Paul Thomas’ 10 Minute Awakening Review

In this 10 minute awakening review, I will be providing you with a piece of in-depth information about this product created by Paul Thomas where he claims to help you achieve your desires using the concept that he calls the vibrational phenomena.

Unlike most of the law of attraction based products present out there, this one uses a very weird method of promoting the product. He talks about things like OBE on his website which actually gave me a good impression of this product because that implies that the author is not much concerned about luring the customers, he is aiming for a specific group of people who believe in metaphysical things. So I went to try the product and this review that you will be reading here is my opinion about Paul Thomas’s program.

According to the author, using the techniques and tools that he will provide you in this program you will be able to reach a state of mind in which you will allow your desires to manifest into reality. Basically this product is about harnessing the power of your subconscious mind, I will talk about this in detail later in this post. First, let us take a look into the life of the maker of this product.

About the Author

This program is coming from a person who is a life coach by profession. Honestly, I have never heard this guy’s name before I came to know about this product so I don’t have much reference to which I can point in order to give you a better idea about him, all I can do is share with you the information I have gained about him online.

According to him, he was born in a poor family and during most of his childhood, his family struggled to earn money. In his adulthood also he was broke and worked like a machine to make the ends meet. Then he was about to lose his job as his department was going to be shut down.

Now here’s the interesting part, Paul Thomas says that night when he was in immense stress about losing the job and he was loaded with thoughts about his life falling apart, he met with an accident. He says he was clinically dead for 10 minutes, during which he had an outside body experience where he found himself in a beautiful place which he believes was like heaven and he felt intense joy as well as peace.

Soon he was back into his body and that experience vanished. Whether he was actually having an outside body experience or if he was hallucinating, god knows.

But what he learned from that experience is what lead him to have a profound insight. He wanted to achieve such a state again and his quest lead him to meet a neuroscientist named Jonathan who has dedicated his life researching on mind powers and our spiritual connection. From Jonathan, the author learned that near-death experiences can cause a person to reach a state called “hyper-consciousness” which is similar to enlightenment.

That according to Paul was the turning point of his life, he went on to learn about the vibrational phenomena from Jonathan and used various methods to reprogram the subconscious mind, which helped him to achieve success in his life.

Whether you want to believe in this story or not that’s entirely up to you. But I believe what really matters is if a program is really effective or not, so let’s take a look into this now.

The Vibrational Phenomena – About the Program

I will explain this to you in simple words. The author is using these words to tell you that everything is energy, he also refers to this vibrational phenomena as the mind of God but all he is trying to imply is that we all are energetic beings and by raising our vibrations we can improve our lives.

This program like all the techniques and methods that you might be already knowing works on the subconscious mind to alter the limiting beliefs present there so that you can change your reality by doing so, that’s the crux of all the law of attraction based techniques.

So what does the author use for changing your inner beliefs? He uses binaural beats and claims that these brainwave entrainment tracks he has prepared will allow your mind to get into the frequency of Zen Monks. I don’t like to use binaural beats but for this review purpose I tried those tracks, you can feel that you reach a relaxed state with those audios and then he uses guided meditation along with it to work on your inner beliefs.

If you are not uncomfortable with brainwave audios then this program can show some quick results because the author tries to bring your mind into the theta state to impress empowering beliefs into your inner mind.

There are three common states through which our mind goes through in our whole day, beta state is when we are fully awake, alpha state is a relaxed state that happens before we fall asleep and the theta state is when you are in a deep sleep or this state occurs when a person is in a deep meditation. In the theta state, any suggestion given to a person can easily reach their subconscious mind.

Inside the Package

The main material of this program is a digital audio series that you will have to download and use regularly for three weeks, each of the session is meant to be used for a week and then you move on to the next one.

In the week 1 session you will be taught to visualize while listening to the brainwave entrainment track prepared by them in which they have also incorporated instruction on what to do, like a guided meditation track.

Week 2 session is what I believe is the most powerful part of this whole program because here you will be made to dive deep into your past memories which might have caused some beliefs that are blocking you from progressing in life.

In Week 3 session you will be taught to connect with your dream life and bring the feelings that are essential for manifestation of the life that you wish to have.

Along with this 3-week audio program you will get a quick start guide in which you will find the instructions on how to use this program in the right way.

Bonus Materials

There are four bonus materials included in the package, the bonuses are as follows:-

Bonus #1 – Melt Away Stress Audio

An audio track containing binaural beats which helps you to relax deeply, it aims to bring your mind into the theta state so that you could release the stress and feel more peaceful.

Bonus #2 – The Flow State Audio

The author recommends you use this track before you begin to work on something, it uses brainwave technology to bring your mind into the Alpha state that will boost up your creativity and help you to take the right decisions.

Bonus #3 – Purify and Cleanse

This brainwave entrainment based track is meant for use to get rid of memories that cause physical problems. It’s a healing audio track according to the author that you can use to improve your health.

Bonus #4 – Creative Sleep

If you are someone interested in getting creative ideas and insights in dreams then this one is for you. You can use this audio for short naps so that your mind can reach a state where it will guide you with the help of signs in dreams. Please note this bonus has nothing to do with lucid dreaming, but still, that’s a probability while using this track.

These are the bonus materials the makers are offering right now, these materials can change with time so please visit the product website to know what they are offering right now.

Final Advice

Paul Thomas has used guided meditation, NLP methods, visualization, and brainwave technology to create this product so I think that at this price you are getting a lot of useful stuff in this program.

Our subconscious mind handles most of our day to day life tasks, our whole life is a reflection of what beliefs we hold in our inner mind, once those beliefs change our whole life changes. Any program that helps you to do that can never prove out to be a bad investment so I think buying this program cannot make a person regret their decision unless they don’t put their effort and time to make maximum use of it.

I want to tell you one important thing about this program though, it is entirely based on brainwave entrainment technology which is something that does not suit me, if you are like me who gets annoyed or irritated by the sound made by binaural beats then this program is not meant for you. But if you are completely okay with such tracks then I think you can really benefit from this product.

They claim to show results in 3 weeks, which is well under the refund period but I don’t think this much time is enough for anybody to see a major change, only continuous use of such programs for a long period can lead to major changes. However, three weeks should be enough for you to decide how these tools are working for you. Remember always, your feelings are the best indicators, when using these audios if you feel good then it means that the program is working well for you otherwise I will suggest you to not use it any further.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.


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