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Do You Have a Financial Freedom Account?-Prosperity Consciousness Exercise #2

I have discussed a fun activity earlier named the Piggy Bank Game which can be a good exercise to make you feel a little relived even at times when you are not doing well financially.

This time I am going to talk about something with you which like the earlier process does not focus on your current mindset towards wealth instead this is something that will show its effect in the future, but it is a must thing to do  if you want to be someone who attracts money in his life with ease.

Prosperity consciousness is something which a person must develop in order to improve his relationship with money and that is why I am sharing this post with you because by following what is given here you will be able to do it naturally. Continue reading

4 Times When You Should Not Use the Law of Attraction Affirmations

If you believe in the power of affirmations and that using it could change your life by altering the old beliefs in your subconscious mind then you must be aware of the right time to use them as using affirmations without proper knowledge of how it works is of no use and it can work the other way also.

Words are the language of our conscious mind; it hardly takes up the surface job of representing the information that has gone through numerous processes that occurs in our mind.

So, what happens in the external level of our body’s system like speaking/hearing is often different from what is truly happening inside us.

The law of attraction does not work according to the thoughts that you are thinking without actually believing it, your feelings indicates what you actually believe deep inside.

For example -If a fat person stands in front of a mirror and says “I am slender and fit”… the discord that he feels while saying those words is his subconscious mind’s way  to show its disagreement to that statement because it is not in harmony with the set of programs that is imbued in his system. Continue reading

Don’t Say “I Don’t Know How to Use Creative Visualization”- You Are Already Good at It!

You may be a person who goes completely blank when you try to imagine or you may be someone who finds it difficult to visualize something that is contrary to your current life or you simply hear too many voices inside your head that says things like “this won’t work”, “it is stupidity”, “you have gone mad” etc – All this indicates that you have a strong limiting belief related to the powerful ability of your mind which we call “imagination”.

I realized about this energy block while listening to one of the sessions in Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Program, she performed a clearing on the belief that says “I don’t know how to use my imagination” and she explained that a vast number of people have this energy block which makes creative visualization a difficult process for them.

Why Is It so Difficult for You to Visualize?

In my childhood, I heard a story multiple times in which a man daydreams about how he will get rich in future using the pot of rice that he found and in the ending he accidentally breaks that pot which also breaks his dreams-The story sent a clear message to my subconscious mind that daydreaming is an act of lazy people who never succeed. Continue reading

The Law of Attraction and Health-Heal Yourself with Your Thought Power

The popularity of the concept of LOA is growing everyday swiftly, but despite the open availability of much information about these universal laws now, the percentage of people who have implemented it in their life successfully is still very less in comparison to those who have failed to apply them and became a skeptic instead.

The problem with people’s understanding of these laws is their denial that they have any control over their life, since accepting such things would take away the chance from them to blame god or others for their life situations.

It doesn’t matter whether your financial situation or relationships are doing well or not, if you are not fit physically then you cannot enjoy your life and this aspect of our living is something where the law of attraction can really prove very important because when a person successfully heals himself using these principles then he can easily apply them in all other parts of his life with the confidence and faith he gains.

The story of Morris Goodman who appeared in “the secret” movie is something that can inspire anyone to improve their health condition using the power of their thoughts and many other stories like that where people have succeeded in overcoming various diseases using their mind power proves that our thoughts can change our bodily conditions.

While talking about the law of attraction and health, one gets curious to know how both of them are actually related and further how to effectively use LOA for health issues, so let’s talk about these two points.

Continue reading

The Law of Attraction and Meditation-Two Vital Ingredients for Growth

Only a few people have realized that they have to combine the law of attraction and meditation to get the perfect recipe of deliberate creation.

Though, the concept of the relation between thoughts and reality has become very popular now; people from around the world have started implementing the tools and techniques through which they can train their thoughts and alter their old paradigms for creating a better life for themselves, still people fail to undestand that they need to be more alert of their emotional states.

We know that LOA says that the thoughts that you hold in your mind is what gets reflected in your life and we can attract the lifestyle that we want by focusing on it positively.

The methods that are now available through various gurus have been very successful for training the mind to think positively, but as humans we find it extremely difficult to keep up that positive focus when no evidence of what we have asked for is seen.

With time our mind loses the enthusiasm and energetic approach that it had in the initial days, gradually the hope is lost.

Loss of hope is tantamount to the reverse gear on your vehicle; any effort from there takes people in the opposite direction from their goals. Continue reading

The Five Money Factors – Using the Law of Attraction for Money Issues

I don’t think people would have ever tried to work with the universal laws for any other thing more than money and unfortunately, it is the same area where they fail the most.

I am not here to discourage you by saying that it is difficult to achieve financial freedom using the law of attraction, but I am going to discuss a few things with you that will give you a clear picture of the actual line of action before you even plan out to use the law of attraction for money related purposes.

There are numerous methods given in various books that will show you the ways for using LOA to attract money in your life, however, unless you understand the nature of the energy that associates with what we call “money”, it is not possible to be very successful in putting those methods into use.

I am going to share with you here five basic things about money that will be very helpful to you in understanding your relationship with money better:-

1 – Your Money Vibration

People think of quantum leaps when it comes to putting the universal laws at work and there is nothing wrong with that, it sure is possible to have big goals achieved in a short period of time.

You can win a lottery or a sudden large amount, still, the net amount which stays with you, in the long run, is completely a different thing.

Imagine that you are a farmer who is offered land where it rains heavily on a particular week of the year and another place where it rains a little every week, which one would you choose?..the latter one right..?

In the same way, we all have mental programming that allows a certain flow of money in our lives consistently even though you may hit the jackpot one day, the only thing on which you can rely upon is that “consistent amount”..why?

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5 Reasons Why You Must Set a Deadline for Every Goal-The Law of Attraction Tip

You must have heard this before or read in books that for everything that you want to attract in your life using the law of attraction, you should set a deadline.

I often used to wonder why one has to do that because we actually cannot predict the time period till the manifestation happens and time is not a barrier for the universe, in fact in the spiritual realm time does not exist.

Well, the reason behind setting a deadline for every goal actually has a lot to do with the power of our intention. Here are 5 reasons that will ensure you that setting a deadline for your goals is a very essential part in attracting whatever it is that you desire :-

#1 A Deadline Keeps You Moving:-

Remember the exam times? As the exam date reaches nearer, the students start to put more and more effort.

We all are trained to see the calendar or clock before taking any action. So, setting a deadline for your goals will push you to take serious actions. Continue reading

Don’t Wait for the Right Time-The Law of Attraction Requires Action!

Some people think that the law of attraction is some kind of magic that will drop goodies in their lap, but working with your thoughts and vibrations needs you to take inspired actions.

Using creative visualization, writing your goals and working with your thoughts alone is not enough for the manifestation of your desires, a person has to be ready and aware to act on the inspirations he receives.

In truth, a person who is consistently thinking about a goal can never sit and wait. It is pretty obvious that when you want something with all you heart, you will always be doing something to move towards it, but if you are setting goals that you don’t believe you can achieve then you will be stuck where you are and later you will find thousand reasons to say that the law of attraction is a crap.

Continue reading

Prosperity Consciousness and the Piggy Bank Game–Using the Law of Attraction to Attract More Wealth

I have wondered many times after reading self help books that “Okay, the flow of wealth in our lives depends on how we feel about it and our subconscious beliefs about it.A person has to build prosperity consciousness to allow more of it in his life, but how the hell can I feel prosperous at times when I am broke?”

I am sure that you might also have had such thoughts during those difficult times, it feels so stupid to imagine having a lot of money when all that is flashing in your mind is “the bills to be paid”.

There are some real cool law of attraction games given in some books which makes you feel prosperous, but a person cannot even think of looking at them when he is worried about wealth.

When you are completely broke and someone comes to say “use your creative powers to attract money”, you feel like smashing their heads on wall.. Don’t you?

Here, I am going to share my piggy bank game with you which is a very practical way for me to find that place where I can feel “relief” about money, but before going there let me explain you why I do this because when you know “money is meant to be circulated” according to the laws of universe, then hoarding it in a corner of house may seem a little out of whack. Continue reading

Manifesting Your Desires into Reality-The Universal Law of Receiving

The universal law of receiving is an essential part in the manifestation process which follows the law of supply that we have discussed in the previous post which states that the laws of universe arranges whatever that is needed when a demand arises.

This means that all our wishes are answered at the very moment of asking in the non physical realm(check the realm(check the computer draft and printer example in the previous post to understand this better).

Now, once we accept that the higher power is continuously at work to bring our good to us then we should be focusing towards the ‘receiving’ part.

We have a big force by our side and that is our mind, the only thing that holds us away from where we want to be in our lives is our own inner beliefs. Continue reading