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Benefits and Significance of the Blue Glass Solar Water

I have been reading about the Ho’oponopono process from the last few days and while doing so, I learned about the blue glass solar water that can heal people’s energy.solar blue glass bottle

In the book zero limits by Joe Vitale, he mentions that Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len suggested him to drink the blue glass solar water.

Dr. Hew Len is the person who healed a complete ward full of uncontrollable mental patients using ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono practice without even meeting them, this book tells that story.

Since the day I read about this, I have been investigating about it and from what I have learned I am going to provide all the essential information you need to know if you want to benefit from this particular ancient Hawaiian method of drinking water after sterilizing it using the solar energy.

What Is Blue Glass Solar Water?

Blue glass solar water is simply the water that has been exposed to sunlight for some time in a blue colored glass bottle.

Ancient Hawaiians used this water to heal their bodies and mind from their past agonies. According to those teachings, our body cells stores painful memories that cause all the suffering in our lives and when the blue colored solar water enters our system it transmutes all those memories and negative energies.

About 70 percent of our body is made up of water so this makes a perfect sense that the element which can cause a major change in our system is water. Our body loves water, keeping oneself hydrated all day long helps him to keep his body and mind energized.

We all know that solar energy has been believed as a catalyst to healing by many spiritual institutions and the blue color represents serenity.

It is said that blue color has the power to release stress and helps people to let go of the painful energies to which they were holding onto.

So when you purify water using the power of sunlight and allow it to take the vibrations generated by the frequency of the color blue, you make an elixir that can enter your body and restore its natural state.

Preparation and Usage

Get a glass bottle of any shade blue color, you can also buy the blue colored glass bottles that are specially made for this purpose.

Now, fill this bottle with water (not filtered) and place it where sunlight can pass right through it.

The greater you let the water absorb the solar energy, the better it is, but you can use it after about one hour.

Do not use a metal or plastic cap for these bottles; you should be using a wooden cork or just cover the top by tying a piece of cloth there.

After that you can use this water in any way you wish to, obviously drinking this water is the simplest method to benefit from it.

You can make a cup of coffee or any favorite drink with this water, you can sprinkle the water wherever you want to remove the negative energy from your home or use it in whatever way you desire.

All the conditions I have highlighted above only applies before you put the bottle in sunlight, after that you can filter that water, put it in plastic bottles and you can even keep it in your refrigerator.

So that’s all I know about this Hawaiian method, I don’t really know if it works or not, but doing it definitely makes me feel more positive.

If you want to go deeper into energy healing then you can prefer the practices that I use for clearing my energy blocks.


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Altered States of Consciousness – Meditation vs. Other Ways

What I am going to tell you in this post about the altered states of consciousness is based on my own experiences and learning, through this article, I really want to debunk various myths associated with meditation because often people with less knowledge about it believe that it is just another way to escape the reality.

Before talking about how meditation works, I want to answer a basic question.

What Is Altered States of Consciousness?

Let us consider this particular moment; if you are able to perceive your environment with total awareness then you are fully conscious.

But during our day we often go through phases where we are not fully awake, it could be when you are daydreaming, obsessed with a particular thought, immersed in your favorite music, etc.

In all the above-mentioned activities we are experiencing a different mind state than the normal fully awake state, so it could be said that your consciousness varied during those times.

Now, those were just a slight variation of mind state which we all experience frequently. The degree to which we perceive things properly using our 5 senses decides the quality of our consciousness.

Sleeping is a highly altered state of consciousness because when we are asleep we are least aware of the sensory information, that doesn’t always mean that we are not having any experience during that state because we do dream while sleeping.

So, one easy way to know if your consciousness is altered is to check if you are able to properly perceive your surroundings using your five senses, if you doubt it even a little then there are high chances that your consciousness might have altered.

Escaping the Reality

It is true that many people become too obsessed with the things/method that alters their state of consciousness because it helps them to experience the world in a different way from normal (often in an exalted manner).

Use of psychedelics is the most popular way for doing this. In fact, there indeed is a big reason why people get so attracted to these drugs and it is none other than to escape reality.

There are also many other good/bad methods they use for doing this like hypnosis, binaural beats, alcohol and a lot more other stuff that enables them to mess up with their mind’s normal working which temporarily helps them to run away from reality.


Meditation is a totally different process from what I have discussed above because rather than making you escape reality it shows you the true nature of everything. The alerted state of consciousness that one experiences during deep meditations often help one to have profound insights that could be life changing.

See, whenever a person uses the other methods he gets to an altered consciousness state and then comes back with dissatisfaction. He craves for those experiences over and over because that gives him a temporary relief from his life issues.

On the other hand, when a person meditates, he wakes up with a satisfaction and he becomes more alert than before, sometimes this shift in perception leads to the end of his miseries.

Unlike the trance states that many other methods assure, it is not necessary that you will have that type of intense experiences with meditation, but with regular practice, you will definitely be able to improve your mind states to a great extent.

I would recommend you insight meditation as I have practiced it for a long time and it has helped me immensely to reach deep relaxed mind states.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever had any type of spiritual experience? Share your views by commenting below. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Lucid Dreams and Nightmares – Facing Your Fears

Lucid dreams are one of the best ways to end reoccurring nightmares, but things can also get worse when you start having lucid nightmares.

I am about to share some very important things about nightmares here that will help you if your sleeps gets ruined due to disturbing dreams.

Nightmares are normal when it happens rarely, but if unpleasant dreams become a part of your life, then that could really mean that there are some deep unresolved psychological issues about which you are doing nothing, these dreams could be an indication.

Lucid dreaming is a process that can solve such problems when used wisely, however sometimes using conscious awareness to dissolve the psychological stuff could be far more difficult than what you might be expecting.

It is a type of therapy when you use lucid dreaming for knowing your nightmares better so that you could do something to put an end to it at once. Doing this will extremely benefit your life and mind state. But you might have to face your biggest fears while doing this.

On the other hand, there are dreams called lucid nightmares where people know that it is a dream, still they can’t escape. If you have never had them before, let me tell you, it could scare the hell out of you.

But the question is, would you choose to live with suppressed emotions that causes troubles in your life and doesn’t allow you to have a good night’s sleep since your inner state will be reflected in your dreams, or will you dare to face your fears, no matter how troublesome it is.

Sometimes, you don’t even have a choice, when your inner mind decides to release the suppressed emotions with the use of such dreams.

Yet, being a lucid dreamer makes things easy by giving you a greater understanding of what is happening inside you and it also teaches why sometimes it is necessary to look at things you are afraid of.

Let me explain three different types of nightmares that you may have to deal with as a lucid dreamer and how it can help you.

Normal Nightmares

If you are not a lucid dreamer then I think you must know that you can really understand your inner world better by becoming a lucid dreamer.

Lucid dreaming enables you to get to the root of your nightmares, end them or convert them into a pleasant one.

In the fifth point of my lucid dreaming facts post, I have given a short example of how I became lucid in the middle of a nightmare and received an insight.

Lucid Dream Turning into a Nightmare

This can happen to you as a lucid dreaming beginner, sometimes things get out of control and our actions in the dream world gets backfired.

Our ego (conscious mind) never has a complete control over our dreams, it is in the hands of our subconscious mind and our degree of control in the dreams also depends on how much our inner self is allowing it.

As an expert level lucid dreamer, you won’t face many such situations, but sometimes beginners make a few mistakes, like believing that they are “god” in their dream world, when they have controlled some of their dreams.

One of my friends once started to beat up people in his lucid dream which then turned into a nightmare and thereafter he was so scared that he kept the lights on while sleeping for over a month.

Lucid Nightmares

Now this is the form of nightmare that makes people scared to death, a scary dream where you know it is a dream, still cannot do anything.

Sleep paralysis also falls into this category, where you falsely wake up paralyzed in your bed and sometimes also sense a scary figure around you in that state. Don’t get afraid, as a lucid dreamer, you can learn to convert sleep paralysis into a lucid dream.

You don’t need to be a lucid dreamer to have lucid nightmares, this can happen to anyone, my sister has often shared with me how she frequently get nightmares where she knows that it is a dream.

So, when you know that you are dreaming while facing a nightmare and still cannot do anything about it, that’s a lucid nightmare.

Such dreams may be the scariest, but when you become aware enough to face them and try to make sense of it; it becomes a gift, really. It can release all the psychological stuff you have been holding inside you for a long time.

All you should do is to “let go” the need to escape it and observe that emotion without trying to run away, let what is happening, happen. It is a dream anyway.

Here’s an example of my recent lucid nightmare: –

I was in my kitchen and I opened a cupboard to find that a scary creature was hiding there, immediately I tried to scream but the creature did something that froze me right where I was standing. At this point, I realized it was a dream, I started using my will to end it, but nothing seemed to work, then I knew that it was time to face whatever was being shown by my higher self.

That hideous creature then came very near to me, stood there for a while and said something..and the dream ended.

I really don’t know what exactly happened, from that day onward I became a little more productive than before.

If you really want to understand your nightmares and know what is the reason behind such dreams, then I would suggest you to try dream sculpting program because it has helped me to understand my inner world better using the art of lucid dreaming.

So, that was all I wanted to share with you about lucid dreaming and nightmares. If you are interested in lucid dreaming then you might like to know about the lucid dreaming meditation that works best for me. I would also suggest you to read about the methods to access your subconscious mind power.


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A Guy Who Can Read Two Pages at Once – Laurence Kim Peek

The man who inspired the movie “Rain Man”, Laurence Kim Peek had a special ability which makes him a superhuman in my eyes because for people like me who are interested in the concepts like photo-reading, he serves as a great example.kim peek real rain man

Kim possessed a special type of memory that’s known as photographic or eidetic memory, people also called him a megasavant as he had development disabilities that caused him to have this amazing ability to recall everything he has ever read.

He was able to scan the pages of any book, one with his each eye and all those information got stored in his memory far better than anyone who has spent a lot of time reading books. This made him popular as the person who can read two pages at once.

It is said that Kim Peek stored more than 12,000 books in his memory and he retained  the information quite accurately. Unfortunately, he passed away in the year 2009 at the age of 58, but the incredible potential of the human brain he has demonstrated with his amazing skill will always be remembered.

They Shared the Same Shadow

Kim Peek can be often heard saying that his father and he shared the same shadow; this is very true because Kim’s father Fran Peek’s love for him cannot be described in words.

Fran decided to raise Kim and make him like other people when doctors suggested him to send his son to a mental institution due to his abnormalities.

Kim was born with a large head and he was diagnosed with damage to the cerebellum, which made the doctors to conclude that he was mentally retarded, won’t be able to walk, won’t be able to learn things like other kids and would die before he turns 14.

Fran refused to believe in what they said; he kept his hopes high and succeeded to give a good life to his son.

Since Kim had certain developmental disabilities he needed assistance in various basic tasks, for which his father always stayed around him.

The Price Kim Peek Paid for Such an Extraordinary Memory

Apart from what we have discussed above that makes Kim an erratic person with behavioral differences, there are few other things where he was different from others.

The analyses of Kim Peek’s brain showed that the major nerves that forms a bridge between one’s left and right brain hemisphere was missing in his case. Due to this the fibers that were meant to be a part of that connection, formed other different brain connections that were too complex and unique.

People who studied his brain say that this missing link between his right and left brain hemisphere could be the reason behind his exceptional ability to memorize.

But, Kim lacked some normal skills. Like, he was unable to connect with people properly which made it difficult for him to make new friends.

There are some brain activities that allow us to interact properly with others which involves our interest in knowing about people with whom we connect, on the other hand Kim’s brain functioning when it came to social activities made him too focused in himself rather than others which made him terrible at social interactions.

Another price he paid for this different brain structure is his inability to understand metaphors, he processed information more objectively without much subjective interpretations.

Despite of having such an amazing skill, his IQ score was below average.

A Miracle That the World Has Never Seen Before

The world has seen many miracles, there has always been people with extraordinary skills, but none like Kim was ever born.

There are methods using which we can boost up the reading ability process in kids, but Kim Peek learned to read at the age of two. He devoured encyclopedias when he was just four and his love for knowledge made library his home.

He answered questions related to politics, history, science, sports, directories, etc. so correctly that one could have called him a living Google.

Kim was a calendar calculation wizard and he loved to surprise people with their birth related information, you could have taken him to any part of the world and got accurate directions from him between any two cities. I just cannot explain how marvelous his skills were, the more I read about him, the more curious I get.

Kim Peek gained extreme fame with the success of the movie “rain man” in which the character played by Dustin Hoffman was inspired by him.

Dustin was so intrigued by Kim’s abilities that he suggested his father to bring Kim in front of the world. After that, the world came to know about a true miracle that proves how amazing human brain is. To know more about Kim, you can read the book “the real rain man“.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Kim proves that it is possible to have such memory and there some photographic memory training exercises that you can use to develop eidetic memory. I also suggest Zox Pro Memory Training program for this purpose.

Here’s a documentary on Kim you may like to watch: –


What are your views about Kim Peek and photographic memory? What you would have done with such skills? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please do comment below before leaving. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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6 Reasons Why Keeping a Dream Journal Is Necessary

Dream journal is a very important thing for lucid dreamers, however there are many other benefits of developing the habit of keeping a record of your dreams which I will share with you in this post.

Writing your dreams everyday might be a little difficult task to do initially, but once you get used to it you will find your interest in remembering your dreams increasing, naturally.

If you want to be a conscious dreamer, then you must keep a journal because you will miss a lot of lucid dreams if you don’t do it, there are alternatives to dream journals, but writing down your dreams on paper is most effective, we will see the reason behind it later in this post.

So let me jump straight to the points on how keeping a dream journal can help you in various ways.

# 1 – You Forget Your Dreams

That’s obvious, we are doing this because we forget our dreams. Have you met people who say that they don’t dream? Well, that is not true, we all dream, but they just have a poor dream recall so they think that they don’t dream at all.

We forget a lot of dreams before the time we are fully awake, a lot more by the time we get out of our beds and almost all of them by the time we get engaged in the thoughts of our day to day lives.


# 2 – Writing Things On a Paper Is Powerful

When you write things on a paper, your subconscious mind hears it, and you recall it better.

I might be reminding you of your high school teacher, but whenever you really want to remember your dreams, write it down on a paper, no voice recording or saving texts on your phone.

So, the more you prefer to write your dreams, the better your dream memory gets.

# 3 – Know Your Inner Mind

When you are awake, you can only observe your surface level thoughts, what is happening inside can be known by analyzing your dreams better.

If you dream of a real life issue over and over again, chances are that your mind is too involved in that which might be affecting the other areas of your life as well. I am not talking about dream interpretation here, just the direct inferences.

# 4 – The True Nature of Reality

Once you start to keep a track of what happens in your dreams, after sometime it will show you how we feel all the sensations in the dream world just like the real life and how we get caught up in the unreal things whether it is pain or pleasure, it reveals our mind’s predisposition for reification, it can be a great spiritual lesson for your waking life.

# 5 – Establish a Deeper Connection with Your Subconscious Mind

Dreams are a great way to know what our inner mind is saying to us. Reading your dream journal sometimes gives you ideas that you might have never been able to receive using surface level thinking.

Our subconscious mind is always providing us solutions for our real life problems since it can access the infinite intelligence, but due to the restless nature of our conscious mind, we are not able to receive them, so reading your dreams sometimes shows you the right path.

After all, many great inspirations came to people in their dreams like “yesterday” song from the Beatles and the atomic structure of benzene.

# 6 – Creativity and Fun

The creative part of our brain, the right brain hemisphere is activated when we take interest in our dream world.

Keeping a dream journal helps you to have a more relaxed approach towards life since you are willing to get involved in the fun activities like knowing your dreams which is irrelevant to a lot of people.

This naturally makes you more creative and enables you to see the world from a new perspective, that alone can help you to clear some of your biggest hurdles in life.


I believe I have given you enough reasons to start keeping a dream journal, so buy a good quality journal and start writing your dreams.

If you are interested in lucid dreams then you may enjoy my post on the lucid dreaming meditation that works best and I also suggest you to read my post where I have provided some methods for using our subconscious mind power to achieve our goals.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please share your views on this by commenting below, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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3 Easy Aura Cleansing Techniques for Everyone

Everything about our lives depends on the state of our energy and that’s why I am going to provide some very simple aura cleansing techniques here that can be used by anyone.

Our energy is always changing depending on what kind of thoughts, ideologies and beliefs we accept, our reality is created by our energetic state.

So it will prove out to be a very wise step if one focuses towards improving the quality of his energy before he puts some effort in the physical plane.

That’s where energy clearing comes in handy because this process helps you to get rid of any blocks in your aura, thus it allows the life force to flow freely. And when that happens, your desires get manifested easily, your emotional state improves, your health gets better, your finances flourishes and you get into the state of flow.

What Is Aura?

I have talked about this energy stuff till now, but I understand that this is something very unfamiliar to some people, so I am going to explain it in simple words.

Aura is an invisible energy field that is present all around our physical body; we all have a unique energy system just like our physical bodies. Our reality depends on this energy system, even our physical body conditions are its manifestation.

Various ancient practices have a specific way of working on this energy and it is said that yogis and expert psychics can see people’s aura.

Christie Marie Sheldon, the maker of the “unlimited abundance course” that I highly recommend here on my website claims that she can immediately see people’s energy by just looking at them and identify all the major energy blocks that are causing trouble in their lives.

I know it is weird, but I have seen many benefits of energy clearing sessions, so I know it is all true.

Two Factors That Decides Our Energy State

The true state of our energy is nothing but the true divine unconditional love, but due to the blocks caused by the layers of negative or lower energies we are not able to experience that true state.

Our energies get affected in two ways, one is the day to day negative patterns it picks up from other people, places and incidents and the other is the energy patterns created by our deep rooted subconscious beliefs.

It takes time and great effort to clear the latter type of energy patterns, but doing it creates an everlasting positive transformation in our lives. However, the negative energies that we pick up every day should also be cleared because it can result into another limiting subconscious belief.

So one process is like pulling out the weeds in the garden and the other is like maintaining it every day so that it doesn’t grow back.

Aura cleansing is all about taking care of your energy by getting rid of the negativity we pick up from others.

You can know this by watching your emotions, whenever you feel heavy and uncomfortable vibes there is a great chance that your aura is asking for some cleansing activities. That’s when these three techniques will help you: –

1 – Salt Water Bath

I remember my mother always used to tell me as a kid to take a cold water bath whenever I felt gloomy, and now I have realized how right she was because water not only cleans our body but it also helps us to get rid of the unwanted lower energies.

Sea salt is also well known for absorbing negative energies, so one very simple thing you can do for aura cleansing is to mix a cup of sea salt in a bucket and wash your body with it (or in a bathtub).

Additionally, you can also use essential oils, incense sticks and candles to create a good atmosphere.

Using some positive affirmations while bathing can also help, here’s one for example “I now allow the infinite love of the universe to flow freely through me”

2 – Grounding

Do you know the electrical circuits in our houses are connected to earth? This is done to get rid of the excess electrical charges that could otherwise harm the appliances.

Likewise, there is a spiritual way of grounding as well, which sends all the active negative energies in our aura to earth and here’s how it is done: –

1 – Sit with your back and neck straight

2 – Close your eyes and take a few deep, long breaths.

3 – When you feel relaxed, imagine a golden color light flowing from above into your head.

4 – Feel that this light absorbs all the heaviness and discomfort wherever it goes.

5 – Slowly bring this light from your head to toe by taking it through all your body parts, imagine that it takes away all the negativity from your aura.

6 – When this light reaches your feet, imagine it going down to the earth and thus all this negativity is sent to mother earth who accepts everything happily, thank her for that and slowly open your eyes.

I also use the cutting chords meditation I learned from the love or above course for this purpose, it helps me to cut the bonds I have unconsciously formed with people which drains my energy.

3 – Mindful Nature Walk

This may appear very simple to you, but don’t make the mistake of judging it because when done properly it has a great effect on your energy.

All you have to do is to take a walk in the nature, it could also be a park near your residence but the atmosphere needs to be serene.

Now here’s the important part, maintain your present moment awareness while doing this by being mindful of the beautiful visions you see, soothing sounds you hear, pleasant smells and the sensations in your body.

Our key purpose behind this is to focus on the present moment so that our mind could get a break from the unwanted thoughts that keep bothering us.

Once you become more present in each moment, you aura naturally gets cleansed.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You can use my favorite methods to perform energy clearing for getting rid of the subconscious blocks.

What are your methods for getting rid of negative energies? What are your views about energy clearing? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Universal Life Secrets Program by Chris D’Cruz Review

In this universal life secrets review, I will be providing you detailed information on this product by Chris D’Cruz which claims to teach you the controversial secrets to creating your own reality.

The website that sells the product has hyped the program so much that anyone who is willing to buy this material will see it as a scam and honestly I was very much annoyed by the claims that they make.

Godlike powers to get anything that you desire within 30 days, becoming a sexual magnet, making people to follow your commands, gaining great psychic abilities and having complete control over every aspect of your life is what this product promises to deliver.

Obviously, I am not going to delude you by saying that all these claims are true, and I know that you probably would have figured that out already, but I will be providing you the information on this product using which you will know what real benefits you can gain from this program.

About the Author

The author of this book is Chris D’Cruz, he is not a famous person, so I had no prior information about him.

However, in the promotions of universal life secrets, he tells us a story about himself that he used to be a poor person and his family struggled to make the ends meet. He had to drop out from the college since he was unable to pay the fees and he failed to find a satisfying job.

The author also tells us that his sexual life was miserable too, since he lacked the confidence to go on dates or to approach any woman.

Depression and frustration caused by the circumstances made the author to read many self help books which also didn’t yield any positive result for him and that’s when a man gave him a visiting card, and then he made the decision to make the call that changed his life.

According to the author the secrets he received in this phone call made him successful in all the areas of his life, especially in dating and finance.

The secrets he talks about is something that he says that successful people are trying to conceal so that no common person could learn it, and the man who taught this to Chris asked him to make this information available to the common people. He is keeping that promise by bringing this program to common people’s awareness.

Well, that’s a good story, very interesting indeed, but hard to believe.

Inside the Package

The program is a collection of PDF files containing valuable information that can teach you a lot about becoming successful in the most important areas of your life. The contents are distributed in 10 different modules that are as follows: –

1 – Life Secrets – This module will show you how you can make the perfect use of each moment so that your life becomes more beautiful.

The Life Secrets book is the main content of the whole program that teaches some great techniques for creating a joyful life; it will help you to be happy and to find the inner peace which is most important in life.

This module shows how to be successful in all the areas of our lives and this book is for everyone.

2 – How to Turn Your Desires and Ideals into Reality – Here you will find some very essential secrets for getting what you desire in life.

3 – Hypnotic Influence – You can get to know some awesome hypnotic techniques for influencing other people in this book.

4 – Your Forces and How to Use Them – This 167 paged PDF book is my favorite because it makes one to realize his true potential.

5 – Networking Magic – A very important module for those who find it hard to mix with others, this will empower you to become good at social meetings. If you are an online business person like me then you will be highly benefited from this information because it helped me a lot to increase my blog’s social presence.

6 – Power of Will – It is the largest PDF book in the series with over 300 pages which teaches some very important facts about a person’s will and how he can affect his reality using his intentions.

7 – The Kama Sutra – The name explains it all, it contains some Kama secrets for a very good sexual life.

8 – The Shy Casanova – As interesting as the title, this PDF book could be life changing for people who have trouble mingling with the opposite sex, you can learn how to flirt with confidence by reading this material.

9 – Finding “the One” – For all those people who are waiting for their soul mate, this book can help you to find the right partner.

10 – Seduction Success Secrets – This is a book that contains some very interesting tricks, methods and secrets for men who want to learn the art of seduction.

Final Advice

By now you may have learned a lot about how beneficial this program could prove out to be for you, on the other hand, I hope you must have also learned what to not expect from it.

Please make your decision by looking at what you are getting in the package rather than what they are promising.

You will not posses any god like power to gain complete control over your life nor will you be more successful with women than James Bond..lol..

Undoubtedly, the author has created a product that can be sold to any man easily, since this is a product based on power and sex, two things that can make any product a huge success.

But looking at what you will be getting at such a low price, I will suggest that buying this program will be a wise decision and here is why I am saying that –

  • I found some very essential hypnotic and body language methods in this program using which one can get very good at influencing people.
  • It includes NLP techniques that you must learn for improving your mind states.
  • The product contains some very good techniques for achieving goals and methods that can help you to make use of your potential much more than any average person.
  • The books incorporates a few very good Kama Sutra tips for people who want to improve their sex life.
  • It contains some of the best advises I have ever received to increase confidence and social skills.
  • I consider it is one of the best material available for teaching dating skills to men, however the product have information that will be equally useful for both men and women, but it contains more nuggets for men.

To know more about this product, you can visit their product website.


I hope you enjoyed this post. For creating the life of your desire I would highly recommend you to try the energy clearing methods that I use.

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Dangers of the Victim Mindset and Ways to Change It

There is nothing more destructive than a victim mindset. It ruins relationships, it kills marriages, it leads to self-destruction and collectively it also causes wars.

It is hard to know when we fall for the idea of being a victim as it seems so real that we don’t even get a chance to doubt it. Yes, everyone in this world feels like a victim on some level during various phases of their lives, but there are people for whom it has become their ultimate truth.

You cannot make your life beautiful if you harbor the beliefs that tell you that your life is an effect of what the world and society does.

See, when things go wrong, it is natural to feel like a victim, but how your life will get shaped from there depends on whether you choose to be a victim forever or you want to raise above such thoughts.

Victim mindset generates the feelings of anger, fear and hatred which are equally harmful for the individual who sees himself as a victim and those who relate to him.

This post will discuss the causes, symptoms and solutions for this problem; I am not a therapist or psychologist to give you any professional advice on this, but from what I have learned I think I can share a lot of useful information on this with you here.

Victim Mindset

It indeed matters how good you are at taking the control of your life despite of the voices inside your head that keeps blaming others for your miseries, but there are factors which decide how strong these negative thoughts are going to be. This implies that some people are more vulnerable to such thoughts than others.

What decides your vulnerability against such thoughts is the beliefs present in your subconscious mind which creates your self-image. These beliefs are formed as a result of the type of experiences you had in your childhood and due to the type of ideas you were exposed to as a kid.

Self-image is simply the image of “you” that you hold in your heart, it is what you think you are. People who have a weak self image are very much likely to accept that they are helpless.

See, there are many reasons why a person chooses to be a victim. That’s right, in most cases people choose to be a victim. Why? –  Here are some reasons: –

-It gives you an opportunity to gain people’s sympathy and attention. That’s a type of addiction; I have known some people who can go to any extreme to ensure that are being noticed.

-Proving that you are a victim gives you a plethora of excuses to stay in your comfort zone without taking any action.

-Being right, that’s all some people want in life. Trust me, some people can choose “being right” at any cost, even if the price to be paid is a happy life. And obviously, a victim is always right.

-Relief from the burden of taking responsibility. One has to accept his mistakes and make changes that are risky by facing his fears. Why bother? Blame it on someone else and relax.

Those were a few reasons that make some people to live as a victim. Based on the behavior there are basically two types of victims: –

Active Victim – These are people who keep on criticizing the world and others all the time; they don’t like solitude since they want to keep talking about how they are suffering because of others. Such people are too concerned about other people’s opinions about them.

Passive Victim – Such people need some serious help, maybe a therapist or psychologist who could help them to get out of their current mind state. A strong shift in perception is needed otherwise they can cause some real harm to themselves. In such cases, people usually suppress their feelings and prefer to stay isolated and this can result into some serious troubles.


There are few common things about people who have victim mindsets; you can use this to keep a check on your behavior to shield yourself from such beliefs.

Seeking Evidences

People with such mindsets are always looking for reasons to blame others. Their mind always validates such thoughts using various evidences so that they could feel like an unlucky person whose problems are bigger than everyone else.

Repeating patterns

People with victim mentality always have a certain type of life pattern which keeps on repeating itself, and it brings them the miseries that they can blame on others. They don’t work on their past mistakes, so the same thing happens to them every time.

With a little observation you can actually see how they unconsciously create such circumstances to fortify their beliefs.

Criticism and Anger

As I discussed earlier, active victims love talking negatively about others. They find various subjects, topics and news to prove how evil the world is. One way to detect them quickly is to talk positively because they will either start arguing or they will leave your company if you do that.

Passive victims on the other hand will only share their views with you if you are very close to them, the anger they have been holding in their heart will become evident when they express their thoughts which is all about the grudge they hold against someone specific, society, or even god for causing them the sufferings.

Goodness Is Limited

Have you ever seen that some people are not very comfortable to get a lot of good stuff? That is because they think that if good things happen then a bad thing will follow to neutralize it.

A person with a victim mentality usually believes that the truth is always bitter. So they don’t like positivity since they have formed a false notion that positive things and people are fake.

Unconscious Actions

A person with a victim mindset usually live life unconsciously, without paying much attention to their thoughts and behaviors, they act based on what the voices in their head tell them.

So they usually just react to people and situations based on their immediate feelings,  people who play power games can easily take advantage of such individuals and then control them.

What Others Think

As we have discussed earlier, people who consider themselves a victim are too concerned about other people’s opinion about them. They want people to look at them and agree that life has been very cruel to them.

Ways to Eliminate the Victim Mindset


This is a straight and simple method. Since blaming others for your problems makes you a victim, by taking the responsibility of what happens to you, you can reverse the process.

You can begin it by becoming more aware of your thoughts and words, so that you could actively avoid your old habits of taking the easy path where you can justify your mistakes by blaming it on others.


I consider it as the most difficult, powerful and imperative thing a person can ever do to rise above the victim thoughts.

What makes forgiving so difficult is that people view it as something they are doing to others; forgiveness is a personal thing where one frees himself from being negatively emotionally attached to someone else or some life event.

Forgiving people and situations that have caused you the troubles enables you to begin a new life.

Living in the Present Moment

The most effective technique you can use to overcome such thoughts is meditation, any simple meditation method will work well for making you a more aware person. You can also use mindfulness for focusing on the present moment.

The key here is to increase your present moment awareness since a person feels helpless because he either keeps dwelling in his past or he keeps worrying about his future most of the time.

Learning to live in the present moment gives one a greater control over his life.


There are studies which have shown that people who learn to be grateful for what they have in their life are emotionally healthier than others.

Gratitude is much more than just a feeling, it is a change in perspective.

Expressing one’s gratefulness to the higher power gives a person an opportunity to view life from a better perspective and thus it brings to his awareness the possibilities to which he was oblivious before.

Changing Your Self-Image

We have already discussed about the self-image; it is the root cause of the victim mindset. All the methods I have discussed till now are just the tip of the iceberg compared to this one.

To change one’s self image a person needs to alter his deep subconscious beliefs, there are many methods available to do this that you can use.

But I recommend energy clearing because it works best for me to remove the limiting beliefs from my inner mind.

Not only for clearing victim beliefs, but any kind of false beliefs that stop you from progressing can be cleared using this method, so you may like to try some of my favorite methods for clearing energy blocks.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your views on this? Do you know any other method for eliminating victim mindset? Share your opinions by commenting below, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Is Lucid Dreaming Safe? – Possible Dangers of Conscious Dreaming

Being a dream explorer who can manipulate his dream world is obviously a very amazing thing, but is lucid dreaming really safe?

Anyone who is new to conscious dreaming might have such questions in his mind and I too had the same kind of worries initially.

People have a plethora of things to say about it, but it has never put me into any serious trouble, so I am pretty much sure that it is safe for me.

However, I will leave it up to you to decide whether it is good for you or not by making you aware of a few possible troubles you might have to deal with as a conscious dreamer.

I have faced some of these lucid dreaming dangers whereas the rest is what I have only heard from others, either way, you can know what to expect while trying to have a lucid dreams by reading this post.

1 False Awakenings

I have mentioned in many other posts that false awakening is the problem that has troubled me the most.

It is a state where you wake up to find that you are still dreaming. That may not sound much problematic, but it is often very frustrating and annoying when you get trapped in a false awakening loop, which means to have multiple such experiences one after another, sometimes it also makes you to give up the hope of actually waking up.

I have learned a few working methods to deal with false awakenings, so I am comfortable with them now.

2 Sleep Paralysis

People usually consider this as the most terrifying dream experience. I agree to that when it is about the beginners, but experienced lucid dreamers use both sleep paralysis and false awakenings to induce lucid dreams.

It is a state when your mind is half awake, so you find it difficult to move the body and it appears like you are paralyzed. Sometimes people also feel a ghostly presence near them when this happens, but it is a dream state anyway and there are methods to minimize the chances of sleep paralysis.

Even though trying to lucid dream increases your chances of experiencing sleep paralysis, but it can happen to anyone.

3 No Control

Many people think that they have full control over their dreams after having a few lucid dreams, however experienced conscious dreamers know the truth that they actually have only a little control over what happens in their dream world.

Yes, you can do what you want by becoming conscious in your dreams, but everything is not entirely controlled by you and sometimes when you find incapable of doing anything despite of gaining lucidity, it could become very distressing.

So what happens is that in a few rare dreams, you get trapped in an unpleasant nightmare, knowing that you are dreaming and still cannot do anything about it.

This in a way is perfectly alright for normal people, but if you are into lucid dreaming, you will get scared since it starts appearing as if someone else is controlling you.

4 Sleep Quality

Dreams occur during REM phase (rapid eye moment) which is the phase of regular sleep cycles that is nearer to the waking state, our mind is more alert than relaxed when this happens.

If we somehow break the usual sleep patterns, then we fail to reach the deep stage of sleep that is very essential for our mind.

People who get too obsessed with lucid dreaming keep on trying to stay in the REM cycle by not letting themselves to have a proper sleep at night, which can result into various mind related afflictions, even insomnia.

5 Memory Related Confusions

I have heard a lot that people report being unable to distinguish what happened in their dreams and what actually happened, thus getting confused between the two worlds after learning how to lucid dream.

Well, everyone often gets confused about whether something happened in a dream or actual life when it comes to small things that happened long go, right?

This happens because some dreams are intense, perhaps.

Now, when you get interested in your dream world, it is obvious that your dream memories can become strong enough to confuse it with the actual ones. That doesn’t mean that you will become delusional.

Contrary to the usual misconception, it will only happen sometimes and that too will only include small insignificant stuff.

6 Schizophrenia

A person commented on one of my old posts where he mentioned that lucid dreaming can lead to schizophrenia, so I did a small research on it and found out that there have been cases where people lost their perception of true reality and did things believing that it was a dream.

By now, you might be thinking “Oh my god, how can you say lucid dreaming is safe Hari?”

Well, first of all, there are thousands of lucid dreamers who have never experienced a slight change in their perception of reality and second of all, most of such cases have many other reasons that led to such happenings.

Obviously, out of all the worldwide schizophrenia patients even if one or two guys would have tried to lucid dream in the past, such rumors will get circulated.


Overall, I would say that you must be careful to not get too obsessed with it. Lucid dreaming is completely natural (even some kids do it without being taught) but you can make it troublesome by not maintaining the essential balance.

So, unless you have any history of psychological problems or you don’t overdo it, lucid dreaming can rarely cause any series trouble for you.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you are someone very serious about lucid dreaming then I would like to recommend you my favorite online course for lucid dreaming i.e Andrew Holecek’s dream sculpting program where he takes the art of lucid dreaming to higher levels like personal and spiritual growth.

What are your views about this post? Do you have any interesting dream or spiritual experience to share? I would love to hear from you, so please do leave your comments below before leaving. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Matthew Norman’s Vibrational Manifestation Review

In this Vibrational Manifestation product review, I will be providing all the necessary information about this program created by Matthew Norman which will help you to make a well thought buying decision.spiritualguide

Norman claims that he has found a secret that most of the law of attraction programs doesn’t teach.

Based on this particular secret he promotes this product. Honestly, I didn’t like the way he belittles all the essential tools like affirmations and visualizations by putting a lot of emphasize on just the intuitive guidance part because all the techniques work collectively to make things happen and not just one. Continue reading

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