization and imagination differencemind works, you realize that they are two entirely different things.

Daydreaming is a futile habit which just wastes a person’s time whereas visualization is a constructive process using which a person can communicate to their inner child i.e the subconscious mind in order achieve their goals in life as wells for their personal growth.

One more term that creates confusion is “imagination”, so first I would like to define what imagination is so that I could explain the difference between daydreaming and creative visualization better. Continue reading

The Subconscious Mind Acts Like a Kid-Don’t Ignore It!

Ever wondered what is the language of the subconscious mind? Well, I have and I think I have learned one thing for sure, it is like a kid and it does not really listen to you when you try to interact with it directly.

Though I keep exploring a lot of materials that helps me to know how to use my subconscious powers to achieve my goals, the first time I came to know about its kid like nature was when I was reading David Debold’s Miracle Mastery book because in one chapter he shares an exercise to connect with the subconscious mind using this particular analogy.

Being said that, it becomes obvious that the language of our subconscious mind is not that easy to understand when we try to make sense of it using our logical way of thinking.

But, when we relax and shut off our “evidence seeking” logical mind, it becomes easy and simple to communicate with our inner mind. Continue reading

Practicing Yogic Sleep – You Can Meditate Lying Down!

If you have a back pain or if you find it hard to sit and meditate then I have got a meditation method for you which you can perform lying on your back, I will reveal it in this post only if you promise that you won’t fall asleep while doing it because I have ended up sleeping many times while doing Yog Nidra.

Yogic Sleep or Yog Nidra not only rejuvenates the body but, it also calms down the mind and prepares an individual for the rest of their day.

It is very easy but, do not make a mistake of thinking that it is not powerful just because of the simplicity, it is an ancient very powerful meditation practiced by Indian Yogis and Buddhist Monks.

For practicing yogic sleep, it is not at all required that you must have been familiar with meditation or yoga before. Continue reading

5 Ways to Uplift Yourself When You Feel down without Any Reason

People often feel low or unhappy for no particular reason and it is very important to understand such states because it can affect your life a lot.

You may think that you are feeling down without any reason but that is not really true because there is a reason behind all our emotional changes and not knowing the reason does not mean that there is no reason at all.

The problem is that our emotions are often dependent on what our inner state is, and we are not that much aware of what happens in our inner world unless we are involved in spiritual or personal development activities. Continue reading