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Attracting Right Customers-Law of Attraction and Business

When it is about law of attraction and business there something very important to understand which actually runs the whole show of profit and loss.

If you are a person who is willing to build a successful business or if you are someone who is trying to improve your business then what I am going to write here would be really of great use to you.

Due to the common belief system present in our society most people focus too much on actions when they are willing to create a source of income by selling things.

Believe it or not, your success as a businessman completely depends on your mindset and the flow of money gets decided by the nature of your relationship with money.

Haven’t you seen hard working people failing to make profits whereas those who are less focused on actions making a lot of profits?

I am not saying that you shouldn’t be taking actions instead law of attraction requires action but, what I am trying to convey here is first you should work on your inner beliefs about your business and then take required actions. Continue reading

How to Use Subconscious Mind Power Techniques to Achieve Your Goals

In this post, I will be talking about how you can use subconscious mind power techniques to have success in any area of your life.

If you will observe closely then you will find that there is always a unique pattern in everyone’s life which keeps on showing up again and again in various forms. That’s why many of us often wonder – Why this always happens to me?

You can find this in schools, colleges, workplaces, etc. that two equally skilled people get totally different results.

We call it luck when we see a person succeeding with total ease whereas a hard working person struggles.

Ever thought that there might be a reason behind this which is much deeper than the speculative term that we use for such happenings i.e. “luck”? Could there be something very obvious which we are refusing to see?

There is a quote by Abraham Lincoln “If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”. Isn’t it a more sensible thought that the winner who is termed as “lucky” just has a sharp axe and the loser gave their everything to strike the tree for the whole day as harder as possible without sharpening their axe?

This is actually the truth, our success in any area of our life depends on our subconscious mind’s conditioning. Continue reading

How to Use a Vision Board to Activate the Law of Attraction

In this post, I will be talking about how to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction because many people fail to understand the actual purpose of vision boards in the manifestation process.

The documentary which went viral in the year 2006 “the secret” promoted the concept that we all create our lives by attracting the events using what we think, feel and believe. Cast of this documentary also provided few tools using which people could use their creative ability to get desired results and one among those tools was vision boards.

Vision boards is among the least used LOA tools because it requires time and involvement of the person, but this habit can really alter your reality(if done properly).

I used that term “activate” just for the sake of explanation, in reality you cannot activate the universal laws because they are already at work all the time but you can activate the vibration in your energy field which matches your desire. Continue reading

Advanced Law of Attraction Exercises to Manifest Wealth

After learning about their creative power, most people try to attract wealth but, there is a lot to understand about the universal laws in order to use them efficiently and that’s why I am going to discuss a few advanced law of attraction exercises to manifest wealth in this post.

Your relationship with money is decided by how you feel about it innately and that highly depends on your subconscious beliefs about it which is formed by your past experiences, especially childhood.

Everything we do to attract something in our life according to what the teachings of the law of attraction materials say is to alter these old beliefs and install new ones in our subconscious mind.

Since our feelings tell us about our beliefs with respect to something, we can also reverse this process to achieve what we want in our lives.

By talking about reversing the process what I mean is to deliberately generate good feelings about something and keeping it up using our imagination so that the process of altering those beliefs happens naturally.

The fastest way to attract wealth in your life is to feel its presence even before it gets manifested and all the exercises I am going to discuss here will help you to do that. Continue reading

The Law of Attraction and Relationships-Form Loving Bonds

In this post, we will talk about the law of attraction and relationships, since we all want to have loving, caring and supporting people in our lives but, we fail to understand how our own inner state gets reflected through people with whom we make emotional connections.

It is very hard to accept that you are responsible for how you complicate your relationships but, once you take complete responsibility of your life then you will be able to form bonds of higher nature than the ones that engages you in love/hate drama.

Different Faces of Every Person

Usually we often complain about how this world is filled with two faced people. In real, the world is not filled with two faced people instead every person has as much faces depending upon how many people are associated with them.

Sounds absurd?

This might be hard for you to accept about yourself so, try to become more aware and observe how everyone behaves differently around different people. Continue reading

How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works

In this post, I will be showing you how to make a vision board that really works because that is something which confuses people the most once they get to know about the workings of the vision boards.

First of all, I would like to tell you that there is nothing in the vision boards or anything outside of you that affects your reality, it is within you.

So, the right way of using any method depends on how you are feeling while doing it, if you feel good then continue with it if not, then try next.

The way to create vision boards that I am going to share with you here will surely work for you if you will do it properly, it is simple and it is effective but, requires your consistent efforts. Continue reading

How to Use the Law of Attraction for Money Making

In this post, I will be discussing how to use the law of attraction for money-making since it is a very essential part of our lives. However, most people in the world find it uncomfortable to talk about money openly and they are the ones who don’t thrive financially.

Especially, when you are into the money mindset building materials you may have to face many people who don’t believe that it is possible to attract money or those who think that it is wrong to have a desire for money.

So, first of all, I urge you to feel totally at peace with your desire to earn a lot of money because that’s essential for your financial growth. How? I believe this post will answer that question.

We have sets of beliefs rooted in our subconscious minds which decides “how we can earn”, “how much we can earn”, “how much we can spend”, “how much we can save” etc, etc.

Trust me, I would have never accepted the idea of being a blogger and earning through online business in the past but, today I have cleared my old beliefs so, I have achieved what was impossible for me earlier. (You can read my post to know more about this here – The Law of Attraction and My Online Business Success Story))

Below I will discuss a few common beliefs that block your financial abundance and at the bottom of this article, I will give you a few tips on how to clear them. Continue reading

The Law of Attraction and My Online Business Success Story

Readers of my blog often write to me to know about my success with the law of attraction so, today I am going to share my online business success story with you as there is nothing in my experience till now which comes close to this achievement when it is about using my creative ability.

People love to read LOA success stories because they are trying to clear their doubts by reading the experiences of others.

Honestly, knowing my story won’t help any person to fortify their faith in their creative power because for that they would have to collect their own evidences.

But I know that people get motivated by reading the real life stories and that’s why I am going to share my story here.

This post is not just for people who are interested in metaphysics but, it is also for those who believe in following their passion.

I have a long list of what I have attracted in my life using the universal laws, but here I am going to share something which matters a lot to me.

Some uncanny events have also occurred in my life where I attracted some small/big events and things but, I always wanted to share an experience which makes sense to everyone.

This is a journey that began in the year 2013 and it involves my growth in spirituality, skills, self-love, knowledge and finance. Continue reading

Your Creative Power-The Law of Attraction and Imagination

Today, I am going to talk about the law of attraction and imagination as I hope that by knowing this you will get a better picture of how you create your reality using your thoughts.

There is a reason why “the secret” went viral, it is because the message in that movie resonated with what people already knew somewhere in their heart.

The movie was lengthy enough to cover a lot of things and the information was delivered by people who are experts in the area of self growth, still there is a lot more left than that to know about our creative power.

Those who believe that they can alter their reality by doing the inner work required are often termed by the skeptics as the daydreamers or people who have their heads in the clouds.

What’s wrong with the skeptics is not that they don’t believe in it but, it is their assumption that they know better.

So, in this post my intention is to provide you with a deeper insight on the how your imagination affects your reality.

The Reality Bubble

That’s a catchy term I picked up from Christie Marie Sheldon’s love or above program, which represents everything that exists in a person’s world.

See, I mentioned “a person’s world” not “everybody’s world” because we all have different worlds of our own and that is what I mean by the reality bubble.

How do we all have different worlds?

Everything in our external world is a reflection of our inner world hence we perceive, accept, reject, and judge everything according to what we believe deep inside.

A problem that is troublesome for one person might not be a problem at all for another person.

Similarly, what makes one person sad might make another happy-This means that we are not obligated to feel a certain way about any particular situation, instead we are “programmed” to behave in that manner.

Whatever we believe to be true becomes our reality.

You create your reality, if you don’t believe that then by the same law it will also become the truth in your reality bubble that you don’t create your reality.

Your Energy Body

The reality bubble we discussed above is your unique “reality field” and this particular bubble is sustained by your energy.

There is an invisible energy field that is present all around your body and in truth your physical body is present inside this energy body.

This life force (energy) is what shapes your life and if you could alter the frequency at which these energy particles are vibrating then you can simply create a new and completely different reality.

How can one alter these vibrations?

The vibrational frequency of your energy body is decided by your deep rooted subconscious beliefs.

Your thoughts and feelings are responsible for any particular state of your energy body. Based on the state of this energy field your life story unfolds.

Significance of the Law of Attraction in Your Life

To see how the universal laws operates you just have to become more aware of the various happenings around you.

Everyone’s life follows a particular “pattern” which keeps on repeating in the life of a person who is living unconsciously and believes that he has no control over his life.

These patterns are actually caused by the beliefs that an individual has accepted as the truth, if he chooses to discard that belief by doing some inner work then those patterns will vanish from his life.

In simple words, our energy’s vibrational state decides what the law of attraction will bring into our lives and to get into a new vibrational state all you have to do is to alter your beliefs.

How?..Using any mind tool that enables you to replace the old beliefs in your subconscious mind with the new ones.

One such awesome tool is imagination and now we will discuss how imagination helps you to change your inner beliefs that will further get reflected in your outer world.

The Powerful Mind Tool-Imagination

Imagination is a faculty of our mind which is a natural gift to us, we have used it consciously in our childhood and after we grow up we use it unconsciously (mostly in a negative way).

Every time you find yourself worrying or fearing you are imagining an unfavorable (often dreadful) future event.

In most of the cases what we fear or worry the most, happens- That’s the law of attraction at work.

When imagination used unconsciously could attract so many big problems in your life then just think how much you can benefit by using it consciously.

To replace your old set of beliefs with the new ones you will have to repeatedly focus on the new ideas, this process is boosted up when you imagine positive outcomes since, images and feelings are the language of your subconscious mind

You can deliberately change the vibrational frequency of your energy by imagining your dream life (as if it has already come true) with positive emotions.

When you practice creative visualization for a considerably long time, you will be able to change your inner beliefs which are the only barrier between you and your success.

You will find a lot of articles here on how you can use your imagination.


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The Secret to the Law of Attraction-One Key Ingredient

Have you ever wondered what the secret to the law of attraction is? Like, what is the one single thing which can absolutely make your desires come true?

In this post, I will be discussing the most fundamental factor which decides what a person will attract in his life.

“Thoughts and feelings” one may say. Well, in a sense that’s right because every program, book and success coach talks about it and you will find ample amount of information on all these LOA tools in this blog which will enable you to alter your subconscious beliefs or we can say the methods that will help you to achieve the vibrational alignment with your desires.

Still these methods are not near to the one most important ingredient I am about to mention.

Detachment, yes that is the real secret of the people who are very good at manifesting their desires..!

Even though I have talked about it in few of my posts but, this is the first time ever I am going to cover this topic in detail.

Drop Your Judgments about the Word “Detachment”

There is a reason I haven’t wrote much about detachment in my law of attraction posts especially, not in a direct way like I am doing right now and that’s because people have a lot of false notions about this particular word which does not allow them to see its true definition.

So, I would like to first illuminate the true meaning of the word ”detachment” so that you can drop your false opinions about it.


..Does not mean “no desires” like people have believed it for years, in truth it is impossible for a person to be free of desires.. If you are alive you will have desires…

…Does not mean “emotionless”..

…Does not mean “no expectations”..

…Does not mean some mental state which is achieved only by enlightened masters..

I hope by now you might have dropped most of your judgments about this word.

What is the correct definition of it then?

Detachment is simply the quality of not being attached to the results of your actions, in other words by practicing it you will learn to desire and expect, still keeping your inner state independent of the results.

How to Practice Detachment?

In most of my posts I emphasis on generating the feelings of “having” what you want before it arrives and that is an indirect way of practicing detachment.

However, that process can emotionally hurt a person and destroy his faith on his creative power if he becomes too much concerned about the manifestation process.

There is a reason why most of the law of attraction teachings points towards meditation and that’s because it is a perfect practice to train your mind to be in a joyful state even when you see no evidence of your wishes getting fulfilled.

After doing enough inner work that is required for making your dreams come true, generating the feelings of having it already or being totally happy with your present moment, both are equally powerful in the manifestation process.

But the latter one is a quality which can transform your whole life.

The life transforming power of practicing detachment lies in your “inner joy” which is totally independent of anything in the outer world and in this way the whole LOA process becomes a playful activity and that’s how it is supposed to be.

The Secret to the Inner Peace

Meditation is indeed an effective way for you to train your mind to be free of the worries about the outcomes but, the most powerful tool for practicing detachment is present moment awareness which you can gain from mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness exercises help you to bring your focus to the present moment whenever your mind gets carried away by disturbing thoughts of past and future.


Once you learn to concentrate on the “now” moment, you will allow the life force to flow freely through you and this will result into easy manifestation of your desires.

Read my post “The Present Moment Awareness-Key to Effortless Manifestation” to know more.


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