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Self Hypnosis Works-My Story of Allergy from Cats

If you are looking for some allergy treatment using self-hypnosis, I assure you that it is possible to treat any allergy using self-hypnosis.

I say that with confidence because it worked for me! I had allergy from cats and self-hypnosis showed me the reason behind it.

An Amazing Thing to Know

Our powerful subconscious mind can make our body respond in certain ways in accordance with various stimulus and the reason behind it is often very much deeper than what we think it is.

I used self-hypnosis for not only curing it but also to find out the cause.

One of the advantages of using self-hypnosis is also this that you can find out the reason behind certain diseases and illness. Continue reading

Tratak on a Black Dot

In this post, I will show you the steps to perform Bindu Tratak (Gazing on a black dot) meditation which is very helpful for improving concentration.

I have already discussed Mirror Tratak and Candle Tratak, and here we will see how to meditate on a small black dot drawn on a sheet and use it as an instrument to achieve better control over thoughts.

Initial Preparations

Choosing a fixed place and time for this meditation is very imperative.(you can get some good ideas for this purpose in the post Creating a Good Atmosphere for Meditation.

Select a place where you get positive feelings and make sure that one will disturb you while doing this meditation.

Draw a black dot on a blank sheet, keep the diameter of the dot about 4-6cm and then stick it on the wall in a way that the dot gets positioned right in front of your eyes when you sit to meditate. Continue reading

The Flaw of Attraction-Why the Law of Attraction Is Not Working?

When the law of attraction does not work for people, I call this error as the flaw of attraction because people often start to believe that all such concepts are untrue in such cases and the law of attraction provides them the evidence to falsify itself.

Here’s what the “Flaw” of attraction is – When the law of attraction is working to prove that there is no such thing as the law of attraction, we will call this paradox as the flaw of attraction.

It is easy to form a conclusion and it is easier to live with a victim mentality where you get to blame other people and also god for what happens to you, but when something does not work for you, the first thing you should do is to try to understand it better and check whether you made any mistakes. Continue reading

The Learning Mind of a Baby-A Blank Page Waiting for a Story

Usually when we give a smile to a baby we get a cheerful smile in return even if the baby is not familiar to us, however, it hardly happens that a stranger does the same.

In fact, 7 out 10 people is afraid to greet a complete stranger because they are scared about the possibility that the other person will not give a positive response, in truth, the world today is badly affected by the fear of getting judged.

Most of us live in the fear of rejection which creates a barrier between us and others, but, we were not born like this. Continue reading

Silva Method Review – Can You Really Develop ESP That Fast?

In this Silva method review, I will be providing you detailed information on the online Silva training methods and how it could benefit you.

I will also be sharing my honest opinion on the Jose Silva’s popular Dynamic Meditation and all his techniques using which we can program our subconscious mind by clearing the limiting beliefs that block our success. Continue reading

Dreaming a Dead Friend-My Unforgettable Lucid Dreaming Experience

One of my most unforgettable lucid dreams was the one in which I was dreaming a dead friend

After the demise of one of my college friends, he was alive in my mind and thoughts for a very long time, but one day I had a lucid dream in which I saw him.

I have had many amazing lucid dreaming experiences, however, I don’t need my lucid dream journal to recall this one vividly.

Still, when I think of that dream, it flashes like a real life incident in my mind and I have always wished if I could have been more prepared for it because I went totally blank after waking up and I forgot the answers to most of the questions I asked this person in that dream. Continue reading

What Is the Difference between Self Hypnosis and Meditation?

This is a common doubt in the minds of people interested in soul searching as a lot of misconceptions exists about meditation and self-hypnosis.

Many people believe that there is no difference between self-hypnosis and meditation because in both the processes you actually focus towards the vast inner world of yours.

However, there is only a single difference between them that really makes them two entirely different processes. Continue reading

Tratak Meditation Method

Tratak meditation method is one very powerful ancient practice that can help a person to make some very significant spiritual progress.

People also call it fixed gazing meditation because this technique is all about fixing your eye and focus on external objects so that you could use it as an instrument to become more aware of your mind activities.

This meditation requires you to be persistent with your efforts for a very long time before you expect to see any significant change in yourself. Continue reading

Learn to Expand Your Consciousness with Simple Mindfulness Exercises

You can bring your mind into the present moment by using your 5 senses and here we will discuss some very simple anytime and anywhere mindfulness exercises.
In his book “The Power of Now“, Eckhart Tolle has conveyed the message that the key to enlightenment is to live in the present moment, and mindfulness exercises will help you to achieve that in this busy world.
If you are into new age materials, I am telling you the key to the manifestation of your desires is the present moment awareness because this teaches you how to detach yourself from the need of having it and thus, you allow your abundance naturally by reaching the state of flow. Continue reading

The 11 Universal Laws for Success That You Must Know

Just like there are the laws of physics that govern all the physical actions, there are few laws that deal with the factors that decide the occurrences of events in a person’s life and I am going to talk about such 11 universal laws for success in this post.

Unfortunately, most people believe that they have no control over their lives but, that is not the truth.

We do have the free will to choose the direction in which our life should go and in order to do that we will have to live in harmony with these universal laws.

Most of us are now very familiar with the law of attraction, however, not everyone is able to effectively use it. That’s because without the proper knowledge of the other laws you are not fully equipped to make the desired use of your creative power.

Continue reading

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