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Difference between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

If you have had out of body experiences (OBEs), you might be well aware of the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming, but if you have never had OBE adventure, then it will be very difficult for you to even imagine what it would be like to be an astral traveler.

I am saying this because I have been lucid dreaming for a long time now and I have had dreams that are so close to waking life, that it sometimes feels like reality.

Multiple false awakenings combined with sleep paralysis have troubled me a lot in the past, to which I found out a solution by converting false awakenings and sleep paralysis into lucid dreams.

Whenever I successfully become aware of a dream that is a false awakening, the dream scene in most cases was very close my actual environment, I can roam around my house and see the usual happenings as if I have come out of my body. Thus, often when I wake up, I will quickly reach places where I was in my dreams to check if anything was real, to my disappointment, it always has proved out to be a dream. Continue reading

8 Very Important Tips on How to Keep a Dream Journal

If you are thinking of starting to write your dreams, then the tips I am going to share in the post will help you to keep a dream journal properly so that you can become a lucid dreamer.

Here I will be sharing a few tips with you using which you can multiply the benefits of dream journaling for both remembering your dreams as well as for increasing your dream awareness.

People often become too lazy to write their dreams on paper, there definitely are many alternatives to dream journal, but none of it is that much powerful because our inner mind more easily retains data that we write on a paper.

These tips that I am going to offer you here will put you a lot of steps ahead in the journey of lucid dreaming because all these points are effective ways to communicate with the subconscious mind about your interest in your dream world. Continue reading

20 Powerful Lucid Dreaming Affirmations

Since dreams are created by our subconscious mind, the lucid dreaming affirmations that I will be discussing in this post can help you to become conscious in your dreams as well as to get better at having prolonged lucid dreams with greater control.

Honestly speaking, I have never been a big fan of affirmations despite knowing that it is a great tool for implanting suggestions in our inner mind, I often find it a tedious task, so I have always preferred the other ways of altering the limiting beliefs present in my subconscious mind.

So I promote usage of the methods I use for clearing my subconscious mind blocks when it comes to achieving goals and personal growth. However, when I was using dream sculpting program, I found a few ways to get better at lucid dreaming with the use of affirmations and it actually worked.

I believe that the affirmations that I am going to share with you here will not only help you to get better at inducing lucid dreams but also to hone this skill because it worked that way in my case. Continue reading

3 Awesome Lucid Dreaming Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

I have heard about a lot of exciting dreams, but there are a few lucid dreaming stories that I came across which really left me dumbstruck, so I want to share them with you here today.

Previously, I made a post on my three interesting lucid dreaming experiences that gave me some spiritual insights and I have had many amazing dream experiences. But the stories “Robert Waggoner’s “Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self” book narrates has always boggled my mind because they depict the power of our inner mind.

If you are a lucid dreamer, your interest in your dream world will increase after knowing these stories and if you are not, then you may start aspiring to be one after reading this because these stories tell us that our dreams are a lot more than just a virtual world. Continue reading

Easy Methods to Have Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD Technique)

“WILD” is one of the most popular methods of lucid dreaming, so here I will be discussing some methods that will help you to have wake induced lucid dreams.

This is probably the most used lucid dreaming method because entering into a dream with a strong intention of becoming lucid during the REM phase of sleep increases the chances of one to become conscious in their dreams.

Hence, WILD is simply a dream that is consciously entered from the wakeful state during the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle. Continue reading

Lucid Dreams and Nightmares – Facing Your Fears

Lucid dreams are one of the best ways to end reoccurring nightmares, but things can also get worse when you start having lucid nightmares.

I am about to share some very important things about nightmares here that will help you if your sleeps get ruined due to disturbing dreams.

Nightmares are normal when it happens rarely, but if unpleasant dreams become a part of your life, then that could really mean that there are some deep unresolved psychological issues about which you are doing nothing, these dreams could be an indication.

Lucid dreaming is a process that can solve such problems when used wisely, however sometimes using conscious awareness to dissolve the psychological stuff could be far more difficult than what you might be expecting.

It is a type of therapy when you use lucid dreaming for knowing your nightmares better so that you could do something to put an end to it at once. Doing this will extremely benefit your life and mind state. But you might have to face your biggest fears while doing this. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Keeping a Dream Journal Is Necessary

Dream journal is a very important thing for lucid dreamers, however there are many other benefits of developing the habit of keeping a record of your dreams which I will share with you in this post.

Writing your dreams everyday might be a little difficult task to do initially, but once you get used to it you will find your interest in remembering your dreams increasing, naturally.

If you want to be a conscious dreamer, then you must keep a journal because you will miss a lot of lucid dreams if you won’t keep a record of them, there are alternatives to dream journals, but writing down your dreams on paper is most effective, we will see the reason behind it later in this post.

So let me jump straight to the points on how keeping a dream journal can help you in various ways. Continue reading

Is Lucid Dreaming Safe? – Possible Dangers of Conscious Dreaming

Being a dream explorer who can control their world is obviously a very amazing thing, but is lucid dreaming really safe?

Anyone who is new to conscious dreaming might have such questions in their mind and I too had the same kind of worries initially.

People have a plethora of things to say about it, but it has never put me into any serious trouble, so I am pretty much sure that it is safe for me.

However, I will leave it up to you to decide whether it is good for you or not by making you aware of a few possible troubles you might have to deal with as a conscious dreamer.

I have faced some of these lucid dreaming dangers whereas the rest is what I have only heard from others, either way, you can know what to expect while trying to have lucid dreams by reading this post. Continue reading

Dream Yoga – Sleeping with Heightened Level of Awareness

It has been a very long time since I started to learn about lucid dreaming, but I don’t know why, I have never been so curious about dream yoga before.

All I ever wanted to do was to enjoy my dream world as a virtual reality and also to explore the dream world to find solutions to some real life issues using lucid dreaming. Even though I heard about dream yoga many a times, I never took time to learn about it in detail.

Due to lack of knowledge I considered it as some practice similar to lucid dreaming where one might be meditating or doing some spiritual stuff inside dreams. Then I stumbled upon a few of Andrew Holecek’s works that really made me very curious about dream yoga and that’s when I realized that dream yoga is a lot different than lucid dreaming. Continue reading

Dream Yoga or Lucid Dreaming – What Will You Choose?

In a post I published earlier on the importance and significance of the reality checks for lucid dreaming, I shared a realization I had about what differentiates our waking life from the dream world.

This new way of looking at my dreams made me more curious and with a little research, I found that dream yoga was the answer to my questions.

As a lucid dreaming beginner, I was obsessed with doing things in my dreams that are impossible in the real-life like flying, going to beautiful places, meeting people from my past, visiting my childhood house, etc.

However, with time, experience and knowledge gained from some very awesome lucid dreaming based products, I learned that lucid dreaming can also be used for various higher purposes like problem solving, personal development and even spiritual growth.

Talking about spiritual growth, I always thought that dream yoga is not much different from lucid dreaming, but I was wrong. Even though both involves conscious dreaming, they are two entirely different processes. Continue reading