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How to Use Subconscious Mind Power Techniques to Achieve Your Goals

In this post, I will be talking about how you can use subconscious mind power techniques to have success in any area of your life.

If you have ever observed there is always a unique pattern in everyone’s life which keeps on showing up again and again in various forms. That’s why many of us often wonder-Why this always happens to me?

You can find this in schools, colleges, workplaces etc that two equally skilled people get totally different results.

We call it luck when we see a person succeeding with total ease whereas a hard working person struggles.

Ever thought that there might be a reason behind this which is much deeper than the speculative term that we use for such happenings i.e. “luck”? Could there be something very obvious which we are refusing to see?

There is a quote by Abraham Lincoln “If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree I would spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”. Isn’t it a more sensible thought that the winner who is termed as “lucky” just has a sharp axe and the loser gave his everything to strike the tree for the whole day as harder as possible without sharpening his axe?

That is the real case friends, our success in any area of our life depends on our subconscious mind’s conditioning.

Subconscious Mind Power

Everything is possible for human mind and we all have the potential to make all our dreams come true but, we cannot ever achieve anything which contradicts the beliefs present in our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind power is utilized by us based on its “conditioning” that is done by the environment in which it develops.

All our behavioral patterns are controlled by our subconscious mind and our behavior decides the results we get in our lives.

So if you want to change anything outside you, first you will have to change what’s inside you.

One will have to get rid of the limiting beliefs present in his subconscious mind to achieve what appears impossible.

Working hard to get different results is of no use until one is able alter his mind programming and that’s why we will now discuss the techniques using which you can replace your negative beliefs which stops you from achieving what you want.

#4 Easy Methods to Program Your Mind for Success


Visualization process helps you to directly communicate your intention to your subconscious mind and it is a very effective way to tap into your subconscious mind power in order to achieve your goals.

Your inner mind processes feelings more readily than visuals, and visuals more readily than words.

So when you visualize the end results of your desires with strong positive feelings, the old mind conditioning starts to get altered in a way that it now allows you to achieve that particular goal.

But while using your visualization it is very essential that you should get completely involved in it as if it is already happening.


Using positive affirmations is another way to replace your old beliefs with new better ones however it is very important to choose the right affirmations.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t hear “NO” so an effective affirmation must not contain a negation.

So, for example “I am not unhappy” is heard by the subconscious mind as “I am unhappy” so, it would be wise to use the affirmation with same meaning that involves no negation, obviously in this example it would be “I am happy” .

3-Changing the Way You Feel

As I said, feelings are the best way to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Whenever you feel lower emotions regarding something that you want due the negative thoughts related to your goals, it is a very good opportunity for you to change the limiting beliefs associated with your desire.

Those negative thoughts are arising from the same subconscious belief that becomes responsible for your failure and you can start to alter it by deliberately changing your feelings about that subject.

Being aware of thoughts and feelings is very important in order to make use of this method.

4-Feeding Your Mind Repeatedly with Knowledge

If you get involved in personal development materials whether let be books, videos or programs the repetition of such knowledge makes a great impact on your subconscious mind which will naturally change your behavioral patterns.

Immersing yourself in self growth materials will automatically clear the common limiting beliefs that keeps you away from thriving in any area of your life.


These were few simple ways to tap into subconscious mind power for achieving what you desire. If you want to know more advanced methods to clear your old beliefs then read my post “3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks”.

I would also recommend you my favorite course “Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Program” for this purpose which consists of energy clearing sessions that clears deep layers of limiting beliefs.


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How to Use a Vision Board to Activate the Law of Attraction

In this post, I will be talking about how to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction because many people fail to understand the actual purpose of vision boards in the manifestation process.

The movie which went viral in the year 2006 “the secret” promoted the concept that we all create our lives by attracting the events using what we think, feel and believe. Casts of this movie also provided few tools using which people could use their creative ability to get desired results and one among those tools was vision boards.

Vision boards is among the least used LOA tools because it requires time and involvement of the person, but this habit can really alter your reality(if done properly).

I used that term “activate” just for the sake of explanation, in reality you cannot activate the universal laws because they are already at work all the time but you can activate the vibration in your energy field which matches your desire.

Vision board helps you to do exactly that- It allows you to get into the vibrational state which matches the frequency of your desires hence it boosts up the manifestation process.

The “vibrational frequency” I am talking here is an energy state which is formed by your thoughts and feelings.

Let us take a deeper look on how vision boards work..

Purpose and Workings of the Vision Boards

Our subconscious mind’s language consists of images not words, this why imagination is a great practice using which we could communicate with our powerful subconscious mind.

Intention Setting

The first step in the process of putting the law of attraction into action is “setting your intention”. When you choose the images for your vision board you are automatically declaring your intention to the universe in a very effective manner.

So, from the initial process where you select the pictures for your vision board you are putting LOA at work.

Maintaining the Details and Consistency of Your Visions

Since visualization is a process where you use your imagination to conjure up a mental image of what it would be like to have your desires achieved, it is an inconvenient task to fill up the details in your imagination and it also is a bit hard to stay consistent with the same scenes.

However, it is not at all necessary that you should imagine the same scenes over and over again, feelings is what matters the most, despite of knowing this your conscious mind will try to interfere your visualization by confusing you with the need to have the details and consistency of your visions.

This is where vision boards become very useful, all you have to do is before using the creative visualization process just go through each pictures in your vision board and your mind will get all the required details to construct a perfect scene of your dream vision.


I consider this as the main purpose of the vision boards. It often becomes difficult for people even for those who have been using the LOA tools from a long time to stay persistent with the efforts and to regularly work towards the goals.

Like we build our muscles by regularly following a workout schedule for months, our mind also requires persistent efforts in order to make our dreams come true.

So, by creating a vision board you are actually setting up an alarm for yourself which reminds you to apply the LOA tools consistently.

We often forget about our goals due to the busy nature of our lives but, a vision board will help you to make your dreams the top priority of your life.

Alternative for Vision Boards

If you are like me, you might find that making a vision board and implementing it is a tedious job.

I used to make vision boards and I have also made my dream collage as the background picture in my laptop but, I must agree that I don’t use them properly…Yeah I am a bit lazy.

I would suggest that if you create a vision board and use it regularly then it would be the best thing to do but, if you have tried it and failed to follow then I have a product recommendation for you.

There is product called empowered mind videos, you can read its review in the suggested posts below. This product allows you to create custom movies in accordance to your desires and then you can watch it with sound and various technological aids that allows the visual information to reach your subconscious mind effortlessly.

Since this is a fun process it will become a part of your daily life more easily than vision boards. Watching these videos in the early morning and before going to the bed multiplies the rate at which you can alter your subconscious programming.

Want to make a vision board?-Check out my post “How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works”.


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Advanced Law of Attraction Exercises to Manifest Wealth

After learning about their creative power most people try to attract wealth but, there is a lot to understand about the universal laws in order to use them efficiently and that’s why I am going to discuss a few advanced law of attraction exercises to manifest wealth in this post.

Your relationship with money is decided by how you feel about it innately and that highly depends on your subconscious beliefs about it which is formed by your past experiences especially childhood.

Everything we do to attract something in our life according to what the teachings of the law of attraction materials says is to alter these old beliefs and install new ones in our subconscious mind.

Since our feelings tell us about our beliefs with respect to something, we can also reverse this process to achieve what we want in our lives.

By talking about reversing the process what I mean is to deliberately generate good feelings about something and keeping it up using our imagination so that the process of altering those beliefs happens naturally.

The fastest way to attract wealth in your life is to feel its presence even before it gets manifested and all the exercises I am going to discuss here will help you to do that.

Exercise #1- Instant Mindset Changer

It takes a pretty long time to get rid of the beliefs that are ingrained in our subconscious mind and the reason behind it is that we don’t consciously know what these beliefs are so; we apply some mind tools to implant new beliefs that automatically replace the old ones.

But, if we could know those beliefs beforehand then we can make quick shifts in our mindset that can give us faster results.

This exercise which I call “the instant belief changer” helps you to detect your mind conditioning with respect to various money matters and thus you can change it instantly.

I have formulated this based on what I learned in T. Harv Eker’s spiritual laws of money program.

To do this you will have to be very aware of your thoughts and feelings when you are handling money.

There are 3 three things that we do with money- Receiving, Spending and Saving.

Start to observe your natural behavior when you receive, spend and save.


Every time you receive money unexpectedly how do you feel?..Observe your thoughts when this happens, if you feel happy then it is perfectly alright but, there are people who have problem in receiving money.

If you feel confused and uncomfortable when unexpected wealth shows up then to clear the limiting beliefs which is associated to “receiving wealth”, you should detect such feelings and then actively change it by using affirmations or imagination, sometimes discerning such inner happenings naturally enables you to change your thoughts.


When you spend money if your mind gets disturbed then you should work on changing those feelings by consciously choosing better thoughts whenever you have to pay money.

Such opportunities are perfect for altering the major barrier in a person’s financial growth that is the feelings of lack.

So, spend money happily as if you have a continuous flow of money in your life.


Few people find it hard to save money and a few have a habit of hoarding it, both are stumbling blocks in the path of financial growth of a person.

Those who spend all the money are the ones who are unconsciously doing it to avoid the “worry” of managing finances. And people who keep on saving money without using it are driven by an unconscious “fear” that they may have to face scarcity in the future.

To change these saving related beliefs:-

If you fall in the first category then fix an amount every month (at least more than 10% of income) that you will save, be very stringent that you cannot touch that much amount from your earnings and you have to save it without exceptions.

And if you belong to the second category then you will have to go against your habitual behavior with efforts and spend every month a part of your income (again more than 10%) on something you love.

Exercise #2-Vibes of a Millionaire

Don’t worry you don’t have to actually do something with your finances for this exercise. This is a fun exercise which you can do to send out vibrations of financial abundance.

To perform this exercise you will have to put your logical thinking aside for some time and totally enjoy the feeling of being financially free by imagining it.

This process is not like creative visualization where you sit at a place and imagine but it is more like nevellizing.

To do this just assume that you are a millionaire for few minutes at any place you want, act and think like a millionaire-Like what would be your thoughts, decisions and actions if you had all the money needed.

Suppose you are doing this in a shopping mall, change your body language to that of a confidant rich person. Now, go to shops and do a little window shopping of the expensive items, pretend as if you have all the money in your wallet to buy them.

Get involved in it as if it is real.

For example, think thoughts like “what would you gift to your friends and family”, “what would you buy for yourself”, “what would you buy for home” etc (this is really interesting if you will actually do it)

You can do this anywhere, this process may seem totally irrational but, it makes a lot of sense to your subconscious mind.

Exercise #3- Piggy Bank Exercise

I came up with this exercise to get over the feelings of “lack” when I was not doing well financially and it worked well.

This exercise is especially helpful when you are struggling to attract wealth but, you can also use it when you are financially good.

To know this exercise read my post- The Piggy Bank Exercise.

Exercise #4- Financial Freedom Account

It doesn’t matter how much you earn, if you want to have a good relationship with money then you must have a financial freedom account.

This is process which is like tithing to yourself where you save 10% percent of your monthly income in a separate account from which you cannot withdraw cash “Ever”.

It might sound a little crazy “an account from which you cannot withdraw money ever” but, you will get to know the importance of this exercise of happily donating to yourself when it will gradually grow large enough to make you feel financially abundant.

To know more about it read my post – Financial Freedom Account.

Here is a post which will show you some awesome methods to clear your limiting beliefs:-3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks –Allow Your Abundance


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The Law of Attraction and Relationships-Form Loving Bonds

In this post we will talk about the law of attraction and relationships since we all want to have loving, caring and supporting people in our lives but, we fail to understand how our own inner state gets reflected through people with whom we make emotional connections.

It is very hard to accept that you are responsible for how you complicate your relationships but, once you take complete responsibility of your life then you will be able to form bonds of higher nature than the ones that engages you in love/hate drama.

Different Faces of Every Person

Usually we often complain about how this world is filled with two faced people. In real the world is not filled with two faced people instead every person has as much faces depending upon how many people are associated with him.

Sounds absurd?

This might be hard for you to accept about yourself so, try to become more aware and observe how everyone behaves differently around different people.

One might be dominated by one single person and on the other side he would have influenced numerous other people.

Similarly, one might be confidant in front of the whole world but, seeks approval of a particular someone.

Occasionally people become pretentious in front of others and that is a conscious action but, everyone is continuously changing their colors unconsciously.

So, what I am talking here is not about any deceptive trait present in us instead it is something very common, natural and essential.

We never get to notice this in others except in few situations because we are only concerned about “who they are” with respect to us.

From this perspective the judgments we make about people from what we have known about them is a personal opinion even if we find hundreds of evidences to prove our point, they still would be viewed differently by different people.

I am not here to discuss about the complex process of how every person views the world and how he operates depending on his inner happenings and external factors. Why I am shedding light on this particular phenomenon is because by knowing this you can take necessary steps to change how people connect with you.

Attracting Relationships

Apart from our blood relations we attract people in our life based on the self image we have formed in our minds. In other words people enter in our lives to validate different opinions we have formed about ourselves in our subconscious mind.

It shatters us when we see people close to us changing into someone we would have never expected but, in such cases we must have formed some negative images about ourselves which resulted in either them behaving that way or we have attracted that kind of person especially to experience it.

This may seem ridiculous and it is very difficult to believe, I know how it feels to be betrayed by someone very close but, we always have two options-

1-To blame god and play a victim like most people do-This leads to the same kind of circumstances appearing again and again in different forms.

2- To discern that what life is showing to us is our own inner world’s reflection and then take responsibility to change it.

I don’t have any complaint about people who have chosen first option because there is nothing wrong in that either, some people like to play victim and that’s easier.

But, if you have chosen the second option then here is your next step:-

Self Love

Everyone in our life let it be our family members, relatives, friends, life partner or anyone with whom we share a loving bond is showing us a mirror by how they treat us.

I am not saying we can change a particular someone but, we can change how they behave with us to a great extent.

Sometimes, we don’t have any control over certain relationships. In truth we don’t have complete control over the pre-existing relationships in our lives and that’s why our focus should not be to fix something outside us.

It is a very simple logic- If you want to be loved then love yourself first, if you want people to respect you then start respecting yourself, if you want to have good friends then start enjoying your own company first…I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

You cannot make someone to love you but, you can get someone who loves you.

You may not succeed in making someone specific to respect you but, you can earn respect of many others.

See, it is never about someone else what you feel about yourself will be emitted like a radio signal which will be received by those who are at the same frequency.

Hence all you need is to develop self love first in order to attract loving relationships.

Read my post “6 Common Myths about Self Love“ which debunks most of the myths about self love and in doing so it will also teach you how to develop it.


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How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works

In this post, I will be showing you how to make a vision board that really works because that is something which confuses people the most once they get to know about the workings of the vision boards.

First of all, I would like to tell you that there is nothing in the vision boards or anything outside of you that affects your reality, it is within you.

So, the right way of using any method depends on how you are feeling while doing it, if you feel good then continue with it if not then try next.

The way to create vision boards I am going to share with you here will surely work for you if you will do it properly, it is simple and it is effective but, requires your consistent efforts.

3 Steps for Creating an Awesome Vision Board

#1-Choosing Images:-

There is one common way where you sit down with magazines and find the photos that represent your desires.But my way of doing it is a little different and I find it more interesting than the old way of flipping pages of the magazines.

Yeah, you can of course search on Google and download the picture which matches your desires the most but, I take a different approach which I believe is also a nice trick to send a very strong message to the universe even before I create the vision board.

All you have to do is to set a strong intention to find images that matches your desires, by doing this you will activate your mind radar to search for images.

For one week just allow the universe to deliver the “right” images and whenever you feel like “this is it”- store it.

You will be amazed on how these images start to appear out of nowhere just to fulfill your wishes and you will get a glimpse of how your dreams will come true..exciting, isn’t it?

One of the main advantages of doing this is that you get to realize the workings of the universal laws in the image finding process itself so; it will motivate you to take the further steps.

It has always worked for me and many people to whom I have suggested this but, if it doesn’t work for you then go back to the old method of finding them on internet or magazine.

It Is More about Feelings than Visuals

Choose the image that invokes your feelings when you look at it and not the ones which pictorially represents your exact desire.

We often get confused in getting the right image so as to “send the message” to the universe correctly.

Always remember-Universe’s eyes are more receptive than its ears and its heart is more receptive than its eyes!! (Visuals are more powerful than words and feelings are more powerful than visuals)

So, suppose a picture of a model riding a bike appeals to you more than the photo of the exact motorbike you want buy..choose the first one!

#2-Make a Collage

Buy a poster board and stick your images in it. Make sure to do it in a way that every image appears bright and clear.

Make sure to not stick images in cluttered way since then it will make it difficult for your eyes to focus on a single one.

Keep your foremost wish in the very center of the board and arrange the pictures representing your primary desires in the center area because our vision is naturally caught by the images in the center.

Is it ok to create a collage in the computer??

More important than the collage is your repeated active glance at it so doing it in the poster board and hanging it in your room will ensure that you will look at it whenever you enter the room.

Creating it in computer and making it the background picture is also a good idea but only if it catches your attention whenever you open your computer.


The main purpose of the vision board is to remind you about your dreams and to boost up your creative visualization process.

If you have created a vision board to just look at it then it is of no use at all!

Every time you see it you must be filled with positive feelings about your desires, it should make you to stop and focus on your goals.

Creative visualization and vision boards go hand in hand to manifest what you have asked from the universe.

If you can’t take a few minutes to stand in front of your vision board contemplating your dreams then creating a dream collage is of no use.

So, now you might have understood why I mentioned in the beginning of this article that it will work only if you will put your efforts, it must become your habit to look at those picture and imagine success in order to make them work.

To know more about vision boards read my post-How to Use a Vision Board to Activate the Law of Attraction

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How to Use the Law of Attraction for Money Making

In this post I will be discussing on how to use the law of attraction for money making since it is a very essential part of our lives. However, most people in the world find it uncomfortable to talk about money openly and they are the ones who don’t thrive financially.

Especially, when you are into the money mindset building materials you may have to face many people who don’t believe that it is possible to attract money or those who think that it is wrong to have a desire for money.

So, first of all I urge you to feel totally at peace with your desire to earn a lot of money because that’s essential for your financial growth. How? I believe this post will answer that question.

We have sets of beliefs rooted in our subconscious minds which decides “how we can earn”, “how much we can earn”, “how much we can spend”, “how much we can save” etc etc.

Trust me, I would have never accepted the idea of being a blogger and earning through online business in the past but, today I have cleared my old beliefs so, I have achieved what was impossible for me earlier.(You can read my post to know more-The Law of Attraction and My Online Business Success Story))

Below I will discuss a few common beliefs that block your financial abundance and in the bottom I will give you a few tips on how to clear them.

Belief #1 Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

If you belong from an average earning family then you might have heard the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees” numerous times while growing up(I had).

On a conscious level you might have not known the effect it had on your subconscious mind but, the beliefs resulted from such statements becomes a huge barrier between you and your financial abundance.

Allow me debunk that myth both directly as well as metaphorically “Money Does Grow On Trees”.. what if you own ten apple trees?..won’t you earn money by selling those apples? So, in a way money does grow on trees.. Isn’t it? .. ha ha ..okay, seriously what I want you to know is making money isn’t that hard as our mind conjures it up.

We are all programmed to think that it is difficult to earn money and that’s what such phrases does to our mind.

In truth, we are capable of earning as much as we desire but, these beliefs that are present in form of dense layers in our energy is responsible for making us to struggle financially.

Belief #2 Earning Money Is Not Spiritual

The main focus of one of my most favorite money mindset building programs”the spiritual laws of success” by T.Harv Eker is to clear your thought patterns emerging from one common belief that “Money is evil”.

This particular belief is spread in almost every nook and cranny of the world and it is one of the main reasons why only a little percentage of the world population is rich.

“The love for money is the root of all evil” says bible but, what most people fail to interpret is that it is the “love” for money that’s the root of all evil and not “money” itself.

This means that you can be rich and spiritual at the same time however you should not put your happiness or peace at stake for money.

In the beginning of this post I urged you to be comfortable with your desire to earn money and this was the reason behind it, if you feel a little uneasiness when you express your desires to be wealthy then you have bought the idea that “money is evil”.

Everyone needs money still people like to hide this fact because they don’t want to be judged by others.

It is very essential to get rid of such beliefs if you want to be wealthy, tell me why would your mind agree to earn a lot of money if it has already accepted that getting rich will make you a sinner?

Belief #3 Money Will Take Away Your Good Friends

This is the last belief that I want you to know in this post, it is something which I found in my own energy system while going through one of the sessions of Christie’s Unlimited Abundance program.

The two beliefs I mentioned above is something which you may find in many other blogs and books but, along with them, I want you to focus on clearing this false belief too.

According to what I have known, many of us have formed a judgment about the rich ones that they don’t have any real friend.

Sounds ridiculous??..Yeah, but we all do fear somewhere deep inside us that if we become successful then we will lose our true friends.

Let me tell you something- You never lose your true friends, those who leave you for any reason are the ones who aren’t real.

So, it is better to be successful and see who stands by you!!

How to Clear the Old Beliefs?

So, these were the three most common beliefs that create a wall between you and your financial abundance.

You can use the law of attraction to attract more wealth in your life by doing the inner work required to break such walls created by negative thoughts that were ingrained in your mind while growing up.

There are various mind tools that you can use for doing this and two such tools you have at your disposal is creative visualization and affirmations.

By repeatedly imagining and feeling the end results of your financial goals or by using positive affirmations that neutralizes those old false beliefs you can surely succeed.

I have discussed about this in detail in the post – 3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks.


I hope you liked reading this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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The Law of Attraction and My Online Business Success Story

Readers of my blog often write to me to know about my success with the law of attraction so, today I am going to share my online business success story with you as there is nothing in my experience till now which comes close to this achievement when it is about using my creative ability.

People love to read LOA success stories because they are trying to clear their doubts by reading the experiences of others.

Honestly, knowing my story won’t help any person to fortify his/her faith in his creative power because for that he would have to collect his own evidence.

But I know that people get motivated by reading the real life stories and that’s why I am going to share my story here.

This post is not just for people who are interested in metaphysics but, it is also for those who believe in following their passion.

I have a long list of what I have attracted in my life using the universal laws, but here I am going to share something which matters a lot to me.

Some uncanny events have also occurred in my life where I attracted some small/big events and things but, I always wanted to share an experience which makes sense to everyone.

This is a journey which began 3 years ago and it involves my growth in spirituality, skills, self-love, knowledge and finance…

The Secret

Few years ago I came to know about the movie “the secret” from one of my friends, I got very excited after watching the movie to experiment with what they were teaching.

The message in that movie felt like something which I already knew deep inside.

I applied the techniques provided by various personal development gurus in the movie and soon I was getting very successful in manifesting various things.

I had proofs that law of attraction works because I was focusing on small things like attracting my favorite food, watching an awesome movie with friends, getting appreciated, few extra bucks in the wallet etc.

However, when it came to attract something big I failed miserably!

Back then, I was focusing on clearing the toughest MBA entrance exam of my country for the third time and that was like a do or die situation for me.

I tried by applying the principles of deliberate creation along with my efforts but I ended up getting almost the exact score that I got previous year.

At that moment I stopped believing in these new age concepts and started to study hard for other exams.

The Change

As days passed, my mind again started getting inclined towards the teachings of that movie and I began to feel that it was my lack of understanding that caused failure.

So, I went deeper into this knowledge by reading books, blogs and watching YouTube videos.

I equipped myself with the information provided by all the great personal development gurus like Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Esther Hicks, Bob Doyle, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale and many others.

I also bought a few personal development programs and that is how I opted for Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Course which is my favorite, I have talked about it in many of my posts because this program became an essential tool in my personal growth.( I still listen to those sessions)

The quest of knowing more about human potential changed my way of thinking and I started to question everything in my life.

I realized that my desire to get admission in a prestigious MBA college was a demand of my EGO!

At that juncture, I had an epiphany that my true joy lies in growing spiritually and helping others with the same.

Can you see how getting into these self-help materials brought forth a mature version of me?..Where I earlier used to strive for fulfilling my ego needs, now I got focused towards my higher purpose.

Doors Got Opened

Now, I had to make a big decision and choose a path. I really had no idea how I am going to achieve my new goals.

By trusting that the universe will deliver whatever that is needed in my journey, I took a decision for which I knew I would have to pay a price.

Thinking out of the box is not a big thing, but taking the appropriate action is!

I had to face the ridicule and the consequences of choosing a different path; on top of that, I was not having any concrete plan.

I remember that day so vividly when I received an idea during a visualization process and it was to create a blog.

That was an awesome idea because this way I can do various personal development activities, read books and try different products whereas my work will become useful for others who are interested in personal growth.

Okay, now I had a plan but I was not having even the slightest idea of how to execute it. I knew how to create free webpage, but I was not all aware of how to profit from a blog.

Earning from a website was something to which I was totally oblivious; I asked few of my techie friends and after hearing from them I thought that it was not my cup of tea.

Side by side I was also searching for the ways to make money online. As we know, that the online world is filled with fraudsters so, I used read reviews from many websites to decide if I should opt for any particular online money making program or not.

This went on for few days and I was unable to find something that really works. Then one day I stumbled upon a program which looked promising, I went to read reviews and while doing so I found a blog which unlike other blogs was quite genuine.

The woman who wrote the review of that product was not selling that product or any other; I strongly felt that she could help me.

So, I sent her an email telling her about my wish to write a blog and making it a source of income.

I believe that it was one of my luckiest days when she replied me by suggesting an online business education program called wealthy affiliate.

It took me 1 week (free starter days) to decide if it was right for me and I had my website ready within those 7 days.

In just three months I had the knowledge of online business than any of my techie friends who earlier discouraged me. I started to earn money in 6 months and my blog started to get a good amount of daily visits.

Now, it has been more than 2 years and this blog is my source of income and happiness. Yes, I was talking about this website only!

Receiving the idea, reaching that woman’s blog, her email, wealthy affiliate university, my first earning, the increasing site traffic etc.. When I look back, all that seems like a divine intervention.

Apart from these events I also believe that my persistence, faith, decisions and actions were also equally important in my online business success.

It’s Just the Beginning

I have a long way to go from here. It is very important to keep moving and to form new visions when the previous ones are fulfilled because I believe that like a bicycle we gain balance from momentum in life also.

This is the longest post that I have written till now in this blog but, it was important for me to take you through this journey and make you see how things happen when we persistently hold the image of success in our mind.

With this post, I am not trying to make you daydream instead my intention is to tell you that you will eventually find your perfect recipe for success if you are willing to follow your passion.


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Your Creative Power-The Law of Attraction and Imagination

Today, I am going to talk about the law of attraction and imagination as I hope that by knowing this you will get a better picture of how you create your reality using your thoughts.

There is a reason why “the secret” went viral, it is because the message in that movie resonated with what people already knew somewhere in their heart.

The movie was lengthy enough to cover a lot of things and the information was delivered by people who are experts in the area of self growth, still there is a lot more left than that to know about our creative power.

Those who believe that they can alter their reality by doing the inner work required are often termed by the skeptics as the daydreamers or people who have their heads in the clouds.

What’s wrong with the skeptics is not that they don’t believe in it but, it is their assumption that they know better.

So, in this post my intention is to provide you with a deeper insight on the how your imagination affects your reality.

The Reality Bubble

That’s a catchy term I picked up from Christie Marie Sheldon’s love or above program, which represents everything that exists in a person’s world.

See, I mentioned “a person’s world” not “everybody’s world” because we all have different worlds of our own and that is what I mean by the reality bubble.

How do we all have different worlds?

Everything in our external world is a reflection of our inner world hence we perceive, accept, reject, and judge everything according to what we believe deep inside.

A problem that is troublesome for one person might not be a problem at all for another person.

Similarly, what makes one person sad might make another happy-This means that we are not obligated to feel a certain way about any particular situation, instead we are “programmed” to behave in that manner.

Whatever we believe to be true becomes our reality.

You create your reality, if you don’t believe that then by the same law it will also become the truth in your reality bubble that you don’t create your reality.

Your Energy Body

The reality bubble we discussed above is your unique “reality field” and this particular bubble is sustained by your energy.

There is an invisible energy field that is present all around your body and in truth your physical body is present inside this energy body.

This life force (energy) is what shapes your life and if you could alter the frequency at which these energy particles are vibrating then you can simply create a new and completely different reality.

How can one alter these vibrations?

The vibrational frequency of your energy body is decided by your deep rooted subconscious beliefs.

Your thoughts and feelings are responsible for any particular state of your energy body. Based on the state of this energy field your life story unfolds.

Significance of the Law of Attraction in Your Life

To see how the universal laws operates you just have to become more aware of the various happenings around you.

Everyone’s life follows a particular “pattern” which keeps on repeating in the life of a person who is living unconsciously and believes that he has no control over his life.

These patterns are actually caused by the beliefs that an individual has accepted as the truth, if he chooses to discard that belief by doing some inner work then those patterns will vanish from his life.

In simple words, our energy’s vibrational state decides what the law of attraction will bring into our lives and to get into a new vibrational state all you have to do is to alter your beliefs.

How?..Using any mind tool that enables you to replace the old beliefs in your subconscious mind with the new ones.

One such awesome tool is imagination and now we will discuss how imagination helps you to change your inner beliefs that will further get reflected in your outer world.

The Powerful Mind Tool-Imagination

Imagination is a faculty of our mind which is a natural gift to us, we have used it consciously in our childhood and after we grow up we use it unconsciously (mostly in a negative way).

Every time you find yourself worrying or fearing you are imagining an unfavorable (often dreadful) future event.

In most of the cases what we fear or worry the most, happens- That’s the law of attraction at work.

When imagination used unconsciously could attract so many big problems in your life then just think how much you can benefit by using it consciously.

To replace your old set of beliefs with the new ones you will have to repeatedly focus on the new ideas, this process is boosted up when you imagine positive outcomes since, images and feelings are the language of your subconscious mind

You can deliberately change the vibrational frequency of your energy by imagining your dream life (as if it has already come true) with positive emotions.

When you practice creative visualization for a considerably long time, you will be able to change your inner beliefs which are the only barrier between you and your success.

You will find a lot of articles here on how you can use your imagination.


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The Secret to the Law of Attraction-One Key Ingredient

Have you ever wondered what the secret to the law of attraction is? Like, what is the one single thing which can absolutely make your desires come true?

In this post, I will be discussing the most fundamental factor which decides what a person will attract in his life.

“Thoughts and feelings” one may say. Well, in a sense that’s right because every program, book and success coach talks about it and you will find ample amount of information on all these LOA tools in this blog which will enable you to alter your subconscious beliefs or we can say the methods that will help you to achieve the vibrational alignment with your desires.

Still these methods are not near to the one most important ingredient I am about to mention.

Detachment, yes that is the real secret of the people who are very good at manifesting their desires..!

Even though I have talked about it in few of my posts but, this is the first time ever I am going to cover this topic in detail.

Drop Your Judgments about the Word “Detachment”

There is a reason I haven’t wrote much about detachment in my law of attraction posts especially, not in a direct way like I am doing right now and that’s because people have a lot of false notions about this particular word which does not allow them to see its true definition.

So, I would like to first illuminate the true meaning of the word ”detachment” so that you can drop your false opinions about it.


..Does not mean “no desires” like people have believed it for years, in truth it is impossible for a person to be free of desires.. If you are alive you will have desires…

…Does not mean “emotionless”..

…Does not mean “no expectations”..

…Does not mean some mental state which is achieved only by enlightened masters..

I hope by now you might have dropped most of your judgments about this word.

What is the correct definition of it then?

Detachment is simply the quality of not being attached to the results of your actions, in other words by practicing it you will learn to desire and expect, still keeping your inner state independent of the results.

How to Practice Detachment?

In most of my posts I emphasis on generating the feelings of “having” what you want before it arrives and that is an indirect way of practicing detachment.

However, that process can emotionally hurt a person and destroy his faith on his creative power if he becomes too much concerned about the manifestation process.

There is a reason why most of the law of attraction teachings points towards meditation and that’s because it is a perfect practice to train your mind to be in a joyful state even when you see no evidence of your wishes getting fulfilled.

After doing enough inner work that is required for making your dreams come true, generating the feelings of having it already or being totally happy with your present moment, both are equally powerful in the manifestation process.

But the latter one is a quality which can transform your whole life.

The life transforming power of practicing detachment lies in your “inner joy” which is totally independent of anything in the outer world and in this way the whole LOA process becomes a playful activity and that’s how it is supposed to be.

The Secret to the Inner Peace

Meditation is indeed an effective way for you to train your mind to be free of the worries about the outcomes but, the most powerful tool for practicing detachment is present moment awareness which you can gain from mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness exercises help you to bring your focus to the present moment whenever your mind gets carried away by disturbing thoughts of past and future.


Once you learn to concentrate on the “now” moment, you will allow the life force to flow freely through you and this will result into easy manifestation of your desires.

Read my post “The Present Moment Awareness-Key to Effortless Manifestation” to know more.


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Function of the Reticular Activating System and Its Role in LOA

In this post I am going to talk with you about the function of the reticular activating system(RAS) which is a specific section of our brain that is claimed to be related with the law of attraction process by the new age believers.

If you are someone who is familiar with the law of attraction and applying various methods to achieve your desired goals using those LOA principles then you might have realized that you automatically start to notice all the things related to your goals in the external world.

New age beliefs say that it is the universe showing you the signs that your desire is under the process of manifestation whereas there is also a biological phenomenon behind it which is one of the function of a brain part called as the reticular activating system(RAS).

The goal related stuff flashes in front of your eyes as if some invisible force is trying to remind you what you have asked from the universe.

For example in my case, I have set a goal to buy a particular car and whenever I am walking in the street that car passes by flashing its logo in front of my eyes, what’s so amazing about this is-It happens every time!

I was astonished with this sudden appearance of my desired car everywhere I go then I came to know about the reticular activate system which answered my questions in a practical way, but still I would prefer to believe that this particular mechanism is an indication of LOA at work.

What Is RAS and How It Works?

RAS, is basically a part of the brain that consists a set of connected nuclei which takes care of various bodily operations and it also regulates the sleep/wake cycles.

However, RAS also plays an important role in causing increased alertness from relaxed wakefulness and what is more interesting thing about this brain section is that it acts as a doorway for the information that we receive using our senses.

This means that every bit of information that we receive from our environment is filtered by this brain system.

The Information Filtering Process

You might be wondering what decides this information filtering process?-The reticular activating system only allows the data to enter to our conscious attention that is relevant to us.

The relevancy of the data depends on our interests, beliefs and needs.

This means that we unconsciously reject so many sounds, visions and other forms of information from our environment; this is a much more complicated process than how it appears because we actually receive millions of bytes of data every second but, only the selected ones are brought into our conscious attention.

Let me use some examples to explain this…!!

A simple example would be your hearing of your name in a crowded noisy place, your mind filters up all the unwanted sounds and enables you to hear your name being called.

A visual example of this would be your spotting of your friend in a public place, his face lights up in the crowd and you are able to ignore all other people except this particular individual.

You might have experienced this while learning a new language or improving your vocabulary, you learn a new particular word and then it starts to appear in various ways in your world-In books, newspapers, songs, conversations etc whereas it was non-existing for you before.

By knowing about this function of the brain we get to see the truthfulness of the old saying “perception is reality” but only for “you” because someone else’s reality is different whereas in truth there is no one reality but numerous possibilities and that is what I have discussed in more detail in the post- Existence beyond Reality.

How Is All This Related to the Law of Attraction?

Now, from the above discussion we can infer that our senses depends on our mind and the world appears to us the way our mind has been programmed, we only get access to the information that is relevant to us in some way.

So, when you start to use the law of attraction tools like visualization, affirmation, intention setting etc, you are ordering your brain to work in the direction of the desire on which you have been focusing and this way you are programming your mind radar to catch the information that are essential for your success.

Once you clear the way for your goal related information, then you will receive the ideas that can lead you to the winning post!!


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you are interested in the law of attraction methods then you may want to know how you can transform your life using meditation and creative visualization.

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