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6 Reasons Why Keeping a Dream Journal Is Necessary

Dream journal is a very important thing for lucid dreamers, however there are many other benefits of developing the habit of keeping a record of your dreams which I will share with you in this post.

Writing your dreams everyday might be a little difficult task to do initially, but once you get used to it you will find your interest in remembering your dreams increasing, naturally.

If you want to be a conscious dreamer, then you must keep a journal because you will miss a lot of lucid dreams if you won’t keep a record of them, there are alternatives to dream journals, but writing down your dreams on paper is most effective, we will see the reason behind it later in this post.

So let me jump straight to the points on how keeping a dream journal can help you in various ways. Continue reading

Is Lucid Dreaming Safe? – Possible Dangers of Conscious Dreaming

Being a dream explorer who can control their world is obviously a very amazing thing, but is lucid dreaming really safe?

Anyone who is new to conscious dreaming might have such questions in their mind and I too had the same kind of worries initially.

People have a plethora of things to say about it, but it has never put me into any serious trouble, so I am pretty much sure that it is safe for me.

However, I will leave it up to you to decide whether it is good for you or not by making you aware of a few possible troubles you might have to deal with as a conscious dreamer.

I have faced some of these lucid dreaming dangers whereas the rest is what I have only heard from others, either way, you can know what to expect while trying to have lucid dreams by reading this post. Continue reading

Dream Yoga – Sleeping with Heightened Level of Awareness

It has been a very long time since I started to learn about lucid dreaming, but I don’t know why, I have never been so curious about dream yoga before.

All I ever wanted to do was to enjoy my dream world as a virtual reality and also to explore the dream world to find solutions to some real life issues using lucid dreaming. Even though I heard about dream yoga many a times, I never took time to learn about it in detail.

Due to lack of knowledge I considered it as some practice similar to lucid dreaming where one might be meditating or doing some spiritual stuff inside dreams. Then I stumbled upon a few of Andrew Holecek’s works that really made me very curious about dream yoga and that’s when I realized that dream yoga is a lot different than lucid dreaming. Continue reading

Dream Yoga or Lucid Dreaming – What Will You Choose?

In a post I published earlier on the importance and significance of the reality checks for lucid dreaming, I shared a realization I had about what differentiates our waking life from the dream world.

This new way of looking at my dreams made me more curious and with a little research, I found that dream yoga was the answer to my questions.

As a lucid dreaming beginner, I was obsessed with doing things in my dreams that are impossible in the real-life like flying, going to beautiful places, meeting people from my past, visiting my childhood house, etc.

However, with time, experience and knowledge gained from some very awesome lucid dreaming based products, I learned that lucid dreaming can also be used for various higher purposes like problem solving, personal development and even spiritual growth.

Talking about spiritual growth, I always thought that dream yoga is not much different from lucid dreaming, but I was wrong. Even though both involves conscious dreaming, they are two entirely different processes. Continue reading

Lucid Dreaming Reality Checks – All You Need to Know!

Most people either do it incorrectly or they are less focused towards this particular method, but I believe that lucid dreaming reality checks are of utmost importance if you are willing to become a conscious dreamer.

Yeah it is true that you can do whatever you want in your dreams as a conscious dreamer and live what can be called a “virtual reality” when you are asleep with practice, but lucid dreaming is basically all about becoming aware in your dreams.

You may say “that is not everything, it is just the first step”, but I say it is everything!

Why?? – Because all you learn as an expert conscious dreamer, whether let it be “having long lucid dreams”, “lucid dreaming frequently”, “being in control of your dreams” etc., etc., it all boils down to the dream awareness. The more conscious you become, the better it gets.

With my interest in both spiritual practices and lucid dreaming, I understood something on a deeper level about what separates our dream world and waking life, and it just bubbled up recently due to a very interesting online course I joined and that’s what I am going to share here with you. Continue reading

3 Lucid Dreaming Experiences That Helped Me to Grow Spiritually

I want to discuss some mind-boggling lucid dreaming experiences here with you that gave me a glimpse of the true nature of reality as I have known about it from various spiritual teachings.

One can come up with thousands of rational explanations for these dreams, but I really don’t want to discuss why I had these dreams because the messages they contained is what matters to me more than how I received them.

I have had many uncanny lucid dreams, if I will start talking about all of them, then someone might send me to the loony bin for sure, but here I am going to share the experiences that really taught me some profound life lessons. Continue reading

Turn Sleep Paralysis and False Awakenings into a Lucid Dream

Do you get sleep paralysis or false awakenings frequently? If yes, then by reading this post you will learn some working methods that can turn both of these troublesome experiences into a lucid dream.

Usually, people are more afraid of sleep paralysis, but for me it is the false awakening loops that make life difficult because it has caused disruption in my sleep cycles for a very long time and sometimes it regularly nags me for more than a week.

Sleep paralysis on the other hand is not that scary to me as it is for other people since I learned to deal with it very early when I came to know about what lucid dreaming is.

The good news is that you can convert these two lucid dreaming problems into an opportunity to have a lucid dream and that’s what I am going to talk about in this post. Continue reading

Lucid Dream without Sleep Paralysis – 7 Essential Tips

If you are trying to find out how to lucid dream without sleep paralysis, then you have reached the right place because I am going to share a few tips here that can help you.

One of the most feared lucid dream experiences is sleep paralysis and I am well aware that many people stop trying to lucid dream once it happens to them.

First of all, it is not at all necessary that you will have to face sleep paralysis only if you are into lucid dreaming, it can happen to anyone.

If in any way your sleep pattern is altered there is a possibility that you might experience this state, but obviously those who use various lucid dreaming techniques are more likely to experience it than others. Continue reading

6 Lucid Dreaming Facts Every Conscious Dreamer Must Know

In this post, I am going to bring to light a few lucid dreaming facts that are not only interesting, but it will also tell you why this skill is a great advantage for someone interested in personal development.

Some of the best lucid dreaming books I ever read emphasized personal development more than all the other lucid dreaming benefits.

A person who has gained a lot of experience in conscious dreaming know well that lucid dreams can become a great tool for one’s improvement in a myriad of ways.

The initial craze of fulfilling various desires in dreams gradually fades away with time and one begins to realize that they can use their conscious dreams for greater purposes. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Lucid Dreaming Is Not a Sin

One of the stupidest things I ever heard was that lucid dreaming is a sin. No wonder some people will go on to say or do anything to stop others for trying something new, but it really disappoints me when they use fear of god for this purpose.

I know that many people have used their religion to oppose lucid dreaming and I really don’t have any intention to argue with those who are strongly religious.

What I am going to discuss here are few simple and straight points that will tell you why the notion that conscious dreaming is a sin, is totally irrelevant. Continue reading