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4 Morning Habits of Successful People That You Must Develop

How your day gets shaped has a lot to do with how you begin it and that’s why in this post I will be talking about some morning habits of successful people that can help you to have a great day in a way that can enable you to move a step ahead towards your success every day.

Why the Morning Time Is So Important?

We have always heard that the early morning hours must be used constructively because it is the most essential part of our whole day, but have you ever wondered why?

It is because when we wake up our mind gets refreshed as if we have pressed the reset button, this is why they say that we are born again every day as our energy is all new and we can choose a new path to make positive changes.

Sadly, most people lose that freshness soon because they allow the thoughts of yesterday to take over them and this makes their day similar to their recent past.

This is why I am going to bring to light a few techniques that will enable you to take control of your day by clearing the thought patterns you have been carrying around for a long time. Continue reading

7 Ways to Include the Law of Attraction in Everyday Life

Once a person learns about their creative power, it becomes very important for them to put this knowledge into practical use, for doing this, one will have to make a few changes in their lifestyle in a way that the principles of the law of attraction becomes a part of their everyday life.

Many people judge the believers of LOA as lazy wimps because according to them this whole concept is all about daydreaming. It’s not, in truth learning to use one’s creative power requires serious and persistent efforts. Continue reading

12 Best Law of Attraction Books That Can Transform Your Life

I am going to make a list of some best law of attraction books here, which will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your creative ability.laws attraction book

Books have the power to affect you deeply, that’s why along with the knowledge it provides it also motivates and inspires you. If you will watch the interviews of people who have achieved a huge success you will often find them mentioning the books that have helped them in their journey.

The books that I am going to suggest you in this post won’t just teach you the principles and methods to accomplish your goals, but it will also gradually make the shift in your mindset that’s essential for your success.

After having some initial success with LOA methods many people turn skeptical, the reason behind this is their failure to achieve something big using what they have learned and that happens because their subconscious beliefs are working against their desires.

Books have the ability to make an impact on your psychology, it alters your inner mind programming because repeated exposure to similar ideas makes your subconscious mind to accept it.

I hope by now you might have understood how books can change your life. Let me now tell you about a few books that have helped me immensely in my personal development journey. Continue reading

How to Visualize What You Want – The Right Method

In this post, I will be showing you how to visualize what you want in the proper manner because people often get too confused about the right way to imagine and this particular confusion can cause a lot of disturbance in the manifestation process.

I am not just talking about the beginners here, most people doubt their creative visualization methods, even after gaining a lot of information on it from various personal development books or programs.

Basic Misconception about Visualization

The doubt we have discussed above is actually born from a false idea most people have about this technique, it is the notion that this particular method is new and unknown to us.

You will learn in the books that you can make things happen using your creative power by imagining your desired life and that makes you to perceive it like a magic spell that can transform your life. There is a fault in the root assumption there, you don’t have to learn creative visualization, you are already good at it. Continue reading

7 Ways the Law of Attraction Changed My Life

Since the day I first saw the movie “the secret” I have been on a very interesting journey which has taken me through various different phases of life and caused frequent changes of mindset.

I have been a super enthusiastic believer of the law of attraction, I have been to the skeptic side and I have also reached the place where I got into the state of flow manifesting things quickly, but none of those states lasted for long. However, I learned so many lessons which have helped me to understand that to alter your current reality you need to do some serious inner work.

Today, I don’t see this concept as a magical or unearthly thing which wasn’t familiar to us earlier, we have always obeyed the universal laws it’s just that we were not aware of what we were doing exactly. Continue reading

The Universal Law of Obedience – Living in Harmony

The universal law of obedience says that a person’s life is shaped according to how they work with the laws of universe.

I have been saying this same thing in all my posts that it is of no use to gain information about all these divine laws, if you are not willing to put this knowledge into use by changing your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle change must include the actions that are in harmony with the laws and then only you will have any sort of benefit from all these materials that teaches you about the success principles.

The Mind Made Prison

Many people deny and ignore this knowledge because they have completely accepted the idea that they are helpless.

I know many people who live according to the convictions that say we all are puppets who have no control over what is happening in our lives. Continue reading

The Universal Law of Success – You Are Born to Thrive

You will feel empowered if you will understand the law of success which says that we are born to succeed and we all have within us all the qualities needed to accomplish our goals.

Expansion and growth are nature’s purpose, being a part of it, we also have within us the seeds of development.

At every movement, we have all the resources available to make our visions come true, but to make use of them we will have to work on improving ourselves in a way that it becomes possible for us to use our creative power to accomplish what we desire.

Mother Nature does not know failure because she attains her goals by being in complete harmony with the universal laws. I have talked about this in many other posts, the simplest way to achieve our goals is to replicate the actions of the nature. Continue reading

The Universal Law of Sacrifice – Paying the Price for Success

What does it mean to sacrifice something? Does the universal law of sacrifice say that we should lose something precious to get what we want? This post will be answering many such questions that pops up in your head whenever you think about this particular subject.

Generally the word “sacrifice” has a lot of negative beliefs attached to it, which makes us to see it as something that will cause suffering that is how we have been taught about it by the society.

Our society believes that a true sacrifice is when someone deliberately gives away what mattered a lot to them.

If you want to be a happy person, I would advise you to discard all such notions that makes you to compromise something that you love. Continue reading

The Universal Law of Compensation-Give Your Best Always

Without any doubt, the universal law of compensation has been very much misunderstood by people. They especially consider it as the subtext of the usual modern phrases like “karma is a b****”.

I want you to be open-minded while you read this post by putting aside the negativity that your mind may have associated with this law.

This law can be summarized by this famous proverb “You reap what you sow” but, hardly ever people look at it without any preconceived notion. You have to look at this phrase without any judgment to get the real essence of what it says “you reap what you sow”, that simply means that you get results in accordance to your actions.

When I say action, you would have thought that I am talking about what we do physically at any moment, that’s because we all forget that “thinking” is also an action. In fact, physical activity is just an outcome that’s governed by various other factors that we will discuss later in this post. Continue reading

The Universal Law of Increase-Focus on the Good

Be in a state of joy thinking of what is good in your life and you will have more of it by the universal law of increase.

If you are a spiritual person then you might already know the benefits of being grateful because when you are ungrateful and you constantly think of what is unpleasant in your life by the same law you will get more of it, there is no exception to it.

Have you seen people cry when they pray?

Of course, you would have because that is how most people do it. Some of them even believe that the more you shed tears the more is the chance of your prayer getting answered but do they really get what they want?

They see God as some person with superpowers in front of whom they have to beg and cry to get what they want.

But that is a false thinking. If you will cry, you will get more reasons to cry. If prayer is an act of faith then why should one be mournful?

Always remember – What you believe, feel and expect, that will happen, so, in your prayer be grateful and by the law you will attract more situations to say “thanks” to “all that is”. Continue reading