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7 Ways to Include the Law of Attraction in Everyday Life

Once a person learns about his creative power, it becomes very important for him to put this knowledge into practical use, for doing this one will have to make a few changes in his lifestyle in a way that the principles of the law of attraction becomes a part of his everyday life.

Many people judge the believers of LOA as lazy wimps because according to them this whole concept is all about daydreaming. It’s not; in truth learning to use one’s creative power requires serious, persistent efforts.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Unfortunately a large group of people turned skeptic after failing to achieve their goals using the methods they learned from the movie “The Secret“, especially these were the super enthusiastic individuals who succeeded with it initially, but they lacked the patience and willingness to learn so they concluded that it was all coincidence.

Tougher than climbing a huge mountain is to eliminate the beliefs that are deeply ingrained in one’s subconscious mind which blocks his abundance, but the good news is that a person can remove such limiting beliefs easily if he takes the baby steps every day.

Learning to use the law of attraction is like a marathon, of course you can achieve many things quickly, but to achieve your big dreams you will have to stay focused and gradually keep moving towards what you want.

If you have big goals, you will have to work on yourself to make yourself bigger than that goal, then only you can have it.

This means that you will have to constantly work on your inner world using some tools until you are in a state to attract right opportunities, receive inspirations, make appropriate decisions and take the perfect actions that will lead you to success in all areas of your life.

Tools for Success

I talked about the tools that you can use to work on yourself so that you can bring yourself in the state of flow, where everything begins to work in your favor.These are the highly effective methods which will only work if you are willing to use them daily.

5 such awesome tools are meditation, mindfulness, creative visualization, positive affirmations and gratitude. These five methods will help you to channelize the power within you towards what you want.

The techniques that I am going to enlist here are my small daily rituals which incorporates these 5 awesome methods in such manner that it becomes a part of my day to day life and I hope it will work the same way for you as well.

7 Daily Law of Attraction Practices

The methods that I will be discussing here is what I want you to perform by making them a joyful process rather than like a must do task. Main purpose of these techniques is to get you into a good emotional state.

I would advise you to avoid doing this when you feel like you are forcing it upon yourself, but initially a little strict discipline might be required to cultivate these habits.

# 1 – Morning Meditation

Five minutes or half hour, you must learn to quiet your mind in the morning so that it could prepare itself for a day filled with positive vibes.

To attract good things in life you should be able to bring yourself closer to your higher self and meditation is the most appropriate practice for this purpose.

Insight meditation is one simple method which I use at the break of dawn; this is something that beginners can also learn quickly.

# 2 – Customized Powerful Affirmations

This is what I do next, whenever I find myself looking into the mirror, I would say to myself “you are an amazing person, I love you”. Okay, don’t judge me here, I am not a conceited guy. This is an affirmation that I use to clear the limiting beliefs related to the lack of self worth.

Be sure to formulate your affirmations based on two things –

1-> Do not use negation in your affirmations. For example, use something like “I am a person filled with courage, confidence and motivation” in place of “I am not afraid/fearful/worried”.

2-> Choose the words that evoke strong positive feelings in you.

Once you are done choosing the right words, keep repeating it to yourself by setting a reminder (like I use mirrors), just make sure that nobody is watching you, I don’t want you to blame me for any kind of embarrassment xD.

# 3 – Mindfulness Moments

It would be difficult for you to find time for mindfulness exercises if you are a very busy person and that is why I use small mindfulness breaks.

It could be during your commute to work or any such period when your mind is not engaged in some important activity, make use of that time to practice mindfulness.

Just take a few conscious breaths and become the observer of your thoughts or become fully aware of your sense perceptions, these small breaks will help you to stay emotionally healthy.

Mindfulness brings you into a good emotional state which is essential for your visions to get manifested.

# 4 – Creative Visualization

This is the most important step in the manifestation process, some people believe that they don’t know how to use creative visualization, but actually we all are already good at it.

If I say “red” you are seeing that color and if I mention “car” you will have an image of a car in your mind. Just like that, you will have to actively visualize the end results of your dreams without worrying if you are doing it right.

The best time for doing this is before you go to sleep because it becomes easy for your visions to sink deep into your inner mind during that period.

It is very good if you can find more time in the day to do small visualizations, you can also use music if you want.

#5 – Inspired Actions

This is where most people misinterpret the teachings of the universal laws; they assume that there is no role of actions here.

Plan your week by including small tasks that are related to your goals,  do a research or anything that you think is a small step forward towards your dreams.

Visualizations will help you to receive inspirations, if you won’t act on these ideas it will be like the universe is extending the hand but you are ignoring it.

#6 – Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is the fuel which energies your desires and it boosts up the manifestation process, but one essential ingredient of gratitude is feelings.

This is an act of faith, so if you are already feeling grateful for what is yet to come then definitely you are moving faster towards your dream life. However, if you don’t have the genuine feelings of thankfulness, it will be of no use.

Be grateful for what you love in your life, it doesn’t need to be a big thing just focus on what makes you happy in any particular day by thinking of it before you sleep or by keeping a gratitude journal.

#7 – Motivation

We all need motivations to follow our dreams and naturally there will be times when we will find it hard to believe that our desires will ever come true.

There should be something which should keep feeding our mind with positive ideas.

How to do it? Follow a book, video series or personal development program which will keep you at the right track by supercharging your mind with great ideas.

One program that I found very appropriate for this purpose it is called “magic in your mind” which is prepared by three great experts of the personal development industry Sandy Gallagher, Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor, it is a six week course that teaches the ways to train one’s mind for success.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You may also like to read about some law of attraction techniques for attracting wealth.

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12 Best Law of Attraction Books That Can Transform Your Life

I am going to make a list of some best law of attraction books here, which will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your creative ability.laws attraction book

Books have the power to affect you deeply, that’s why along with the knowledge it provides it also motivates and inspires you. If you will watch the interviews of people who have achieved a huge success you will often find them mentioning the books that have helped them in their journey.

The books that I am going to suggest you in this post won’t just teach you the principles and methods to accomplish your goals, but it will also gradually make the shift in your mindset that’s essential for your success.

After having some initial success with LOA methods many people turn skeptical, the reason behind this is their failure to achieve something big using what they have learned and that happens because their subconscious beliefs are working against their desires.

Books have the ability to make an impact on your psychology, it alters your inner mind programming because repeated exposure to similar ideas makes your subconscious mind to accept it.

I hope by now you might have understood how books can change your life. Let me now tell you about a few books that have helped me immensely in my personal development journey. Continue reading

How to Visualize What You Want – The Right Method

In this post, I will be showing you how to visualize what you want in the proper manner because people often get too confused about the right way to imagine and this particular confusion can cause a lot of disturbance in the manifestation process.

I am not just talking about the beginners here, most people doubt their creative visualization methods, even after gaining a lot of information on it from various personal development books or programs.

Basic Misconception about Visualization

The doubt we have discussed above is actually born from a false idea most people have about this technique, it is the notion that this particular method is new and unknown to us.

You will learn in the books that you can make things happen using your creative power by imagining your desired life and that makes you to perceive it like a magic spell that can transform your life. There is a fault in the root assumption there; you don’t have to learn creative visualization, you are already good at it.

If I tell you that by taking long deep breaths you can relax yourself will you ask any question like how to breathe the right way? Well, that’s what people are doing when they doubt about their ability to imagine, it’s as natural as breathing and we have been using it from the day we started thinking.

So, the necessary thing to be understood here is the difference between daydreaming and creative visualization because the first is something that every single person on the planet unconsciously do and the latter one is our main concern.

The Right Way to Visualize

It is simple, we all play these little movie clips in our mind of what has happened before or what might happen in the future unconsciously and every thought here is random, when you take control of this whole thing that’s what we call the creative visualization process.

I have an analogy for this which will explain it better, assume your mind as the television in your house and daydreaming is like the cable channel which shows you what the channel operator wants you to see, whereas creative visualization process is like the DVD player which allows you to watch any movie in your TV that you wish to.

So your conscious intention is all that actually matters and there’s really no right or wrong way to do this, but there are few factors that decide the quality of your creative visualization sessions, let us take a look at that now.

Important Factors That Decides the Effectiveness of Your Imagination

You are free to imagine in whichever way you like, but keep these few things in mind when you do it: –

Emotions and Feelings – This is the most important thing that you should know, the whole purpose behind this process is to invoke the emotions that you will feel when you achieve your goals. The law of attraction works according to your feelings, so what you think on the surface level doesn’t matter at all.

Make sure what you imagine makes you feel good otherwise your efforts won’t be fruitful.

Present Moment – Our subconscious mind is a powerful thing which can alter our reality based on what kind of thoughts we impress on it and a very interesting fact about it is that it can’t differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.

So when you visualize, do it as if it is happening in the present moment. If you will see it as something that will happen in the future, it will always remain a thing of the future. You must live it in your mind before you live it in the real world.

Persistence – With time you will see that your visions will become more vivid and this process is something which you should make a regular part of your life.

You can’t just visualize something for a few days and expect it to happen; keep doing it for fun rather than with a strong need to see the results, then only you will be able to stay persistent.

You Don’t Need to Imagine Same Thing Over and Over  Again – I would again emphasize that feeling is all that matters, it is okay if you are using the same scenes while visualizing or if you are imagining something new based on the same goal, just make sure that it remains interesting.

My Three Visualization Method Suggestions

Doesn’t matter if you have been visualizing for years or you are doing it for the first time, I would like to suggest you these three ways since they have worked well for me: –

1 The Spectator – One thing that always confuses people is this question – Should I visualize as the first person or as the third person? And the answer is that you can do it both ways.

First I am going to show you a simple visualization method where you sit and imagine as a third person.

Here’s how I do it – Sit comfortably or lie down, just ensure that you won’t fall asleep. Now close your eyes and imagine the life that you want without caring about the details (if you can fill up the details it would be even better), watch it like a movie where you are the hero and shape the story as you wish to.

I also have a visualization playlist on my mobile phone that contain songs that motivates me, since music is a catalyst to imagination I prefer to listen to these songs while visualizing.

2 Nevillizing – This is probably the most effective visualization technique because it is about emulating the life of your desire using imagination, here you actively do things as if you are really living the life of your dreams.

To Nevillize you have to become childlike. For example, if you want to become an actor you can imagine receiving an award and then giving a speech, you have to do it actively by imagining a virtual reality. It is crazy, but it is fun!

3 Write It Down – If you are a beginner or if so many books and programs have confused you then I have a very good news for you – Writing is imagining!

Whenever you write something you are actually imagining it on a subtle level. In fact writing is more powerful than just imagining things because when you write you are more focused.

Some of you might have thought of typing things in your computer which is okay, but it would be more effective if you do it with a pen and paper.

All you have to do is to sit down and write a story as if it is currently happening, it should sound something like this – I am in a board meeting with my colleagues and seniors, everyone is congratulating me and appreciating me for the great work I have done in the past few weeks.

So, till you get assured that you are doing it correctly, you can prefer doing it this way.

Limiting Beliefs

There are few limiting beliefs that blocks our ability to imagine, I learned about many of them in Lisa Nichols’ Creative Visualization Program, but one among such blocks that I want to tell you about is the Spiritual Guilt Trap.

We all have a guilt associated with financial success and that makes it difficult for us to visualize an abundant life, the guilt is caused by a limiting belief present in our subconscious mind that wealth is present in a limited amount in this world and if we earn more than enough then we are taking it away from poor people.

It is very important to clear such limiting beliefs if you want to be able to visualize your dream life, I have discussed some ways to do it in my post “Allow Your Abundance“.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You can crank up your visualization process with what I have talked in this post – 8 ways to make your creative visualization super effective.

How do you visualize? What are your manifestation stories? What tips do you have for an awesome visualization session? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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7 Ways the Law of Attraction Changed My Life

Since the day I first saw the movie “the secret” I have been on a very interesting journey which has taken me through various different phases of life and caused frequent changes of mindset.

I have been a super enthusiastic believer of the law of attraction, I have been to the skeptic side and I have also reached the place where I got into the state of flow manifesting things quickly, but none of those states lasted for long. However, I learned so many lessons which have helped me to understand that to alter your current reality you need to do some serious inner work.

Today I don’t see this concept as a magical or unearthly thing which wasn’t familiar to us earlier; we have always obeyed the universal laws it’s just that we were not aware of what we were doing exactly.

Trust me; there is nothing so surprising about this concept. To me, all this seems somewhat like the day when we first came to know about the gravity and then we learned how we can follow the laws of physics to use it in our favor, but the fact is that we used to fall down even when we didn’t know that it was happening due to gravity.

The same way I am now able to make more sense of what I attract in my life. It is not about a few successes and failures in the manifestation of some specific desires, but it is more about the change I have to bring in my inner world in order to make the desired changes in life.

So, now I am going to share a few major changes that have occurred in my life from the juncture where I began to use the essential LOA principles in order to take more control of my world.

1 Daily Rituals for an Abundant Life

Your struggle in any area of your life is always caused by how your mind was programmed in your childhood.

The programming I am talking about here is the ideas that became your truth because our subconscious mind that was wide open to receive suggestions when we were kids accepted those beliefs that were passed down to us by others.

Nature of our energy depends on what we learned from our society and family during our childhood, this is why it is essential for you to reprogram your mind if you are willing to improve.

You will have to use the subconscious mind power techniques to achieve your goals, so to get rich you will have to clear your limiting beliefs about money and to lose weight you will have to clear your limiting beliefs about weight loss, and like this one can get better in whatever way he wants.

Purpose of all the law of attraction techniques is to install new positive beliefs in your inner mind by replacing the old negative ones that were stopping you from getting what you want.

The process of creating the life of your desire is like a marathon because these dense layers of beliefs need to be removed with consistent efforts.

This is why now my everyday schedule consists of some activities for doing the required inner work that will gradually enable me to accomplish my goals; those tasks have become my habits now.

Big day in one’s life is resulted from small good days, so one should focus on making everyday special rather than wasting his time thinking about some future event.

2 My Relationship with People

Earlier when I used to see people’s behavior changing towards me, I would blame that on my luck. The repeating patterns in my relationships had been just a matter of fate to me till I came to know how the law of attraction and relationships work according to one’s mindset.

You might not be aware of it on the conscious level, but the law of attraction affects your relationships in many ways. Your thoughts, fears, interests, attitude, faith, beliefs, psychological needs, etc. decides what kind of people will become a part of your life and your previous relationships are also subject to these factors.

Now I don’t waste my energy in trying to save a relationship or to change a particular someone, although sometimes I do forget this lesson, but most of the time I try my best to look at the scenario from a different angle or I leave the whole thing as it is, believing that things will get better on their own if it is supposed to.

Focusing on new relationships has worked very well for me. People usually only strive to bring old relationships into the place where it was in the past and it is a very difficult task. So if you will focus on building new positive relationships, life will get much easier.

3 Making Money a Good Friend

One of the most evident things that strengthened my faith in my creative power is the sudden flow of money in my life that occurred after I worked on my attitude towards financial matters.

I identified the deep rooted beliefs I had about money with an honest introspection and by observing my emotions whenever I had to deal with money, then I worked on replacing those beliefs, and side by side I also used some advanced law of attraction exercises to manifest wealth.

Using the law of attraction for money issues is a very tricky thing because our emotional states varies depending on our circumstances, so one must use appropriate methods according to his current situation otherwise the efforts will get reversed. For example, there are times when you should not use the law of attraction affirmations, unless you understand how to modify them based on your situation.

I too used to impatiently apply certain techniques for attracting money, but luckily I got aware of what I was actually doing to myself at the right time.

As back then my financial situation was very weak, all the methods I was using were emanating the vibrations of “lack”, I was fooling myself by trying to feel abundant when I knew that I was actually broke.

Hence, I started by increasing my prosperity consciousness using some simple and crazy exercises that actually worked like the piggy bank exercise which I created on my own, having a financial freedom account also helped me a lot with this purpose.

I can’t say that I have become very proficient in making money, I have a long way to go, however my relationship with money has obviously improved a lot than before.

4 Key to a Successful Business

Talking about money brings me to a very important selling rule I have come across that has helped me to use the law of attraction in business successfully – Have faith in what you do!

My online business took a successful turn when I began to believe in what I am offering to people, I had to develop a strong faith in what I was doing by gaining a deep knowledge about the products I was trying to sell through my website.

I realized that on an intuitive level people often know if your words are true or not, if you are someone who uses an honest and direct approach in business, then it is very essential that you must have a complete understanding of the products you sell.

If you are in any kind of business, then I would strongly suggest you to trust your work and believe that you are worthy of making money doing that, then only things will work in your favor.

5 Fun Filled Creative Visualization Sessions

There is a big difference between daydreaming and creative visualization, like most people, I too got confused and it took time for me to actually use my ability to visualize properly.

I really have found creative visualization as a process to bring myself into a better emotional state whenever I want.

As it is well known for its role in LOA, I would like to share that I have seen the manifestations of some of my visualized goals and it became possible due the works of some great personal development gurus that I explored. One such person is Neville Goddard, who introduced a very effective method to enhance the visualization process; it is called “Nevillizing”.

Our feelings matter the most and what feels good – works! So choose your practices by experimenting with them and check if it is fun or not, and the same is the working criteria to make vision boards that work.

6 Attitude Change

Obviously after exploring so many self help books and programs change in the attitude was a natural thing, but in several ways this wisdom shifted the way I used to look at my life and I want to share it here with you.

Facing the Fear – There are two major types of fear which stops us from becoming successful, they are the “fear of change” and the “fear of failure”. These two fears are like the shackles that make us immovable and due to this we act like a kid hiding under the bed fearing boogeyman. But once we courageously decide to take action, it stops being such a big deal in our lives.

I am not saying that fears will go away forever once you dare to take the actions, it will always be there in one form or another.

In fact, some successful people don’t get a confirmation that their efforts are going to pay off until they start feeling the fear. This means that you make it something that assures your success.

Accepting and feeling the fear is very important if you are willing to be a winner, the other way is to stay hidden under the bed for a lifetime terrified by the illusory ghost.

Some of the effects of these fears present in your mind becomes the reason of procrastination in your behavior; I am telling you, don’t wait for the right time to make a decision.

I know some LOA books will tell you to wait for an inspiration, but there is nothing wrong in taking steps that feels appropriate to you and sometimes you need to experiment with your ideas to get better at recognizing your true inspirations.

It took me time to learn a few things about my creative power that I didn’t know earlier, like to make things happen, you must set a deadline for every goal and it should repeatedly come to your attention. Be careful to not make it a worry by fretting that the deadline is approaching. This time limit factor is for your subconscious mind, so don’t get too serious about it.

Yeah, it is true that personal development experts say that you just have to dream and don’t care about how things are going to happen, however my experience says that having a plan boosts up the LOA process. I am not saying that things will happen as you plan, most of the time the path to success makes sense only in hindsight, but if you make a plan and give your best always without caring about how small is that particular step; you will get convinced that your goal is quite achievable.

One more very important lesson I learned that shifted my approach toward my goals was that you should not be a fighter like your society trains you to be, by fighting with negativity you give away your power because whatever you resist will persist. The law of reversed effort says that your thoughts start working against you when try to get rid of the negativity forcefully.

One must understand that good and bad are two sides of the same coin so you should be dealing with the negativity with total acceptance, if you will learn to peacefully accept such thoughts and gently shift your attention; you will definitely be able to succeed.

7 My Spiritual Growth

This is the part of this whole article that I wanted the most to share with you because the biggest gift that my interest in personal growth has given to me is the inner peace that wasn’t there before.

Your ability to manifest what you want mainly depends on your emotional state. The rule is simple – What you value in life and how you feel about it decides what you are going to attract.

To focus on the good in life you will first have to feel good about yourself and it is impossible to feel good about yourself if you have not developed enough self love. A lot of myths about self love present in our society make us to see it as selfishness, but one who is spiritually advanced knows that self love is essential if you want to be happy and also to make others happy.


Like many people, my interest in the universal laws was born from my materialist needs or you can say that it was my ego needs that made to me to explore some of the greatest self help materials, but gradually I realized that my inner state is what matters the most, because when you have that thing handled everything else naturally start working in your favor.

Once you have done enough inner and external work to attract your desires, the next thing you should do is to remove what’s standing between you and your dreams and that is “You”. Yes, after a person does everything from visualizations to affirmations he has to “let go” which is the most important and difficult part in the manifestation process, for doing that you will have to increase your present moment awareness using some good spiritual techniques.

Hence, before ending this post I would suggest you to work towards your spiritual growth with the help of practices like meditation or mindfulness exercises because that’s the best change that has occurred in my life due to my personal development journey so far.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What are the best lessons you have learned in your life till now? What has ever caused a major positive change in you? What changes have you seen in your life after you learned about the law of attraction? I would love to hear your view on this so please do leave your comments below before you leave. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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The Universal Law of Obedience – Living in Harmony

The universal law of obedience says that a person’s life is shaped according to how he works with the laws of universe.

I have been saying this same thing in all my posts that it is of no use to gain information about all these divine laws, if you are not willing to put this knowledge into use by changing your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle change must include the actions that are in harmony with the law and then only you will have any sort of benefit from all these materials that teaches you about the success principles.

The Mind Made Prison

Many people deny and ignore this knowledge because they have completely accepted the idea that they are helpless.

I know many people who live according to the convictions that say we all are puppets who have no control over what is happening in our lives.

Seriously, I don’t have any intention to change their minds nor do I feel pity for them because it is their choice. In fact, if anyone tries to show them the truth, he will have to face their anger as no one likes it when someone is trying to change their beliefs even if it is for their wellness.

The illusion that our life story is predetermined is very strong for those who believe in it as they find evidence to validate their belief, that’s the law at work creating their reality.

We all are obeying the laws of nature in every moment knowingly or unknowingly, but to gain a firm understanding of these laws and being able to live in harmony with them is quite empowering and liberating.

When One Fails to Obey the Law

There are many false beliefs that have been implanted in our subconscious mind by the society which makes us to become disobedient to the laws of nature. We should persistently work to remove such beliefs otherwise our life will keep on attracting undesired events.

By “disobedience” I mean the actions that reverse our efforts, which means we are putting ourselves in a position where we want “abundance” but we are working in the opposite way.

For example, we are programmed to believe that taking the easiest path is not correct, one has to struggle. “No pain no gain” fighter person has been portrayed as the ideal for all of us by the world but, here you are not in harmony with the law of non-resistance. It is like trying to go up in the down escalator whereas just next to it you have the one that will take you up without any sort of struggle.

To become someone who manifests his desire into reality with total ease, we will have to discard the set of ideas that stops us from following the principles of success.

Faith Is Believing in the Unseen

We think that the 5 senses are our only instruments using which we are able to perceive the world. But do you really think we interpret the world that way?

In truth, reality is much more dependent on our mind because our senses work in according to the ideas we have in our mind about reality. We see that in the outer world which we have accepted in our inner world.

We all have our own version of the world in other terms the world is actually an interaction of countless little worlds.

Be aware of your dominant thoughts because they will alter your reality.

People condemn the idea of blind faith still they blindly believe in what others say especially, if it is negative.

Negative thoughts are seductive than the positive ones and we find them easy to accept.

This is why people have associate truth to negativity, whenever we hear something distressful we say that’s the truth of life. But, it is not Period.

Reality is what you you believe it to be and when you easily get influenced by other people’s negative thoughts; you are using the laws of the universe against yourself.

One who is willing to work with the law should first believe in it.

Submitting to the fear of failure is one very common violation of this law as it arises from the disbelief in the higher power.

Trying to control the outer life is another way to use the power for the ruination of good life because this is also an act of disbelief in the unseen.

One will have to develop a strong faith to see the evidences, to be obedient to the universe you must first learn to stop being doubtful.

3 Stages of Working with the Law

There are three states of development when a person begins his journey of knowing the truth.

True success is the state where one complies with the spiritual laws. Let us look at these three stages now:-


This is the state of a person who has no knowledge about his creative power and the workings of the universe.

In this stage one fails to understand his life, every happening in the world is deemed as a totally random occurrence by him/her.


This is the stage where most people who have gained the understanding of the laws of universe stay stuck.

I have to accept that I haven’t had that leap to the stage 3 yet, but I oscillate between stage 2-3 and I am very sure that I am making the progress as I keep clearing my energy blocks (old limiting beliefs).

Here, one can see why things happen in a certain way in their own as well as other people’s life to a great extent, but one fails to put this knowledge into action completely in spite of the gained wisdom.

Being in Harmony

In this final stage one gains a deeper knowing of the life and he becomes obedient to the unseen power, thus allowing this power to mold his life in the desired way.

Being a graduate in electrical engineering, I see this as the difference between theoretical knowledge and its practical application. “Electricity” is also an invisible entity that operates according to several laws that could be used to advantage or destruction. One can have all the bookish knowledge about it and still mess things up if he lacks practical experience.

Creative power also requires you to not only learn about how to work with the law, but to put your knowledge into action and make it perfect with practice. I gained a deeper understanding of these laws by using Raymond Holliwell’s Working with the Law book as my guide.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here, then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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The Universal Law of Success – You Are Born to Thrive

You will feel empowered if you will understand the law of success which says that we are born to succeed and we all have within us all the qualities needed to accomplish our goals.

Expansion and growth are nature’s purpose, being a part of it, we also have within us the seeds of development.

At every movement we have all the resources available to make our visions come true, but to make use of them we will have to work on improving ourselves in a way that it becomes possible for us to use our creative power to accomplish what we desire.

Mother Nature does not know failure because she attains her goals by being in complete harmony with the universal laws. I have talked about this in many other posts; the simplest way to achieve our goals is to replicate the actions of the nature.

What Is Success?

The meaning of success varies from person to person, for some it is about becoming wealthy, for some it is finding their soul mate, for others it could be health, skills, fame, etc.

Even though we consider those people successful who have achieved their desired goals, but in truth people find their lives incomplete even after accomplishing huge goals. Why?

It is because we set our goals believing that we will be happy when we reach there. But you cannot become a happier person by reaching somewhere in your life if you are not happy in the present moment.

I am not talking about some impractical philosophical stuff that looks good in the books here, this is a fact.

You may have thought that I am saying that everything else is unnecessary. No, I do agree that money, health, love, etc is very important, but they are like the cherry on top of the cake.

If you are incomplete right now, the chances are that you will remain the same even after getting everything that you desire.

So, the real meaning of success is becoming a happy person. How? Let’s see..

You Are One with the Universe

This is something very hard to believe since we all perceive ourselves as individuals who are separate and independent of everything else in the world. This is an illusion; we are all connected on a subtle level.

You can see it from either spiritual or scientific perspective; we are actually energies that have taken various forms in this world, so we are one with “all that is”.

Being a part of the universe, we all play a role in the bigger picture.

When our goals are of the highest nature, the power flows freely through us to not only manifest our desires but also to give the fulfillment that comes from the accomplishment of such goals, that joy is real success.

If you will take a look at the history you will find that the biggest names who radiated pure joy in a way that it carved the path to betterment of the mankind are not essentially the ones who had the possessions that we usually aspire.

Let it be the enlightened ones like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and people who have dedicated their lives for others like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, they knew that the true source of joy is in making a positive change in the world that will have an effect on the bigger picture, which is all about growth.

This does not essentially mean that you should renounce everything else and dedicate the rest of your life to help people like they did, however you can do that if that is your calling.

What I want to say here is that the “joy” for which we all are striving lies in what we give to the world through our work, if you are bringing joy in someone’s life or if your work will have even a small positive effect in the world, you are on the right track!

Anything is possible for us. but a broadminded person who wants to create some good change in the world (small or big) will be rewarded greatly, that’s what the spiritual laws say.

Your Biggest Enemy Is Fear

Fear has caused more destruction in the world than anything else, we are well aware of that. But what we don’t know is that fear has caused more destruction in the inner world of people than the outer world.

Millions of dreams have been shattered since countless people never acted on the great ideas that they received because of the fear of failure.

One main factor that separates winners from the masses is their ability to do what they want despite of being fearful.

Yes, winners also fear to take actions but, they do it anyway. Success becomes inevitable for the one who is not afraid of failure.

Fear fails to stop someone who has a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe because he is well aware that the universe stands by his side as his intention is of a higher nature.

One Powerful Key

You are blessed with the same powers and resources that were given to any person who ever lived, but you are just not aware of it.

There is a simple key that will awaken the dormant powers that lies within you and thus it will enable you to reach your goals. It is the belief in your own abilities, that is the single most powerful thing which does all the magic.

Nothing is impossible for the one who believes, feels and says “I CAN” in all situations.

“I CAN” mindset is the secret of the most successful people. If you have that, you will naturally take the right decisions which will take you nearer to your goals.

People love to be in the company of those who believe in themselves and you will attract friends who think constructively if you could have that shift in your mindset.

Deeper understanding of these laws helps one to develop that type of mindset, but you can also use affirmations for doing that.

Use “I CAN” statement whenever fear stops you from doing something:-

I CAN do this. I CAN easily accomplish this goal. I CAN become successful.

Far better than that is to use “I AM” statements because “I CAN” refers something that will happen in future:-

I AM in process of succeeding in what I do. I AM capable of doing anything I want.

Move Forward

To be successful, one should stop looking back and learn to keep the focus on the goals.

Forward momentum is what you should have, otherwise you will either go backwards or stay stuck where you are.

So, how can one keep moving towards his goals? Through consistent daily efforts.

You must organize your day to day activities in a way that you take a baby step towards your goals everyday other than waiting for the right time.

It could be anything that is aimed towards your goals but these small steps will make the journey easier for you.



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The Universal Law of Sacrifice – Paying the Price for Success

What does it mean to sacrifice something? Does the universal law of sacrifice say that we should lose something precious to get what we want? This post will be answering many such questions that pop up in your head whenever you think about this particular subject.

Generally the word “sacrifice” has a lot of negative beliefs attached to it, which makes us to see it as something that will cause suffering that is how we have been taught about it by the society.

Our society believes that a true sacrifice is when someone deliberately gives away what mattered a lot to him/her.

If you want to be a happy person, I would advise you to discard all such notions that make you to compromise something that you love.

The “price” about which we are going to talk here is entirely a different thing.

Undoubtedly, you have to lose a few things to pay the price for a better life, but remember you are not doing a business with the universe.

To accomplish any goal, you have to relinquish that which acts like leg cuffs, not allowing you to move forward. These are the habits, beliefs and decisions that won’t allow you to change.

When you are working with the laws of the universe you have total freedom to choose what you want. So, if it is hard for you to give up the old life, the good news is that you can keep it.

The True Meaning of Sacrifice

Contrary to what is usually believed, a sacrifice that is made painfully is not necessarily something for which the universe will bless with a large fortune.

To get what you want, you will have to sacrifice everything that is negating your efforts to make the progress towards your goals.

In most cases, these things are not something very valuable, but they give an illusion of being an important part of your life.

It is like carrying a heavy baggage when you are heading towards the finish line presuming that you need them. But once you open it, you will find that it is full of junk.

Let me clarify using a few examples: – If you want trustworthy friends, you will have to become an honest person (Junk – Dishonesty). If you want to lose weight you will have to take a balanced diet (Junk – Overeating). If you want to be a peaceful person you will have to take care of your mind (Junk – Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Anger etc.).

We can infer from the above examples that the price to be paid for anything is simply what is holding us away from that.

It entirely depends on you to decide what matters. Let us take another example- A person desires to have a good job, but is not willing to leave his old unsatisfying job. In this case, the “safety” matters more to him than his desire.

Your priority is the deciding factor, you can sacrifice your current life for the one that you desire or you can sacrifice your desires for the convenience of the current life.

Paradigm Shift

Sacrifice is not about losing something in the external world, but it is about making a change in one’s own inner world, in other words, you can say that it is about sacrificing the old “You” to create a new “You”.

And this process is mainly about clearing the old paradigms. Paradigms are the set of ideas present in a person’s subconscious mind which controls his habitual behavioral patterns. In order to make a change in one’s life, a person must clear these old limiting beliefs.

Discarding these old beliefs is the real sacrifice that is to be made to get a different life; there are many methods that can be used to do this. I have discussed a few such techniques that I use in the post named “Allow Your Abundance“.

Paradigm shift is a state that results when a person gets rid of any certain strong limiting belief that was blocking his success, in this state a person kind of gets the Midas touch in that specific area of his life.

Sacrifice is good, isn’t it?

A practical way to be in harmony with this law is to give up your old lifestyle so that you could gradually move towards your dream life, let’s see how it is done.

Discipline That Is Desired, Not Imposed

Some people see this principle as giving up all the leisure by replacing it with struggle to have a better life, if that would have been the case, then this law would have awarded all the comforts to the workers rather than the employers.

I am not saying that you should not be working, what I am saying is that before you start to work find out “what works”.

You will have to organize your day in a way that you will be taking baby steps to achieve your goals.

The law will work based on what you value in your life so, if you are not prioritizing your desired goals in your day to day activities, then what you have in your life right now will continue to exist.

Everyone understands the importance of discipline in life as we have been taught about it from our childhood, but, we find it extremely difficult to organize our day, you know why? It is because the “desire for discipline” is essential before one implements it.

We lack that desire for discipline because we are not passionate enough for our goals. You cannot get any different result without sacrificing your current lifestyle and your willingness to make this sacrifice depends upon how much you love your goals.

First set a goal for which you are willing to change yourself and then only you will be able to organize your life with the help of a discipline that is desired, because when you force discipline on yourself it never works out, unless someone else is controlling you.

Select an ideal (maybe an imaginary greater version of yourself or a real world hero) and gradually keep trying to become like that. Your ideal will tell you what you have to give up in order to reach there, that’s how one lives in harmony with the laws of the universe.


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The Universal Law of Compensation-Give Your Best Always

Without any doubt the universal law of compensation has been very much misunderstood by people. They especially consider it as the subtext of the usual modern phrases like “karma is a b****”.

I want you to be open minded while you read this post by putting aside the negativity that your mind may have associated with this law.

This law can be summarized by this famous proverb “You reap what you sow” but, hardly ever people look at it without any preconceived notion. You have to look at this phrase without any judgment to get the real essence of what it says “you reap what you sow”, that simply means that you get results in accordance to your actions.

When I say action, you would have thought that I am talking about what we do physically at any moment, that’s because we all forget that “thinking” is also an action. In fact physical action is just an outcome that’s governed by various other factors that we will discuss later in this post.

Debunking Few Myths

Famous people like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nikola Tesla have talked about the compensation that one gets for his actions but still many people refuse to believe in it.compensation quote

The main reason why people deny this principle is because they often don’t get the rewards for their honest, sincere hard work. But, what they forget is that their progress depends on their feelings about what they do.

We don’t sow the seeds anywhere else, but in our minds.

Using the highly feared concept of karma, one cannot explain or predict someone’s life journey, because more than the actions it is about the beliefs and thoughts of a person.

If you say that killing someone is a bad karma, then how would you explain a soldier killing so many people to protect his country?.. Universe knows no “good or bad” so the law will work simply to provide results just like mathematical formulas.

I don’t know about your beliefs in heaven or hell, but I know about this life experience only so, from what I have learned about the workings of the universe, a soldier will gain “respect and honor” for what he does in the war because he does it with an intention to save the people.

A person working hard with an intention to get paid more will definitely get paid more, but if he did in a state of “need” his needs will also increase by workings of the same law.

There is no point in blaming god that you didn’t get what you deserved because you are responsible for your life situations.

Don’t Try to Fool Yourself

All the time, I keep talking about changing old beliefs and I focus on providing you with the methods to clear all those limiting beliefs so, in relation to what we have discussed above, one may ask-“Can someone do anything that is known to be “bad” but escape consequences by feeling differently about it?”

You see, one good thing about few “moral” beliefs is that they are at the core of all mankind, which means one cannot get rid of them unless he is detached with the worldly drama to an extent to which Buddha was, an enlightened being who is capable of doing that will obviously never do any such thing so, this is practically impossible.

We can say those were first few beliefs that our species might have formed, otherwise we humans would not be existing in the planet today.

Doing good to others makes us happy and doing bad to others makes us feel bad, sometimes this might not be discernible at the conscious level for some people but unconsciously we are sowing seeds in our minds.

Contrary to the way people think that God has installed numerous CCTV cameras to keep an eye on us, he has made us both the observer and the doer. Yeah, our God is undoubtedly a real genius.

The Key to Success

Success, whatever that means to you whether let be getting rich, having a beautiful love life or becoming a good parent, can only be achieved when you give what you want.

For example “money” is the compensation for the value that your service provides to others. So, a person who works harder by riding a bicycle to deliver papers home to home and the one who uses a motorbike for the same purpose are going to be rewarded equally, that simple is this logic.

Some people also call it as the law of overcompensation in terms of corporate language which means that if you will give results higher than your current payment then you will definitely get a raise.

So the key to success is to give more than before because when you give more, you get better and when you get better, the universe has no other option than to change your life accordingly.

Sow the Seeds Carefully

The law of giving and receiving is all about sowing the seeds so, be careful when you do that because that will decide the type of fruit you will get.

These seeds are the “thoughts” that you are planting in your inner mind and every time you are thinking such thoughts you are watering the plant.

For example, if you have formed a belief that “love hurts”, every time you think about that or you feel a certain negative way whenever something reminds you of that, you are fostering a plant which will grow up to become tree unless you do something about it.

That’s why I say be careful when you talk, think, feel or accept any belief because you are the gardener of your mind’s garden, take care of your plants otherwise the weeds will ruin them.

Talking about the mind garden, I am reminded of a beautiful meditation I learned in the unlimited abundance course. You can also do a little exercise like that by relaxing yourself and then imagining a garden where your life’s different areas will be represented by plants, this is a good way to communicate with your subconscious mind to receive essential messages for your improvement.


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The Universal Law of Increase-Focus on the Good

Be in a state of joy thinking of what is good in your life and you will have more of it by the universal law of increase.

If you are a spiritual person then you might already know the benefits of being grateful because when you are ungrateful and you constantly think of what is unpleasant in your life by the same law you will get more of it, there is no exception to it.

Have you seen people cry when they pray?

Of course, you would have because that is how most people do it.Some of them even believe that the more you shed tears the more is the chance of your prayer getting answered but do they really get what they want?

They see God as some person with superpowers in front of whom they have to beg and cry to get what they want.

But that is a false thinking. If you will cry, you will get more reasons to cry. If prayer is an act of faith then why should one be mournful?

Always remember- What you believe, feel and expect that will happen so, in your prayer be grateful and by the law you will attract more situations to say “thanks” to “all that is”.


Let us consider the image of god that people usually have in their minds, the cliche old man with white hair and beard sitting in the heaven.Don’t you think if that was the case, then also it would have been better to praise him rather than nagging him every time by doing pitiful stuff to get his sympathy?

What if you were given the power for a day like in the movie Bruce Almighty. Would you do well for people who keep begging for a better life or will you bless those who are genuinely happy knowing that you know better? Obviously, the latter one might be your answer.

God is not a person, but like everything else, universe also responds to praise by blessing you with more of what you love. You are not pleasing the higher power here, but you are simply being in harmony with the laws.

Appreciation and the Attitude of Gratitude

These two are great keys to live a joyful life because where your focus goes energy flows, which attracts more alike life situations.

This is why similar patterns keep on repeating in a person’s life because once something happens, a person forms a belief that this is what is always going to happen and that’s what he gets.

So, one wise thing that you can do to live a life of your desire is to be grateful about the things in your life that makes you happy.

Research works have shown that attitude of gratitude can make you a more cheerful person by increasing your happiness level.

You can do this by keeping a gratitude journal in which you can daily write about the things that made you happy that day or about everything in your life that you love.

To be in harmony with this law in relation to some particular thing you can choose to appreciate its present condition and you will see it getting better. Just focus towards good stuff that’s all you have to do, writing makes it more effective.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Reversing the Process

When the talk is about being thankful, people readily make a few false assumptions that are not going to give them a positive result because in such cases, they are using the law to move in the opposite direction from their goals.

Here are two common myths about the attitude of gratitude:-

1-You MUST be grateful

Can you see what I am trying to say? “MUST”…

We are not supposed to flatter GOD by doing this. We do it to make a change in ourselves so, please don’t do it superficially.

If you cannot be happy about something in your life, then forget about it altogether and shift your focus towards something for which you are genuinely happy.

2-You should be grateful about the past

I know many of you would have already thought about this, making a list about joyful past events or to think about them to feel grateful.

Sometimes, thinking of past to feel good is okay, but it hardly ever happens that a good memory will not cause the feelings of “lack”, you will miss the good old times and that is contrary to our purpose.

Be grateful in the present moment that’s what should be done. Instead of looking at the past, look towards what is good right now.

If you can be grateful for the future, then that is like a magical formula for manifestation but, to develop that much faith you need a few successful experiences. However, your aim should be to strengthen your faith to that level.

It Is All about “You”

Quality of being grateful has nothing to do with anything outside of you. It brings a change in you which allows you to see the world from a new perspective.

It fills you with the power to attract favorable outcomes.

Even though we think that when a person is not happy with his life or when he takes things for granted, he is being rude the universe. However, in reality he is simply making a decision of descending to a lower version of himself.

Our thoughts have the power to make biological changes in our bodies. Our body cells respond to thoughts and emotions.

When we are joyful about life the mind starts to work in a way that we can then spot the right opportunities, get inspirations and the confidence needed to achieve our goals.

The law can also be used to influence others, like you can start to appreciate your kids for their accomplishments and they will try to get better. This does not actually happen because you have changed them, it happens as they notice the change in “you”. Who in the world won’t like to do things better when someone cares enough to appreciate his efforts?

Yes, there are cynical people who will never believe in you but such people will gradually disappear from your life because they cannot stand a person filled with so much love.

So, it all boils down to the fact that by being in harmony with the law of increase you make the change in yourself that is essential to get more of what you want from your life.


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Attracting Right Customers-Law of Attraction and Business

When it is about law of attraction and business there something very important to understand which actually runs the whole show of profit and loss.

If you are a person who is willing to build a successful business or if you are someone who is trying to improve your business then what I am going to write here would be really of great use to you.

Due to the common belief system present in our society most people focus too much on actions when they are willing to create a source of income by selling things.

Believe it or not, your success as a businessman completely depends on your mindset and the flow of money gets decided by the nature of your relationship with money.

Haven’t you seen hard working people failing to make profits whereas those who are less focused on actions making a lot of profits?

I am not saying that you shouldn’t be taking actions instead law of attraction requires action but,what I am trying to convey here is first you should work on your inner beliefs about your business and then take required actions.

Having Faith in What You Do

How can you expect that you will get a lot of customers if you don’t have faith in what you are selling?

A goat can find thousands of buyers for a sack full of grass, but a lion won’t even get a single customer for the same unless he is too confidant to fool them by pretending to be a goat!

People do everything from improving the quality of their products to promoting their business on a high scale and still stay stuck where they were before because they fail to understand the importance of having faith in their work.

Your inner beliefs about your work will decide how your venture is going to be shaped.

So, if you don’t find that what you are selling is valuable then you will naturally attract customers who won’t find your products worth buying.

Let me give you a real life example to explain this properly…

Few years ago, I decided to start this blog but I had no knowledge of website building and online business at that time. Fortunately (or call it LOA), I came across this wonderful online business community named wealthy affiliate which taught me everything I needed to know in order to get my website ready and to make it a profitable business.

It took me a long time to start earning from my blog but, I knew that WA is an awesome community which has launched many of the successful entrepreneurs, so I started to work as their affiliate.

I used to relentlessly work to bring members to this community by promoting it online and by talking to people. You know what? – I was unable to bring even one single member despite of trying so hard.

Then I decided to concentrate on my blog, after few months my blog started to generate revenues. Out of nowhere I automatically started to get referrals for wealthy affiliate as well.

I know the reason now- Since earlier I was not knowing that online business works as I was yet to make money using what they taught me, I wasn’t getting the referrals but, when my blog started to gain momentum my faith in that community grew stronger.

Your Energy Gets Reflected in Your Work

There are tons of examples around you where two people are doing the same thing, in similar way and using the same resources but one is struggling whereas the other one is thriving.

They attribute it to luck but, it’s not luck it’s the type of energy they are putting into their work that makes the difference.

If you want to attract the right workers, partners and customers then you will have to replace the old negative beliefs ingrained in your subconscious mind and hold a vision of success.

More important than to work towards the goals is to program your subconscious mind to achieve those goals.

If you could bring the feelings of success in your energy then you will see yourself taking the right actions and attracting the right people to help you achieve your goals and that’s how law of attraction works in business.

I have discussed the ways to clear the limiting beliefs and implant new beliefs in your inner mind in the post “Allow Your Abundance”.

If you would like to hear my complete story about which I was talking earlier in this post then check my post-The Law of Attraction and My Online Business Success Story


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